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Fucked by 5 black men(Part 1)
by Jade Russell

 My name is Jade and I'm a slutwife. What that means is that with my husband's blessing, I'm gang-fucked regularly by five black men.

This is how it all happened. One evening, my husband, Dave, told me how the idea of me being fucked by other men turned him on. We were in bed at the time and as he told me, I could feel that his cock was bigger and harder than I'd ever known it. I was a bit shocked by his confession, but it also turned me on. As I slid his cock into my sopping, boiling cunt, I told him I wouldn't want to be fucked by just anyone, but only by men he had chosen for the job. As Dave pushed deep into me, he said that he'd choose more than one man and that they'd be black. The thought of this made me come hard. "You like that idea, don't you?" Dave gasped. "Yes," I moaned. "I like it a lot. But you'll have to help me." "How?" "However I want," I said, for I had a few ideas of my own on the matter, some of which included Dave and the black men. Dave's come flooded inside me. "Okay," he said. That was all I needed. Over the next few days, we talked it over and Dave set about recruiting a suitable group of lovers for me. I was n a constant state of arousal at the thought of being filled with black cocks. Dave works at a gymnasium and meets a lot of athletes. He knows a lot of people. It took him a week to arrange my gang fuck. He came home one evening and told me it was al arranged. A group of five black men, a basketball team, had agreed to group fuck me the following evening. Dave said that they had a few requests. Could I wear something revealing; could I shave my pussy, and could Dave watch me being fucked? I said yes to all of the requests. That evening, Dave helped me shave my pussy, ready for those black cocks.

The next evening, Dave brought the five guys into our living room. I was wearing a very short dress and nothing underneath. Each guy came over to me and kissed me. The last guy ran his hands up the backs of my thighs. My cunt started to throb in anticipation. The guys all sat down on the sofas and asked me to strip. Dave went and put some soft music on, then sat in a chair, eager to watch the action. I told the guys I'd strip once I'd seen their cocks. They all immediately unzipped and pulled their rods out. Five large black cocks. No, four large black cocks and one huge one. One of the guys had got the most enormous cock I had ever seen. It wouldn't have been out of place on a horse. Shaking, and very moist, I decided to save it till last and started to strip. I dropped my dress to the floor and crossed to my first cock. I knelt down and took it in my mouth, sucking it slowly. As I sucked, one of the guys came and knelt behind me. He stroked my ass and ran his fingers over my cunt. I felt him spread my ass cheeks and slide his tongue into my anus. I love that. I squirmed as I sucked on the black cock in my mouth. I reached over and took another cock into my hand. Another guy came over to where I was kneeling. He lay on the floor and I crouched over him, letting him slide his large cock into me. As he entered me, I felt the other guy slide his cock right up my ass. Stuffed, I took the other two cocks in my hands and started jerking them off. That was when the guy with the huge cock got up and stood by my face. I slowly took his enormous cock into my mouth and started sucking it. Meanwhile the cocks in my ass and cunt were pounding into me in a systematic way. I saw the flash of a light and knew Dave was taking pictures of me being gang fucked by five black guys. I was pleased. I knew the pictures would be great.

To be continued.

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Jade Russell

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