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Happy Birthday Babe
by Kim Mac

My husbands birthday was coming up so I had decided to throw him a party at home with some friends. The night of the party arrived and it decided to rain so we put up some canopys' for extra space. Our friends arrived and the party was going great until later in the night Jessie and her boyfriend had an argument about how she kissed me goodbye. I told him to stop being rediculous; there was nothing too it she accidently kissed me on the lips all girlfriends kiss each other on the cheek or lips. Jessie was a bit drunk at that stage and said sorry and went home with him.
Those of us who were still in the parting mood, decided to play topless pool. The guys took their shirts off and us ladies we did the same; boobies every where. One of our single male friends was a bit lost for words and felt embarassed. My husband said "Don't worry mate it will be ok, just enjoy the show" So it was after midnight and there were five of us still drinking, playing pool until Ally got down on her knees in front of her husband and started sucking him off. This turned on our single male friend so he stood in front of her and she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him too as well as her husband. I took this as my cue to do the same to my husband but I kneeled beside Ally and we had 3 cocks infront of us. We took turns in sucking and licking 3 cocks; it certainly turned the guys on.
We moved over to the futon and Ally & I laid down on our backs with our legs spread and the boys took turns in sucking, licking and fingering our wet pussies until we came. We then swapped partners my husband & Ally; Andy & I while Troy was sitting back having a drink taking it all in. We were fucking and sucking each other until; Troy decided to join in but he wanted me. So Troy and I moved to another part of the room and he kissed me so passionately my knees buckled. He them caressed my boobs and sucked on my nipples which were so hard by now and my juices were dripping between my legs and running down my thighs. Troy was relentless he became so turned on because of my response to his foreplay. He was kissing me and I could feel his hard on pressing up against my hip; when he grabbed me around the throat I shook my head to say no but he said he wouldn't hurt me; I believed him. He continued to kiss me this way and suck on my nipples while having one hand around my throat. It was actually turning me on and I told him so. He then stopped what he was doing and grabbed my by the back of my head and pushed me over one of the barstools so my backside was looking at him. He asked me if I wanted to be spanked I said yes and even my husband who was busy with Ally & her husband, piped up and said yes she loves it. So Troy began spanking my bare ass and it was told not to look over and watch the others if I did I would get a harder spanking; which turned me on even more. While Troy was spanking me he then inserted a couple of fingers into my very wet pussy and he alternated between spanking my ass & fingering me untill I had one massive orgasm...he then released me and gave me back to my husband who then proceeded to fuck my wet & swollen pussy; and shot a load of cum all over my tits. Meanwhile Ally had taken Troy on he was fucking her on the futon and sucking off her husband at the same time. Ally got both of them to cum in her mouth and she lapped it Happy Birthday Babe.

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Kim Mac

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