Bi-Sexual stories

Finally I get to be in my place
by kneeling

The next morning my phone rang at 8:30, it was Dave saying she had just left and to come on over, I answered low "yes Sir"and told my wife I was going over to Dave's to help him for the day on a project. I went into the bedroom to change and noticed my bottom was not bruised from yesterday though just the slightest bit sensitive to the touch. I slipped on some briefs, his preference, and pulled my pants on and headed out the door in a matter of minutes, nervous though excited and looking forward to submitting totally for his pleasure. As I drove over, I was squirming in the seat and knew I was in store for what I had been looking forward to for awhile, being his slut, his bitch for him to rape however he wanted.

I arrived in a few minutes and walked up to the back door off the driveway and knocked, he called out come in and I went in through the screen door and closed the back door behind me. He came out of the back room and said "hi, go ahead and take your clothes off now and put this on" he handed me a small towel that just wrapped around me and looked like a short skirt like a slut would wear. I loved it that he had thought of me this way and so wanted to please him today! He walked me into the living room where the drapes were closed and sat on the couch, I was standing next to the arm of the couch and he was running his hand up and down the back of my thigh and stroking my bottom underneath and smiling. I smiled back, he then told me "I have a friend coming over to drop off something and you will remain dressed as you are and sitting on the couch with legs crossed and the skirt open on one side" "you don't have to get up though I may ask you to I am just not sure yet." I went to talk and he held up his hand and pulled me down towards his face and kissed me. I was surprised and kissed him back and said "anything you say Sir" and liked him saying "good bitch" and patted my bottom. I was squirming and went to sit next to him on the couch and asked him if he wanted to give me a little warm up spanking before he gets here? He pulled me over his lap and pulled up my skirt and lightly spanked me and stroked my cheeks commenting " you are going to get marked today my sweet and I expect no back talk and you pushing your bottom up for it the whole time, is that clear? I looked over my shoulder and said "Yes Sir, I will be good" and smiled as he stroked my thighs and I spread my legs to give him better access to my hole and pushed up to the slapping hand. We heard the car pull into the driveway and I got up and sat meekly on the couch and rearranged my skirt like he had wanted, he got up and let Bernie into the house introducing us - "Bernie this is my little submissive bitch" I immediately blushed and looked down and he said, very nice Is he for both of us or just for your pleasure. Dave immediately said, just my pleasure today though I like the idea of him servicing you too, would you like a blowjob today at least? Bernie rubbed his crotch and said, I am not sure though the idea sounds great, I moved forward on the couch and looked at Dave, "go ahead and get on your knees" he said as I slipped off the couch and started to crawl over to Bernie. Bernie stopped us and said "I don't have the time today but will take you up on the offer next weekend when the girls are going away to the cabin. I leaned back on my heels and said, "looking forward to it Sir" He obviously had a large cock based on what his hand was going over and I kind of licked my lips and asked" are you sure just a quickie wouldn't be good?" He unzipped his pants and out came the largest cock I have ever seen, at least 10" and very hard and throbbing" I said "Oh my god, and drooling said please Sir may I and looked at Dave" He said yes go ahead and do not spill a single drop" Bernie please tell me what you like most and pulled his pants and underwear down at the same time. He said "I want to feel your tongue push hard just under the head as it goes in your mouth" and I just took it in licking and sucking as good as I could and soon relaxed and was taking him half way down. I really was Dave's bitch to use how ever he wanted and felt so good to be on my knees servicing his friend, Dave took a picture with his phone of me kneeling and with this monster cock in my mouth. After about 5 minutes Bernie said, good girl keep working my cock and you will get the load you are after, I stopped and said, please Sir come in my mouth and let me taste your hot cum, went back to working it up and down the hardening cock and felt his balls start to pull up and pulled him about half way out and moaned as he pumped his big load into my mouth, he didn't taste as good as Dave but I gulped it down like a good bitch and moaned as he shot more into my mouth and down my throat. After he was finished, he said "that was great good girl and I will enjoy using you next week" I smiled up and said, "Can't wait Sir" as he zipped up and headed to the door, "Thanks Dave for letting me use your bitch" See you next weekend?" Dave said "Yes Bernie, we will have some fun for sure"

Dave closed the door and came back to the couch where I was sitting and said, I want to get you a baby doll nightgown and have you in some heels next weekend, would you like that? "I smiled and almost gushed "Oh yes Sir, please! Do you think I look good enough to dress up like that for you?" I am slender and girlish skinny legs and hips and he pulled me over his lap again and pulled my skirt up and started spanking in earnest, my bottom turning red and starting to squirm and yelp a little and said "Oh yes darling you will look great in a baby doll with your shaved legs and in high heels" I will put some on you during the week and we will work it out so you are ready for Friday night" He stopped spanking me and started stroking my thighs and bottom and I spread my legs again and he picked up the paddle, I pushed my bottom up and he said "good girl" I smiled and kind of moaned and he started paddling me hard, much harder than last week and I started squirming and kicking and soon was crying and begging him "Please Sir I will be a good bitch, please take me down the hall and put me on the bed" He didn't stop and continued for several minutes rapidly reddening my cheeks down low to the line between my thighs and my cheeks. After a few minutes, I was whimpering and starting to cry softly and he said, okay time to get serious and we got up and went down the hall him holding my hand and he said "come here darling" I was pulled towards the bed and over some pillows in the center and he tied my feet to the corners and my hands in hand cuffs in the center. I was so glad I had shaved my legs and kind of struggled against the ties to see if I could get away and found out no way, I was going to get it but good. He then picked up the paddle again and started again, soon I was begging and pleading as he paddled faster and harder and sobbing and the hiccuping started in and soon I was screaming "Please Dave no more" though I was pushing my bottom up as high as I could for him to see me submitting for him. He gave me several hard ones on each cheek and I screamed and kicked as much as I could with my legs tied. He finally stopped and said we are almost done sweetheart, as he got up and reached for the crop laying on the dresser, I heard the swish as he tested it out, I just said "Please" and pushed up for him and he striped me several times and I screamed as it cut into my bottom. He finally stopped and stroked my thighs again as I pushed up my ass for his hand. he took the KY and started lubing up my asshole and filled up a lube syringe and put the tip against my hole and filled me with KY. I moaned "Yes Sir, get me ready for your big thick cock" I started begging him to fuck me, "Please Dave fuck your bitch, slam your big cock deep in my spread asshole, pump me hard and fill me with your cum Sir!" He said " Oh I am going to fuck you hard this first time, then you are going to clean up my cock and get me ready to fuck you again, I want you nice and sore from receiving my cock"! I pushed up as much as I could being tied down. and asked him to untie me and leave my hands cuffed so i could move more, he did and then got on the bed behind me and I felt the head against my tight hole and tried to push back, he pulled away and said "Easy girl" and eased the tip into my tight asshole, I gasped, "It is so big please be easy Sir "I will, just give you a chance to get used to it then I am going to pound your tight ass sweetheart!" I pushed up for him to know I was ready for him to go deeper. And felt the glans stretching me open as he want in a couple of more inches, I moaned "Yes Master, please fuck your bitch" It felt so good to be underneath him and I loved the feeling that he was getting pleasure from me and sort of felt this must be what a girl feels like when she is submitting to her man. He pushed more into me and was a little more than half way in my tight ass when I pushed back and took him the rest of the way in, he leaned down and kissed the back of my neck and my ears and I moaned "Yes my Master please fuck your bitch, fuck my tight well spanked ass and pump me full of your cum" He turned my face and I tried to kiss him back and felt him start to pound my asshole harder and loved it so much, it felt so good to submit and be his bitch with my well paddled, bruised and whipped ass taking a thick 8 & 1/2" cock all the way in my shaved tight hole. He started pulling out more and pushing in long strokes and I was pushing back up as hard as I could, he started to slam into me and I just groaned "Yes my love fuck me! as he came a large load deep inside my tight inexperienced asshole! As he rolled off me I immediately went down and started cleaning his beautiful cock and worked him until he got hard again and he smiled down at me and said, ready already? I just looked and winked and said anytime my lover as I squeezed his cock! He said we would eat dinner first then he was just going to fuck me and tomorrow morning he was going to whip me hard in the garage over the bench to be sure I was marked enough for the coming week until next weekend. I loved being spanked, paddled and whipped for his pleasure and told him so over dinner, he said, I love using you for my pleasure and will continue as long as you want to submit and be my bitch. I just smiled and squirmed in my chair next to this beautiful big man.

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