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Flight Lessons
by Exakta66

After my divorce following nearly twenty years of marriage I settled into a condo in Central New Jersey. The combination of not having a wife and the freedom of condo living gave me newfound opportunity. The time saved by not having to maintain a house combined with the free time afforded me by being single was something I really made use of. It gave me the chance to do things I had always wanted to do but never had the time. Travel and time for my hobbies such as my guitar playing were no longer an issue. I also did something I had wanted to do for a long time. I took flying lessons.

I had discussed it with an old friend from high school who had done it years ago. He had his own plane for a while and found it quite enjoyable and rewarding. I thought even if I never own my own plane it would be fun. I knew it would not be cheap. I was told it would set me back approximately eight to ten thousand dollars with all the lessons and fuel costs to get my Private Pilot certifications, so I knew what to expect. I was single, had no child support and my job was doing well so this was not a huge issue. If I ever did decide to get my own plane there was a small airport about 25 minutes North. This same airport offered flying lessons. So, I took the drive one day to get all the latest information. I arrived at Linden Airport and headed to the main building. I was told I needed a logbook, medical exam and it was recommended I get my own headset. This was no problem. I put my down payment on my credit card and was told to report back in two weeks. My lessons would be on Saturday afternoons at four. I left rather excited, as it was something I really did for myself. In the last twenty years I rarely took the time to do things just for me and now was my chance. I went home somewhat elated.

In the ensuing two weeks I took the physical, which I had no trouble passing and got what little I needed ready. When the day arrived for my first lesson I arrived early. I was psyched. I went into the main building at Linden Airport and reported my arrival. I was told to wait outside and my instructor should be with me in about ten minutes. I went back outside and waited. I was nervous with anticipation. I was wondering what my instructor would be like. Probably some old military guy with a crew cut and battle scars on his face. Wouldn't be much to look at but he probably had lots of cool stories about air strikes in Vietnam or something. At least that's what I imagined.

Fifteen minutes passed and still no Red Baron. While leaning against the wall I see a hot looking blonde heading my way. I'm thinking she is probably heading my way to tell me my instructor can't make it and to come back next week. As she heads my way I can't help but notice her incredible legs and full breasts. As she reaches me my knees almost buckle as she speaks.

"Hi, my name is Jill. I'm your new flight instructor."

Huh. I felt something gaining altitude and it wasn't a plane. Damn. I think I mumbled something stupid about nice day for a flight lesson, or I have my flight log, or maybe I just started drooling on myself. Really don't remember.

She told me to follow her and she would show me the plane. I would meet her here in the future. As I followed her I was enamoured by her rear view. We got to the plane. It was an older Cessna 172. A four-seat single prop airplane.

She took me for a tour of the plane. We walked around as she pointed out stuff like the rudder. When she bent over the wing to point out the flaps I felt like saying nice tail, and I was not talking about the plane. Once again I was feeling an increase in elevation and it was not the flaps. This girl was hot.

We got in the plane and Jill began to explain the controls. As she leaned forward to point things out her long blond hair would sometimes brush against my arm. She showed me how to fill out the flight log we started the plane. We went through a check of the instruments. As we began taxiing towards the runway with her at the controls she explained how to pull back on the yoke to relieve pressure on the nose wheel. I was wondering what she could do to relieve the pressure building in my pants.

As we approached the runway she radioed the tower with our intentions. We made our way onto the runway. She explained how to apply full power and pull the yoke back. There was a momentary sensation like going up quick in an elevator as the plane took off. We were soon airborne.

The view from above was spectacular. The sensation of flight in a small plane is indescribable. We were in the air but close enough to see everything on the ground. To one side was Route 1, to the other side in the distance was the Atlantic Ocean. It really was breathtaking.

"This is really incredible up here." I stated.

"You get used to it." She answered.

I felt like saying I like the view in the plane just as much, but I resisted.

We flew around for some time and I enjoyed every moment. When it became time to head back to the airport she explained the procedure for landing as we approached. "Contact the tower and give your tail number, location, altitude." She stated coolly, "And do your prelanding check with your checklist. Mixture fuel rich, Oil Temps and Pressure, Master ON, Harness's locked, Landing Lights ON."

Her words were going in one ear and out the other. Something about a hot looking blonde flying a plane that had a certain excitement level. The plane may be going down, but I sure wasn't.

When we got back on the ground we taxied the plane back to the hanger and we said our good-byes for the day.

The whole rest of the week I could not help but think about Jill. I was so looking forward to my flight lesson. When the following Saturday approached, I dressed a bit sharper and showed up early again, hoping to spend as much time around Jill as possible.

When I got to the hanger Jill was already there puttering around the plane. We made small talk as much as I could. She told me she had been fascinated with airplanes since she was a girl. It was a passion of hers. I like a girl with passion and I was fascinated with her. We climbed in the plane and fastened our harnesses. We started it up and after doing our instrument check taxied towards the runway. We radioed the tower and got our clearance. We taxied onto the runway and after applying power proceeded down the runway. We were soon airborne once again.

The sensation of flight in a small plane is marvelous. The day was beautiful and the skies were a bright blue. The clouds seemed in reach on this gorgeous late afternoon. Jill seemed in a real good mood. She was unusually talkative. I really felt in my mind that she was taking a liking to me. I found out she was single and lived by herself not far from the airport. She seemed real comfortable around me and I was getting quite comfortable around her. I could feel a certain sexual tension as we were practically shoulder to shoulder in the cockpit of the Cessna. It was, in a sense, our second date. I felt like asking her out, but I hesitated. When our lesson approached it's end, we headed back to the airport, signaled the tower and made our landing. We said our good-byes and parted ways.

Once again Jill occupied my mind the whole week. Whether I was at work or at home, she was all I could think about. Come Saturday, I had to ask her out.

Saturday arrived and once again I arrived early at the airport to maximize my time spent with Jill. Jill was there hanging out by the plane as usual. She looked so good in her tight jeans and tight T-shirt. I felt in my mind she was teasing me. I wanted her bad.

We got in the plane and once again did our pre-flight checks, started it up and headed out to the runway. Once again we signaled the tower and made our way onto the strip. Once again we were soon airborne.

Again the sensations were exhilarating. The weather was beautiful in New Jersey. My companion was wonderful. She was talkative and looked so hot.

As we made our way along the coastline, it was my turn to take the controls. Since I was still relatively new at this I really had not been controlling the plane till now. "Your turn Alan. Pull back on the yoke to gain elevation slightly." Jill said.

I pulled back on the yoke and watched the needle on the altimeter rise. The way she spoke to me made something else start to rise. An idea flashed into my head. I spoke.

"Hello this is Alan and I'll be your captain this evening. We will be flying at an altitude of 5280 feet. That is exactly one mile high. Kindly unfasten your seatbelts and I will unfasten the rest. Thank you."

I looked over at Jill and she gave me a huge smile. She unfastened her seatbelt and I unfastened mine. She then reached over and unfastened my pants unleashing my huge erection. I tried to keep the plane level with one hand as Jill went down on my cock. The sensations were remarkable. High above the ground and having my cock sucked by an incredibly beautiful blonde. As she continued to work my member with zeal, I began to get lost in ecstasy. I opened my eyes long enough to realize I had backed off the yoke and the plane was now heading down.

"I think we're going down!" I said loudly over the noise of the engine.

"Yes, I know." She said.

"NO. The plane is going down!" I said.

She interrupted her duties long enough to look up.

"Pull back on the yoke." She said rather calmly as she guided my hand.

We were back on an even keel as she resumed her motions. Her head bobbed up and down in the cramped cockpit as her soft blonde hair danced on my thighs. Her hand motions and incredible mouth felt so warm and intense. I could feel my orgasm building and building but Jill was gripping me in such a way as to prolong it. She was making this flight truly first class. As my orgasm erupted I subconsciously pulled back on the yoke causing the nose of the plane to rise. The sensation of orgasm combined with the rising elevation of the plane was beyond description.

I soon regained my senses and regained control of the plane. Jill took time to level it out with me. Once the plane was under control she began to slip out of her clothes. There was barely room to maneuver in the close cockpit, but she did it like a pro. I wondered if she had done this before. I soon felt an increase in elevation between my legs as the plane kept on an even course. Jill once again grinned a huge grin and climbed over onto my lap. She faced me with her back to the controls and slid her moist pussy onto my shaft. The sensations were incredible. I tried looking out at the blue green water of the Atlantic but my eyes soon closed as Jill started moving her body up and down. Her breasts were bobbing in my face as Jill gripped my shoulders and did her thing. I kept one hand on the yoke but I could not see out the window. I tried to gauge our elevation by looking out the side window but it was difficult as we were heading out over the ocean and all I could see was water. As Jill continued to work my manhood with her tightening pussy, I could feel her grip on me. Her moans were becoming louder and more intense. Her motions were increasing in speed. We came together high above the Atlantic nearly the same time. Her cum flooded my thighs as we passed over the ocean waves. It was indescribable. Pure ecstasy.

Once again I regained composure just in time to realize the plane was slowly heading into the ocean. I pulled back on the yoke as the water approached. The view out the windshield went from water to sky as the small Cessna made it's way up to the clouds. When we gained sufficient altitude I leveled it off and we headed back to Linden.

We radioed the tower and made our approach. Jill took over the controls as we headed for the landing strip. It was a smooth landing after a very memorable flight.

"You like to live dangerously, don't you?" I couldn't help but ask.

"I guess so." She giggled, "Don't you?"

Jill put her clothes back on as we taxied back to the hanger.

Needless to say I continued my flight lessons. It is amazing how much fun flying can be when you find the right instructor.


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