Bi-Sexual stories

First Time in an Adult Theater
by phar2go

I had just finished all my final semester exams and had a few days free. The folks were out of town on vacation and I didn't want to go back home and stay by myself. So, realizing I had never taken the time to look over the town where my college was located, I decided to use the free time to take a 'slow walk' around and see what was going on.

Now I had dated a couple of girls in high school and in college, so I knew about SEX, (so I thought), but I wasn't prepared for what happened the first night I went out browsing around town.

It was about 9 PM when I parked my car in a downtown district. I was amazed at the activity this late at night. Neon signs flashing, bars, restaurants and I spotted my first XXX ADULT Theater. I had heard the guy's in the dorm talk about them, but didn't pay that close attention to what was said. I wasn't real sure what to expect, but curiosity got the best of me and I had to check it out. I went in.

There were a couple of male clerks and several customers. I just wandered around to see what the place had to offer. I asked a clerk what the difference in the two doors in the back. One was labeled PEEPS and the other THEATER. And thus began my education into the world of the Adult theaters.

He looked at me, smiled and asked if this was my first time in an Adult Theater. I said yes. He called me over to the side and said his name was Jim and he would give me a quick lesson on what went on behind the doors to help me get familiar on the action, but I would have more fun learning the program on my own.

The peeps were individual rooms with TV's for short segments of a film that was activated by tokens you got at the counter. The door had a latch for privacy, if you wanted it. There were lights above each door to the booth and if it was in use, the light would be on.

The theater - was just that. People went in to watch full-length SEX films. Not as private, but still could be lots of fun.

I got some tokens, I thought I needed the privacy, and went into the Peeps. There were several men wondering around. I found a door where the light was not on. There was a small TV screen, with controls and a bench to sit on.

I locked the door, fed some tokens into the slot and sat down. The first image that came on the screen was white girl sucking a black guy that had a very large dick. She was really getting into it and was taking him all the down her throat. You could see her neck expand each time he rammed it in her mouth. Before I realized it, I was rubbing my own crouch and suddenly realized I had a nice hard on.

I had never seen a sex film before and was fascinated by the action. This was great. No one was around, so I undid my pants, lowered them and took my dick out and started to jack-off - - it felt good.

The light inside the booth came on. This time, I put extra tokens in the slot. As the movie started again, I heard a sound in the booth next to mine. I went back to the action on the screen. In a little while, I notice some movement to the side. I looked and saw a hand motioning me over. I lowered my eyes to an opening in the wall and saw a man looking back at me. He asked if he could suck me, that I had a very nice piece of equipment. If I would just put my dick thru the hole, he would make me very happy. I had gotten so horny that I was willing to do almost anything.

Now I knew I wasn't gay, but no one was around, so I put my dick thru the hole.

The guy took hold of me and started to slowly suck me into his mouth. His mouth was wet and very warm. He sucked it in about 2 inches then back and forth several times, lowering it another ½ inch each time. By the time he got me all the way into his mouth (about 6 ½ inches), I was ready to bang my head against the wall. He started sliding me all the way in and out of his mouth. I wish the wall had handles attached; I was getting weak in the knees. It felt fantastic. I had had sex before, but nothing compared to getting head from a guy.

As he slid me back in forth in his mouth, he would sometimes make a humming sound that made me grit my teeth to keep from yelling, it felt so good. I felt the pressure rising in by balls and knew I could not last much longer. All I could do was to moan and try to make this feeling last as long as possible. I was breathing faster and was trying to hump back into his mouth. And then it happened. I have never cum so hard in my life. I spurted several times into his mouth and he swallowed all of it. His mouth never left my dick. I'm sure my eyes rolled back in my head.

He sucked me dry and clean. I had to sit down and catch my breath. I heard the door open and close when the guy left. I finally got up, adjusted my clothes and went back up front.

Jim, the clerk I saw when I came in, motioned for me to come over. He smiled and asked, "Get your first blow job?"I still couldn't talk. I just nodded and turned red. He just chuckled, "I thought so".

He said that if I could wait till he got some free time, he would tell and show me some more things about the action that takes place here. I needed to catch my breath, so I agreed. I wandered around and looked at all the things designed for both men and women. There were different types of books, movies, toys and party favors for just about any sexual activity. Hell, I was getting excited just looking.

Jim came over and we started talking. He asked my about myself and told me some about himself. He said he had been here about two years and had seen a lot of things I couldn't even imagine. He wanted to know how I felt about getting a blowjob from a guy. I told him it was better than I expected. I wasn't sure if that meant I was gay or what. He said No, it didn't mean that I was gay. That just because someone tries something like this, it didn't mean anything, except they were experimenting with sex to see what felt good.

He looked me in the eye and ask, “ Did it feel good?"I said 'Damn Right."So you would try it again? “I said yes,"Jim told me to go back to the Peeps, to booth # 9, but don't lock the door, and wait.

For some reason, I felt comfortable with Jim and knew I could I could trust him. I went back to # 9 and put some tokens in and waited. The movie was about a guy getting a blowjob from another guy. It was getting to me and I lowered my pants and started to play with myself. In just a little while, the door opened and Jim came in. He locked the door behind him. Jim sat down beside me and told me to relax, he wanted to make me feel good and tell me more about what went on here. He put his hand on my cock and just held it for a few seconds, then started to stroke it back and forth, slowly.

He got down in front of me and had me open my legs, while he kept stroking me. He also started to rub the inside of my legs with his other hand. He was griping me firmly and going a little faster, when he stopped and got something from his pocket. He put it on his hand and my dick. It made it real slippery. He said it a type of jelly-lube that made things feel nicer and go easier. He was right: it felt great. I kinda laid my head back and let him do his (and My) thing. He was still rubbing the inside of my thighs. I felt his fingers touching my butt hole. Then, he started to message it. I wasn't too sure about this, but it was feeling kinda nice so I opened my legs a little more.

Jim lowered his mouth to my dick, he didn't play around, he sucked the whole thing in the first time; it was great. He started going up and down on my cock, slowly. My eyes were closed: I was in heaven. While he did this, he was also working a finger into my ass. It felt weird, but was in a good way. I didn't stop him. He put more lube in my ass and worked his finger in deeper, then put in another finger. He told me if it started hurting, he would slow down, but it should feel nice. Jim kept working my dick in his mouth, real slow and he put a third finger in my ass. It was tight and a little uncomfortable, but was not painful. He put more lube on. I laid back and just enjoyed the moment.

Jim asked me to stand up. He said there was someone in the next booth that wanted to suck me. I looked over to the glory hole and saw a tongue sticking thru it.

I moved over to the hole and stuck my dick in the hole. A very warm mouth slid up on it and worked back and forth on it. While I was getting use to this, Jim was standing behind me with his hands around me pinching my nipples. I had never had that done before, it was adding to my arousal.

I felt something slippery working its way between my ass cheeks. It was Jim's dick sliding back and forth. Normally, I knew I wouldn't go for this, but at the moment, I was so excited, I was ready to try about anything.

The mouth on my cock was definitely holding my attention, but I was aware of Jim finding my rosebud and starting to work his dick into me. I was well lubed and he went very slowly. It was a little uncomfortable at first, and again, no pain. He kept working his dick into me deeper and deeper, back and forth, till finally he had it all in me. He stopped for a little bit and asked if I was OK. I said I was and to keep doing what he was doing; it was starting to really feel nice. He squeezed my nipples harder.

I wasn't sure what to think. I was enjoying the person sucking my cock, but my main attention was the dick in my ass. I could actually feel it sliding in and out of me. It was slippery. It had a slightly different feeling when it was being pushed in than when it was being pulled out. I couldn't believe I was being fucked, I had a man's dick in me and I couldn't believe how good it felt. After several minutes, Jim was starting to fuck me faster and faster. He said he couldn't hold it any longer and started to cum in my ass. I felt his dick jerking as he spurted his cum up my ass. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

As Jim was filling me up with his cum, I was going off in the warm mouth that had hold of my cock. Jim had to help hold me up; I was too weak.

The man sucked me dry and cleaned me up, then left. Jim started to pull out of me, I stopped him and had him leave it in me till it got to soft and fell out.

I was totally exhausted, but I had never felt so great in my life. Jim and I both were both breathing hard. I told him I couldn't believe I had enjoyed this as much as I did. He just laughed and said there was more he wanted to show me.

He took me back to his office and had me lie on a couch and take a nap. I needed to rest because I had had quite an experience for my first time.

In about an hour, Jim woke me and gave me a cola. We sat and talked about what had happened, he wanted to be sure I felt OK about experimenting with sex. I assured him I felt fine with what had happened and was ready, willing and able to find out more.

He smiled and told me to stand up and drop my pants. I did and Jim got on his knees in front of me and started to suck me. I was soft but it didn't take him long to get me standing at attention. He sucked me for a little while longer and stood up, said for me to pull my pants up and follow him.

We went to the Peeps. We didn't go into a booth, but just watched what people were doing. Jim saw a young man go into a booth and pulled me into the next booth. Jim pulled my pants down and started sucking me again. But he was looking thru the hole, watching the guy next to us. The guy started jacking off and after a while, Jim stopped sucking me, stood up and said that I needed to do the big experiment, that he wanted me to suck the guy in the next booth. He was stroking me as he spoke. He pushed me down to my knees and signaled the guy by putting his hand in the hole and motioning him over.

As I watched the hole, the head of a dick slowly came thru. I wasn't sure I could go thru with this, but I was at least going to try. I reached out and touched the man's dick. I closed my hand around it and began to stroke back and forth. After a bit, I lowered my mouth to the head of his dick and touched it with my tongue. I don't know what I expected, but I wasn't turned off by the act. I licked the dick for a moment then opened my mouth and put it over the end of his dick. I slowly pushed my mouth on his dick about an inch, and then pulled it back. I repeated this action several times, each time going a little deeper, till I felt his pubic hair on my lips.

I knew I had a man's whole dick in my mouth and it felt OK. I pulled back till nearly the end of his dick, and then pushed back down. I could handle it; it was OK. I started to suck his dick as I moved back and forth. I kept the speed even and applied a lot of suction. The man started to moan and began to fuck my mouth. I just stopped and let him fuck me. He started going faster and the he stopped moving and his dick started to jerk and his cum began to spurt out. I didn't know anyone could cum this much. I actually swallowed most of it, but lost a few drops. I couldn't believe it. I just had a man's dick in my mouth, I just sucked a man's dick and I just drank his cum and I LOVED it. I sucked the man dry and he left.

I was happy about what I had done, but I still was very hard. I turned to Jim and he was smiling. I reached into his pocket and got the tube of jelly-lube. I told Jim to drop his pants and turn around. He did. I put some lube on my fingers and started to work them up Jims ass, one at a time, till I had three fingers working in and out of his hole, and he was moaning. I got some lube and put it on my cock. I placed the head at the entrance of Jim's ass and slowly inched it into him. I had never had anal sex before and it felt different. It felt great. I finally got all of my cock up Jim's ass and started to fuck him with powerful strokes. Jim was stroking himself as I was fucking him. I could tell I wasn't going to last very long. After just a little bit, I started shooting my load up Jim's ass. Jim said he could feel me jerking in his ass. Apparently Jim was enjoying this too, cause when I started Cumming ups his ass, and he started Cumming at the same time

We stayed locked together till I got soft. Jim turned around smiled and kissed me. I had never kissed a man before, but I had just been fucked by a man, I had fucked a man and I just had a mans cock in my mouth and I had sucked the cum from his cock, I didn't figure a kiss would hurt.

This all happened a couple of years ago, and I still go to college, I still like girls, and I also spend a lot of my time at the XXX Theater. It hasn't replaced my lifestyle, it just added to it. In fact, Jim and his wife and I get together often, but, as they say, that's another story.

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