Bi-Sexual stories

finally she uses me part 2
by kneeling

I felt the head, as hard as he was, stretching me as he eased it into my tight inexperienced asshole. I groaned loud and Gina said"just take it like a good bitch baby" I was breathing hard as he got to the thick glans and he luckily waited for about a minute to let me relax as his monster cock felt huge as I stretched to accomodate his girth and 8&1/2" length. I was moaning and groaning as he eased a little more into me and Gina said "that's a good bitch, you know what you want don't you" I moaned and started begging, "Yes Please, Jimmy fuck me PLEASE I begged" and he eased a little more in as I whimpered as it felt so hard and big in me! He was in a little less than half way at this point and I was starting to push up a little and he felt it and said"you want it I know don't you bitch" I almost gushed answering him"Yes please Jimmy, fuck your bitch" ! It just felt so good to be face down and taking his big cock up my tight asshole, I pushed up some more and he asked "Are you ready for the rest?" "Yes please Sir" I felt him put his hands next to my shoulders on the bed and drive it the rest of the way in my tight ass, it felt so good I moaned and pushed back up feeling completely full and stretched around that beautiful big cock! "Yes please Jimmy fuck me, please Sir!" and Gina spoke up and said "that's a good bitch, take it like a good submissive little bitch, you know what you are good for Paula" It felt so good to meet his thrusts as his big cock stretched me good when he pumped a hard stroke now and then. I of course moaned loud when he did and kind of whimpered taking such a hard cock deep in me. Jimmy then said "Lay down flat I want to pump you hard when I cum deep in your tight asshole" "Yes Sir" I said and laid down as he started to pound me deep and hard, I just whimpered as that thick very hard cock pumped in and out of my asshole, I felt him throb even bigger and knew he was close and when he did cum, his cock shot it out very hard and I could feel it squirt deep in me and moaned as he kissed my neck and ears from behind, me reaching up to kiss and suck his tongue. Gina was applauding and saying, "that looked so hot" as she came too as Jimmy pumped his cum up my ass bareback and I begged him and thanked him at the same time " Thank you Sir, it feels so good" He eased it out of my ass and I immediately turned and took it in my mouth to clean him up and asked him"Can I suck it please Sir, I know I can make you cum again" Jimmy looked at me and said, "Not tonight good girl but soon, I want your ass again only next time I am going to tear you up with a very hard fucking" Gina quickly said, "let me show you out Jimmy" and took his hand after he put his pants back on "This bitch is going to eat my ass now and get me to cum hard too" I just smiled and limbed back on the be to wait for her.

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