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Happy I Went To Work (A Job With Benefits) Poem
by Exakta66

Hornier and hornier all the time,
I'm lucky horniness isn't a crime.
Checkin' out the new girl at work,
She probably thinks I'm such a jerk.
Trying to think of something to say,
Anything to get a lay.
I offer to take her out to eat,
Someplace quiet, where the people meet.
Later we can go out and dance,
Thinking how to get in her pants.
I take her out and ply her with liquor,
It's true what they say, it really is quicker.
I start making conversation, casual and trite,
I start thinking, this is going to be a long night.
Hoping that something will relieve my gloom,
She suddenly suggests 'Let's get a room.'
We get inside and my mind does a flip,
We are all over each other as we start to strip.
We fondle each other and start to kiss,
My cock is hard, I'm in a state of bliss.
My penis points north as my hand reaches south,
She takes my member and puts it in her mouth.
My hand working her over we continue to pet,
I know it is working, she becomes quite wet.
I pull out of her mouth and put it in her mound,
I get my back in motion as I begin to pound.
Legs in the air, lying on her back,
I start to punish her sweet little crack.
Her soft moans turn to wild screams,
Just like I imagined in my dreams.
When it's over we say 'goodbye'.
Happy to share this natural high.
When we meet again at work, we have nothing to say,
Just smile and ask, 'How was your day?'
It is nice to have a job related perk,
Makes me happy I went to work.


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