Bi-Sexual stories

finally she uses me part 1
by kneeling

She called me at work and told me not to stay late tonight, she was kind of stern and I kind of squirmed in my chair. As I was walking to the car she called my cell and told me to go back inside and change into what she had put in my briefcase. I got back into the restroom in the building and found she had put a pair of very small thong panties in my briefcase. I knew she was up to something last night when she shaved my legs and up around my asshole last night before bed. Anyway, she had me all hot as I walked back to the car feeling my pants against my bare shaved ass and the thong between my cheeks making me kind of squirm.

I got home and walked in the front door and found a box with a note. I took it into the bathroom as instructed and smiled as I pulled out the high heels and a piece of great looking short lingerie! As feminine as I am she must have been thinking this for awhile and I loved it. When I finished dressing Gina came into the bathroom and helped me by putting lipstick on my lips and makeup on me with mascara - she commented it was waterproof and I might need it to be later.

We walked into the kitchen and she had wine out and handed me a glass and took hers and I noticed the wooden and leather paddles out and I\'m sure I kind of blushed.

Gina went over to the couch and patted the seat next to her and told me sit down honey. She said at about 9 you are going to have a surprise tonight and she wanted no back talk.

At 9 the doorbell rang and I went to get up and she said no sit down and cross your little slender legs and stay put. She opened the door and welcomed Jimmy in and kissed him I could hear. She had on a short skirt and he palmed and slapped her ass as they walked back in to the room. She offered him a glass, he declined, and then sat down on the couch next to me and ran his hands up my legs a little as Gina sat on the other side and was completely submissive to him and told him, this is your plaything for the night. I moved close to the edge of the couch and he palmed my ass a little and she had me get up and she took me to the end of the couch and pushed me over it and said push your ass up high Paula. I knew what was coming, she was going to spank me in front of Jimmy with one of the paddles and I was so glad when she picked up the leather one. She saw me notice and said, oh don\'t worry the wood is coming out too in a little while and I couldn\'t help but beg please no Gina, not the wood, I\'ll be good. Jimmy said, sounds like she knows her place and Gina started paddling me hard with the leather and I started to grunt and squirm, she stopped and stroked my ass a bit and walked over and picked up the wooden paddle and I started begging again and tried to stand up, Jimmy quickly grabbed my wrists and held me down and said in a low voice no no young lady, I want your bottom marked before I take you. Gina paddle me until the tears started and I was begging incoherently please and sobbing and begging Jimmy to fuck me. Gina finally stopped and had Jimmy sit back down and me come around and kneel in front of him, out it came, the beautiful cock was thick and about 8.5inches long and hard. I licked the head and loved his taste. I worked on his cock for awhile and soon Gina said okay bitch it is time and had me stand up and take his hand into the bedroom where I got on the bed over the pillows she had placed there. Jimmy asked this isn\'t his first time is it? Gina said it is her first real cock and that is why I asked you not to come since last weekend - I want a large load up her ass and down her throat.

I pushed up hearing that and squirmed a little for him to see my slim hips and tight asshole moving. I knew I WAS FINALLY GOING TO GET IT TONIGHT! Gina kissed him and said, give it to him good and hard and deep please. and went and sat in the chair where she could see and video what he was going to do to me tonight.

Since he was dripping with precum from the head I had given him downstairs, I appreciated that he reached for the KY to lube me up a little and groaned when his finger first went in my tight asshole. I was breathing hard and so was he and I couldn\'t wait to feel the head against my tight hole. I felt him climb on the bed and now I started to beg like a slut, please Jimmy let me feel that big cock in me deep, Jimmy moved closer to me and I felt his palm on my hip and his head just touch my tight ready asshole. He gently slapped my well paddle bottom, the pillows held my ass up for him and I pushed back to feel his head rub against me. I started begging again and Gina added keep still honey, he is going to give it to you just be patient and I tried to hold still as he eased the thick wet head in my ass. I kind of fell forward it felt so good and I knew I was going to be fucked deep tonight.

let me know if you want me to finish this one.

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