Bi-Sexual stories

Heights of Pleasure
by Viju

/// Conversations in Malayalam Language ////

I am Jomon from Kochi. This is a sequel to my earlier story Movie Hall Ecstasy (published on 8-4-2008), where I narrated my experience with my friend Sherin while watching an English film in a theatre. I am now narrating another true incident which happened after that. This is a true narration of what happened. Sherin is a hot christian girl born and brought up in Cochin. She had her education in St.Theresas College, Ernakulam. She is an MCA temporarily employed as the main person in an Internet cafe in the city and slected to software company in Cochin. She is a very smart, sober and open girl and extremely beautiful with a lean body. Sherin is a moderately lean, tall and fair girl, a typical Cochin achayathi pennu. She is the person who opens and closes the cafe every day with the assistance of one girl. Next day (after seeing the movie) when I met Sherin at the internet cafe in the city, I gave a video CD to her and asked her to see it in her home computer and tell me about it next day. I was eager to hear what she says after seeing the CD.

Next day Sherin told me in her typical local slang: "Jomon thanna Aa CD enne konnu kalanju. Entha CD yaa athu. Look how tired I am today?".

Myself :-"Enthaa pattiyathu Sherin? CD kandaalenganeyaanu tired aakunnathu?"

"Ho, onnum ariyaththa aalineppoleyalle Jomon samsarikkunnathu." Parayoo Sherin entha pattiyathu."

"Aa CD enne vallatha hot aakki. Pinne njan enthu cheythennu parayendallo".

"Sherin viralitto?"


"Ethra praavasyam cheythu Sherin?"

"Enikku thanne arinjooda Jomon. "Oho, athu sari. Athano shenichathu? Athoru rasamulla karyamalle Sherin? Sherineppoleyulla ella penpillarum viralittu sukhikkarille Sherin?".

"Undu. Sammathichu.Ini aththaram CD vereyundo Jomon?"

"Undallo" I gave her one more CD.

"Sherin, ithu namakkorumichu kaanaam, ivide vachchu, ellavarum poyikazhinja shesham?"

"Yes, Jomon." When only both of us were in the cafe at about 7-00 PM, I asked her to close the front door and then we started watching the CD in a computer. It was a very hot bf. Sherin was watching it with shyness and breathing fast.

"Jomon, Aa sundari pennenthokkaya Jomon cheyyunnnathu? Avaludeyoru vepralaam! Orindyan sundari ingeneyokke kaanikkumo? Branthupidichathu pole."

Her voice was trembling.

"Sherin, athellarum cheyyunna karyama. Ee parayunna Sherinum ithinappuram cheyyum, sex thalakku pidichaal ethu pennum ithinappuram cheyyum. Namukku kaanaamallo."

"Enthoru speedilaa avalu cheyyunnathente Jomone?"

"Sherinekkondum angane vegam vegam cheyyaan saadhikkum".

The b.f. And this conversation made both of us very horny. I embraced her. My dick had become very hard by now. I kissed her on her lips, face and on her boobs. Sherin embraced me hard. She could feel my hardness pressing against her body. I lifted her and placed her on a table. I removed her jeans and jacket. She was now wearing only a bra and panties. The front side of her brown panties was totally wet.

"Enthayithu Sherin, vallya vaachakamadichayaalinte munvasamaage nananjallo?"

I kissed her again and again. Sherin pressed the bulging on my pants and unzipped it. She pulled by brief and took out by dick which has become fully errect now. She moved her hand on my dick and rolled back its skin and enjoyed its beauty I now removed my shirt and pants and Sherin's bra and panties. Sherin removed my brief. Both of us are now totally nude. Keeping her on the table, I knelt in front of her, apread her thighs and kissed her pussy lips. The musky fragrance of her pussy made me crazy. I licked her pussy which was fully wet.

"Ho, Jomon..". Sherin was playing with her clit which was standing errect. I sucked her errect clit and moved my tongue over the inside of her pussy.

"Jomon, kuttaa, athu kadichu thinnoonne. Ho, enikku vayya, shho". Sherin spread her thighs wide and was moving her fingers in circular motion on her pussy. She was biting her lips.I then sat on a nearby chair.

"Sherin, a filimile sundari pennu cheythapolokke onnu cheyyente ponnu mole".

She was in a lahari mood. Sherin knelt in front of me, made her lips wet and started sucking my dick. I saw that forgetting every thing, Sherin was masturbating while sucking my dick "Oh, Sherin, athu muzhuval kadichangu thinnente ponnu koche, ho".

I know that Sherin never had sex with any one else and that whatever she is doing is by imitating the scenes in the bf. When I was about to come, I lifted her and placed her on my lap. (The b.f. scenes were still in my mind.) Spreading her thighs, I caressed her pussy lips and clit with my fingers and tried to finger fuck her. Sherin's left hand was moving up and down on my dick and her right hand was moving fast in circular motion on her pussy. She was making sounds "Aah" "Aaaah"...Her pussy was almost touching my dick. I lifted her and made her sit facing me with her pussy on my dick. Sherin pushed down her wet pussy on my rod and my dick went into her pussy. We embraced very hard. I made her move her waist slowly. Without my telling Sherin started to move up and down slowly, keeping her hands on my shoulders. Her pussy juices were pouring out. "Sherin kuttaa, a ceediyile pennine pole adiikku mole. Aadyam pathukke cheyyanam, idakkonnu niruthiyittu pinneyum cheyyanam. Pinne njan parayathe thanne Sherin speedu koottikkolum.". Moaning sounds came from Sherin. Sherin appeared as if she took some hot drinks. That bf and lust made her so. Otherwise Sherin is a very sobre and soft girl.

"Ho,,,,, yaaaa ayyaaaaaa sho enikku vayya, shhho, ho, ayyo, hoho, sho sho sho, ho,,,,,".

Uttering these words, Sherin moved up and down very fast. After some time Sherin changed position and sat on my thighs. She inserted my dick into her pussy and started some thing like a lap dance on my waist moving her pussy up and down very fast on my errect dick. The Cochin christian girl was damn hot. Biting her lips, the sweet girl rode me like any thing. She forgot every thing. Her slippey pussy was taking my dick in and out in damn speed. "Pluck" "pluck" sounds filled the room. Her thighs were pouncing on my thighs. I fondled her boobs which had its nipples standing errect.

"Ho, ente ponnu Sherin, vegam vegam adikkoo, pongi pongi adikkoo, ha ha angane angane thanne, haa, vayya, yo. Ente ponnu Sherin oru pravasyam kandappol thanne molethrabhangiyayi cheyyunnooo? Njan nerathe paranjille. Ho, adichuthakarkente penne, hay angane angane angane, haay, haay, haay, ho, ho ".

"Jomon, Jomonante kuttan asaadhyam thanne. Ivane njan adichu thakarteda kutta. Entha sukhama kutta ivan keriyirangumbol kittunnathu. Ithenda irumbukondundaakkiyathano kutta, njan sammathichirikkunnu, Jomonaaaa.. Ho, ente manasilippezhumaappennanu Jomonaaa, avalude oru speede. Avalenda oru macheenaano? Ho, avalenthoru sakthiyilanadichathu? Ho, niruthaaathe, nirurhaaathe avalethrasamayama cheythathu? . Njan athupole niruthaaaaathe adikkan povukayaanu. Da ingane ingane ingane, rasamundo, rasamundo?. Ho, enikku niruththan thonnunnille. Ho, fucking, fucking, fucking, sho sho shhhhh, ho." The smart girl Sherin's pussy moved like a pump on my dick in damn speed.

"Sherin penne, angane pongi pongi pongi pongi, ha pongi pongi pongi, yo pongi, pongi, muzhuvanum veliyiledithittu vekku , haa angane thanne, onnukoode, ohhh niruthelle, niruthelle, speed kootteda kutta, ayyo vegam, vegam, veeegam,,,,, Avalekkalum speedu kuttanundeda. Ohhhhhh, enikku varunnu. "Ho Jomon, shhho, ha ha ha ha shho shho ayyyyyyyyyyyo, ammo, ho,,,,,. I am cumming, Jomon"

At this point I exploded and Sherin too reached her climax. "Jomon enne swargathileththichu".

"Alla, Sherin enne aanu swargathil kondupoyathu". She collapsed on my lap. After five minutes, we went to the toilet, cleaned up and left the cafe, after locking it. I decided that I will not do this with Sherin in future, as she is an educated girl from a good family. I am remembering how carzy a beautiful sobre girl became after seeing a bf. Jomon, Ernakulam.

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