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Finally bitch
by kneeling

I finally admitted she was right and that I would suck another man's cock for her. We talked after one night when she fingered my ass while sucking my cock. I came so hard she brought it up after and surprised me when she pulled out a strap on and helped me learn to suck it and service it and finally eased it into my ass and started fucking me regularly with it as I begged her to set up a real man to fuck me.

The first man she found on the internet she called me and told me she found someone and he was going to come over to the apartment Friday night. I was so nervous for the 2 days before and so excited! Friday came and I went home early from work to shave my legs and around my ass. My wife helped me put on some mascara and some other makeup and a very short wrap skirt in my size and some nice high heels in my size. She took several pictures and told me we were going to video my first time so we could watch it again later.

At 7:30 Dave arrived and Gina met him at the door in a very short skirt and high heels with her hot bare thighs. She gave him a little hug and kiss on the cheek and led him into the living room where I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed. He was about 6'2' while I am 5'9' with very slender legs and hips and a very high tight butt. He came right over to me and commented you look very nice sweetie and I blushed and looked at the floor. Gina pulled a wooden spoon out of a kitchen drawer and set it on the coffee table and saw me look nervously at it. She said yes you are going to get that tonight. Dave asked if I had any real experience with a thick cock as Gina sat next to him and put her hand on his thigh as he reached over to me and pulled me closer to him and kissed me gently on the lips and asked if I was nervous. I softly said yes Sir and he smiled and Gina said I want you to use him however you want tonight. Dave stretched back and pulled me over his lap and palmed the backs of my thighs and up over my ass cheeks. He could feel me push up and spread my legs to give him better access and he said, nice and smooth and slapped my ass lightly. Gina said to me honey do you know how big Dave is and I said no but could feel his cock under my tummy growing and pushing up to me. He started spanking me more in earnest and getting my cheeks nice and rosy and I was starting to squirm a little and Gina got up and handed him the wooden spoon and told him spank her little ass hard enough to mark her and make her cry if you want. He said maybe later I want to take my pants off first and kind of pushed me back up to my knees and said just wait a minute my sweet little bitch. I kind of blushed and said yes Sir. He dropped his pants and I could now see he did indeed have a large cock pushing out the top of his underwear and he sat back down and patted his thigh and said back over now young lady and I squirmed back over his lap and ground against his cock a little as I spread my legs and pushed my red ass up so he could see my tight butt. He palmed my ass again and dragged his fingertips up and down my ass crack as I whimpered and pushed up for him. Gina saw me and said good girl don't worry your going to get it tonight. I kind of begged please Dave and he said why don't you get on the floor on your knees for a bit. I quickly got on the floor in front of him and pulled his underwear out and down off his legs and saw what Gina had said, 8&1/2' thick and very hard and throbbing. Gina said go ahead you are going to swallow the first load tonight baby and I leaned in and started tonguing his head and licked all around it and started taking it down into my mouth and moaned as I felt what I should have done years ago. Gina said from the side - oh my baby you look so good go ahead and enjoy that big thick cock, I want you to be a good bitch and swallow and beg when you feel him get hard again and get ready to fuck your tight asshole after he uses the paddle on your bare bottom. I moved in close to him and continued working his hard so hard throbbing cock all the way down my throat. I was moaning being so excited and soon was tasting his dripping precum and moaning more and he reached and grabbed the back of my head and Gina said from behind me now moving the camera around good bitch let him use you like the slut you are. And then Dave's balls pulled up tight and he came so much I gulped as fast as I could and swallowed a very big load until he finished pumping into my mouth, I didn't spill a single drop and smiled up at him and asked how was it Sir? He said great your wife asked me to not cum for several days so you would get a full big load that felt great did you like the taste, I looked into the camera and said yes I loved the taste and would love to work on you some more Sir if that's ok? His cum was nice and strong tasting nicely bitter and I must say a very large load. Dave said yes lets go into the bedroom and picked up and wooden spoon and took my hand and walked me down the hall to the bedroom and put me on the bed next to him and over his lap I went again. He spanked me with his hand for awhile and then pulled me up higher and picked up the wooden spoon and started on my sit spots until I was squirming and pleading please Dave no more please fuck me now and Gina said go ahead and beg like a good bitch should, I continued begging please Dave no more and went on to say please let me take your cock in my ass. I could feel how hard he was underneath me poking into my stomach and he finally stopped and stroked my red hot cheeks and eased a fingertip into my ass. I couldn't help pushing up and spreading wider for him to have the access he wanted and Gina pointed to the new tube of KY on the nightstand. Dave stood up and let me get face down over a pillow and spread my legs completely wide for him and felt him get behind me and lube up my ass with his fingers and the KY and begged when his middle finger went up my ass and squirmed around getting me lubed and came out and got some more KY and slid it back in all the way as I moaned and begged Dave for his cock. He finally got on his knees behind me and I finally felt a very hard cock head at my tight asshole and moaned and begged some more please Dave fuck your bitch and Gina said good girl Paula beg for your man, be his bitch and beg for his cock. I did too I begged him as he teased me with the head rubbing it on my tight rosebud and me pushing back to get it. Dave then eased just the head in and I moaned and sighed yes Sir, please fuck me. Dave then slid about half way in and he asked are you sure he hasn't taken cock before and Gina said no just my strapon. He proceeded to saw his big thick hard cock in and out of my asshole and rode me for his pleasure - sawing it in and out of me for about 5 full minutes leaving me nice and sore and then he started going even harder and very deep and held me down and pumped cum in me as I screamed yes cum in my ass Master!

Later Gina walked him out and came back in and asked me how I was doing and I asked her how she felt about me? She said I love you even more but you will do this again for me I kept his number and you are going to work on walking in heels and being more steady and service him for the whole night some time soon. I may have him bring a friend as she slid a lubed finger up my stretched asshole and swallowed my cum.

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