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friends with benifits
by alexa

I was exstatic after the phone call. I would finally see her!
I was so excited. My best friend Holly. We had been best friends forever but when she was 15 she moved to France with her Mum after a divorce. Secretly, i fantsised over her. She was beautiful. And now I could see her. I packed my skimpiest clothes, and sexiest lingre. and hurried out the door with my suitcase in my hands, rushing into the yellow taxi. "La X" I thought back to the last time i saw her, it made me wet thinking of her and i moved my legs in such a way that it rubbed my vagina. i softly moaned under my breath, the sleezy taxi driver took pleasure in watching me in the back mirror. I was a little flattered. I was wearing my skimpiest dress that showed off my 14c breasts. And he obviously liked what he saw.

When i got to the airport I was immediatley put into first class and we took off half an hour after. While I sat in the plane i fantasised about Holly. Her large breasts, tanned legs, skinny waist, long blonde hair. I moaned in frustration. I was so wet.

When I got to Paris, i didnt bother looking at the sights, i demanded the driver take me straight to Holly's. I got to a big house. . . well villa. three stories, gates, courtyard. the driver drove in and stopped right outside the doors. I rushed in and yelled. "HOLLY?!" I looked around the foyer with a beachy theme and saw a tall blonde, standing at the top of the stairs. She was gorgeous. She wore a light blue bikini, and had boobs the size of basketballs. "DANAAN!" she ran down the stairs and jumped on me! knocking me to the floor. I felt her nipples through thetiny bikini and i wanted to suck them, hold them and bite them. Holly and I had always been close. extremeley close, so when we both got to our feet we had a big tight hug. "Danaan" she stared me. "I missed you so much I just want to make out with you! i missed you so much" I was so frustrated. I wanted her. "C'mon Hol, were just friends" she smiled and cupped my face and shoved her tounge in my mouth. oh god she was an amazing kisser! I couldnt help it, i grabbed her ass, it was perfect, hard, toned, and felt amazing. I could feel my hot pussy. So there we stood making out with me grabbing her ass.

she pulled away and i immediatley felt sad. and wanted her back. "My ass feels great aye? been doing yoga, feel my tits!" she unstrapped the skimmpy bikini and let it fall to the floor. revealing large tanned tits, with hard nipples, that made me oogle and sent my wet pussy juice down my leg. but holly didnt notice. "Dont be shy Dan' feel em' " I grabbed the big boobs, and felt the squishyness, my eyes never leaving. I was close to an orgasm and ran to get my stuff upstairs. "Danaan!" I turned around and saw holly running boobs flying. "You're sleeping in my room" oh yeah immediatley i immagined us in a 69'r or poking. Mmmm. "I better go have a shower" Holly lead me to my room and showed me where the shower was.

I stripped down and i couldnt resist, i rubbed myself, "ugh, . .. . Mmmm. . . oh yeah" I was so turned on. When I got out. Me and Holly had dinner. "how do you afford a house like this?" Holly touched my knee, and it sent chills up my spine. . . "Porn"

Holly showed me a laptop and showed me options of videos i could watch. She told me she was having a shower, and when she got in i clicked on the first video. She was so hot. Being eaten out by another . . . girl! jelousy and anger swept through me. I shut the laptop. and got dressed in my underwear. Ugh i had packed so skimpy. She was so out of my leauge.
I lay on the bed and noticed a large photo on the wall of Holly naked touching her boobs, it made me so wet. I rubbed my clit, playing with it, and didnt notice holly walk naked out of the bathroom. "I sleep naked, Dan' Dan" I was caught off gaurd and blushed. I thought I was gona cry.
"You can continue, its a natural thing you know, I do it to" I was so embarassed. Holly came over, and snapped off my bra, "What are you. . " Holly squeezed my nipples. "Look at you your so big" Holly was touching me! squeezing my nipples! I didnt know if it was a friendly way until she took off my g-string. she rubbed me, my pussy juice flowing. Her naked body was amazing, She moved her mouth onto the breasts, and licked, I felt her tits, and stuttered. "Holly. . . pleasure. . . me?" holly grabbed my legs and spread them wide. diving her head into my crotch. while her hands, explored my breasts. I couldnt help it, I came all over her face, squirting everywhere, Holly licked it all up , and shoved her tounge in my mouth, "Mmmmm" my pussy juice was warm, and delucious. Holly reached into her drawer and pulled out a sleek vibrator. this was going to be a very good week.

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