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First Time Gay Experience
by AnonymousPerson

I have always had fantasies about having sex with another man, so I decided to act on them. I decided to go to a gay bar and ended up going home with a well-fit guy. We came back to his house and had a couple drinks and he started rubbing my leg. I had no idea what to do next so I just started rubbing his leg as well. He leaned over to give me a kiss and I kind of resisted as I was very nervous, but he was very persistent in wanting to kiss me. I let him in and we kissed for several minutes while he is feeling everywhere on my body. He slowly started to take off my shirt and I resisted, but he kept pulling it over my head that I just went along with it. I started feeling more comfortable when he started licking my chest and began pinching my nipples. I started to get into it more and getting turned on when I took of his shirt and started touching his tight body. I could feel myself getting harder and I think he did as well. He unbuttoned my pants and stuck his hand down there, just rubbing it gently. I began to get really turned on at this point that this fantasy was finally happening.

He took me back to his bedroom and we stood there kissing each other. He unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to reveal his cock. He had a big cock, roughly 8-9 inches, and very wide. I have never seen a hard cock up close like this so I immediately went to my knees. I pulled his pants all the way to his ankles and took them off completely. I then started to kiss the tip of his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and started pushing me toward taking his cock in my mouth. I went along with it and took the entire cock. I gagged heavily, but caught my breath as he eased his cock out of my mouth. I started to get better and more comfortable by taking the cock deep in my mouth, in and out, faster and faster. I could tell he was enjoying it as he was letting out soft moans and constantly saying "yeah, that's it, take that cock."

After a few minutes of his cock, he laid on his bed on his back and motioned for me to jump on top. I pulled my pants down and took them off and slowly crawled on top of him. We began kissing more as he started to grab my ass and rube my virgin hole. It felt great to have somebody else touch it. He told me to open his drawer and grab some lotion. The room was dark and I was having troubles finding it. I really wanted the lotion as his massive cock would not slide into my asshole easily. He said forget the lotion and spit on my hand and rub it on my asshole. He did the same with his cock, lubing it up that way. I was very nervous when he pulled my hand away from my ass and I could feel his cock near my hole. He told me to relax and let him get his cock in. I could feel the tip rubbing my hole...then he just shoved the tip in. It felt amazing at first, then very painful the more he tried to put in. He could see the pain in my eyes and pulled his cock out. He told me to spit some more on my hand and put it on my ass. After that, he just slid it in and told me to sit down. My asshole started to open up more as he slid his cock in further. I started moving up and down, getting used to this massive cock in my ass, and I started to moan louder and louder. I started to get into it even more by sitting down all the way and can feel his entire cock in my ass. I started bouncing faster and faster and he was thrusting his cock in and out of my ass as well. He started moaning and saying he's cumming. What seemed like only a couple minutes later, I felt his load in my ass. I started stroking my cock just as his load was shooting off and I could feel myself cumming as well. He kept his cock in my ass for a bit while I was cumming and I shot my load on his stomach.

He told me to get off his cock and lick off the cum I shot on his stomach. I wasn't really sure I wanted to lick my own cum, but he grabbed my head and shoved my face in it. I licked it off and then I heard him say "get on your hand and knees and turn around." I listened and left my ass in the air. He stuck his still-hard cock back in my ass and began thrusting faster and faster. This was much harder than the previous position and it felt much better. I could barely hang on as he was thrusting fast and his huge cock was stretching my asshole. He slowed down and gently pulled his cock out all the way, then quickly put the entire cock all the way in my ass as he blew another load. The second load felt even better than the first and my ass so wet from all the cum. He kept his cock in my ass for a few minutes after and just laid on top of me.

He wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled down to my side, spooning each other with his cock still inside me. I could feel his cock softening in my ass and the feeling of it still in there was amazing. He simply said "give me a few more minutes and I'm ready to go again." I didn't know what else to say. I could barely keep up and my cock was no longer hard. We laid there for quite a few minutes and I began to feel his cock get harder again inside my ass. I knew he was ready, but I wasn't. I'm a smaller guy with barely any muscles and he is a big, fit guy. I just let him take control again. He lifted my leg up and pushed it toward my chest. He began to thrust some more and this position really hurt my ass. I felt like his cock was bigger than ever in this position. He kept thrusting faster and faster and harder. I felt like I was screaming in both pain and pleasure. He began to stroke my cock to get it hard while he was fucking my asshole for the third time. I began to feel myself getting to close to cumming and then I felt another load of cum shoot into my ass. That feeling along made me shoot my load of cum all over the bed. I couldn't believe the pleasure of my ass he took his cock out of my ass. He brought his cock to my mouth and I sucked him off for a bit longer, never realizing I'm tasting my own ass on his cock. I definitely loved this first time experience and loved the cum dripping out of my asshole. I feel this experience could definitely happen again.

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