Bi-Sexual stories

Finally he takes what he wants
by kneeling

I had seen him in the office many times over the last couple of years and enjoyed how dominant he was in conversations. I had fantasized about being over his lap as he spanked me and felt me up teasing my tight back door many times. This was the first time he had asked me to come to his house on a weekend though, and when I knocked on the door I was very nervous.

He opened the door and warmly welcomed me in saying "glad you could make it Paul" as we shook hands.

I wanted to get you alone for some time and wondered if you might be interested in taking care of me for the weekend while my wife is away?

I kind of stuttered, what do you mean Sir? Well I want a submissive man who enjoys being made up like a woman and being used like a hot girl.

I have enjoyed seeing how slender your hips are and think you would look great in a short babydoll nightgown shaved legs and high heels - would you like that young man?

I kind of blushed and looked at the floor and quietly said yes Sir. Secretly smiling that he thought I could look good enough for him dressed and with make-up on.

He took me by the hand into the living room and helped me sit down on the couch next to him and stroked his hand up my thigh as i opened my legs. He then asked me to stand up and go in the guest bathroom and take off my clothes and put on what was there. I quickly moved into the bathroom and stripped as fast as I could and found a box with high heels and a short nightgown in my size, which surprised me that he knew what I would wear!

I kind of came out slowly and he was standing and took me into the kitchen where a girl was standing with a makeup mirror and supplies and had me sit down and did up my makeup, nice blue eye shadow and black eye liner, like a good slut, and she also did my nails and said it was good I knew how to walk in heels. I kind of smiled in a daze and thanked her. She also told me the more real you beg the better it will be for you as she finished and left.

I walked out and looked for Dave as he was in the study watching a game and when I walked in he stood up and turned and came over and kissed me for the first time, which had me melt into him and open my mouth fully for him to kiss me hard. I especially loved him feeling up my ass and squirmed against his hand and loved him feeling my bare cheeks and the thong between them as he ran his finger down to my hole and I pushed back to him, like a good girl right? He told me he liked how I knew what a horny girl would do when her man palmed her ass and kind of slapped my cheeks under my nightgown.

I felt so natural leaning into him when we sat on the couch again and couldn't believe I was here in my bosses home about to be felt up and fucked and used like a slut for his pleasure but it did feel so right! I kissed him softly and lay back as he became more aggressive and kissed me with his tongue going deep in my mouth feeling so big.

Then it happened he asked me if I had ever been spanked hard before as an adult? I said no but what did he have in mind? Well young lady, as he stood and pulled me along with him into the study, he then sat down on the couch and pulled me down next to his right side and slowly pulled me over his lap, which I did willingly as he stroked the backs of my thighs and bare cheeks I did spread my legs and he teased his fingertips over my asshole and I pushed up as he did and felt him push with the pad of his finger as he said good girl.

It was then that I knew he was not going to just let me suck his cock and I squirmed against him in anticipation of what was coming, as I looked over my shoulder he asked are you ready and I said yes Sir, please and it started the spanking was smooth and medium as it started and he asked if I was nervous and I said no just very excited and surprised. He laughed and said you didn't know I noticed you looking at my cock at work did you? I said no and blushed I am sure but felt it starting to get hard under my tummy and loved it.

I told him lower and a little harder Sir, please. and he started coming down just above the line where my thighs started. He then said, pick up and he took my panties down and off my legs and spread me open and started feeling me up more, I was pushing back to his fingers when he asked has anyone cum bareback in your ass ever? I answered No Sir, but you can if you want - please Sir! He stopped the spanking with his hard hand and showed me a small wooden paddle flat and made of oak, he asked ever been paddled I said no but do what ever you want to me Sir, and he did!

He had me in tears and it felt so good to have him paddle me more after I started crying and promising to be a good girl! He said good show me how good now, your spanking is over and you may rub a little as you get on your knees in front of me as he lowered his pant and out came a very large cock, about 8" and pretty thick. I moved up closed to the couch and looked up at him and he said go ahead I want to see how good you are. After about 5 minutes of sucking and loving his hard precum showing cock, I was able to get him into my throat and felt his balls on my chin as he groaned good girl. About 3 minutes more and he was holding my head as his balls pulled up and I knew I would be swallowing my first load of another mans cum!

It was wonderful and strong tasting and he shot hard and I swallowed as fast as I could gulping it al down. He then took me down to the bathroom and I noticed the enema bag hanging and he said, clean yourself very well and a little later I will fuck you deep and hard like you are my girl and love my cock like you do don't you girl, I looked right at him and said yes Sir, I want you to cum in my ass bareback please Sir?

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