Fantasy/Solo stories

by nigel

This is my fantasy. You are sitting on the couch, dressed in a short skirt and a slightly loose white T shirt. You are very horny and want to get me hot by teasing me. You slowly start touching your nipples which are easy to see thru the shirt. Your nipples are hard and you start to touch and rub them,,,,,,and look at me and say I am going to make you so hot, your going to want to finger my pussy, and rub your face in my damp panties. I)m really getting myself all hot. Do you like watching me rub my hard nipples They are so hard. I,d love for you to lick um I am sooo horny. My pussy is getting really hot and damp. I wish I had another hand , so I could touch my panties.!! You now start to slide up your short skirt, teasing me as your white see-thru panties come into view, then you slide your other hand to the waist of your panties and give them a little tug, pulling them tight against your cunt. I can now see the outline of your lips pushing against your panties, your cunt lips look a little swollen. The crotch looks a little damp you hunch up a little, pulling your panties even tighter against your cunt. You go on to say 'I wish you could touch me,but I want to tease both of us lots more before I have my first orgasm " I really need some action down there, my pussy is getting quite wet!! Look really close at my cunt thru my panties , watch as pull my panties even tighter, oh.. I love the feel of them rubbing against my cunt lips, then as I pull some more, my cunt lips open slightly for you. Do you like what you see!!!

I bet your getting really excited now!! You love looking at my hot cunt don't you. I luv it to, it makes me so hot. I just love you watching me getting so sexy and excited. I think you had better look down again at my crotch. I am going to hunch up for you, and then slide my hand up the inside of my thigh, and slowly slide up to my panties, like this. Oh-Oh I love it my cunt is on fire and I haven,t touched my clit yet. Do you like it when I slowly slide my fingers up thru my lips to my clit., like this--Oh god my clit is so big and hard-I am so fucking horny. oh fuck its so good. Watch me now I,m going to slide two fingers down my lips to open them a little, and rub my cunt lips thru my juicy panties. You will see how hot I am, see oh yes yes YES its so good. I am so wet, look at my panties, see my wetness on them. Bet you would like to lick my cunt now!!yes lick it for me oh. If you did I,d cum really quickly .In fact if I don't slow down, you're going to see my first come as I finger my cunt thru my sopping panties, you can see the wet spot now! Oh I want to come so badly, my pussy is so sensitive, and I am so hot, watch me as I touch my clit thru my panties. My two fingers are now touching the tip of my clit. Its so hard and sensetive oh I,m so horny. Rubbing my clit while you are watching is making my cunt so wet. Look my clit is so hard, when I take my fingers away you can see my little hard clit pushing out against my panties. I will lick my fingers and rub the wet on my pantied clit. Oh there Oh I,m so horny-- see my clit!! watch me rub it with my panties. I love to roll my panties from side to side--my damp panties are rubbing against my clit .Oh OH YES its soooo good. I love hunching up against the tight panty crotch, sometimes the crotch seam manages to rub my clit and get me off !!! Watch I will try it with these, but first I,ll make my panties even wetter. I will push my panties in between my cunt lips open me up-- oh I am so wet I want it so badly , my fingers are rubbing up and down my cunt, I,m so wet so hot, I want to come so badly. My panties are soaking with my cunt juices, now I,m going to rub the seam of my panties back and forth up to my throbbing clit. Its rubbing my oh so hot clit nice and slowly. Look at my panties now , the seam is right on my clit, oh I want it so badly I need to come .Its so good faster now up and down and side to side oh yeah its so good , watch me I can not stop I am going to come Oh yea rubbing my self faster and faster. Look how wet my almost transparent panties are, can you see my cunt all hot and so ready oh yes here -it-comes,I am going to use the handle of my hair brush on my clit to get my self off and you thought I was going to put it under my panties and in my juicy cunt naughty, naughty ...May be later!!! But now I am rubbing it across my clit, doing it harder and faster oh its good..

I,m really close now watch me here I go faster and faster Oh Eh its so good my whole cunt is soaking wet here I go I am coming coming Oh its so good I don't want to stop I am still C O M I N G

Oh boy that was so good. I luv just stroking my pussy lightly, barely touching after I've cum. Does that get you all hot and wet watching me get my-self-off outside my panties I like it so much because it feels so nice.and sexy...Better when we go under them, my cunt all puffy and wet. Here let me bring it to your face, oh I,m getting hot again..there you are ..look good, want to lick my wet panties..make them even like that don't you !! here I,ll open my legs, and give a little tug on my panties, stretch them over my juicy puffy cunt. There give me a very light lick right where I like it on my pantied clip-- yeah thats found it oh oh your tong is so good, your making me really hot and horny again...better stop--you getting me so hot, I luv having my cunt licked especially when you lick my lips, and then back to my throbbing hard getting me so horny, better stop or I,ll cum right on your face!!

Before you get that, I want to make my self cum for you, lying face down on the couch, with my vibrator friend wedged between the cushions.There .like my friend!! bet you'd like it on you too. Hope the batteries are still good, I use it so much. ah there it goes, just the hum makes my cunt quiver. There can you see O.K...Like my ass!! bet what you really like is the way my panties dive between my thighs. Here I,ll open them a little, now you can see my puffy cunt thru my transparent with wet panties, that wet crotch really drives you crazy...I,ll need your help a little because my panties are too tight against my cunt, so if you would slip you fingers inside-no-oh-no don't touch my cunt-oh thats so good-what are you doing, you are sure making me excited and juicy. But just pull my panties so they are loose against my cunt--yeh-no don't do that take your fingers away from my clit--oh yeah your fingers are so good, but I want to cum on the vibrator, while you watch me...Take your fingers out..oh I like the way you give long strokes up and down my cunt--oh-oh I think I,m liable to cum-oh-eh-..Now slide the vibrator so it sticks up between the cushions, so that I can position my cunt right over the tip.of it. Don't turn it on yet, I want to rub my cunt lips and clit over the tip of it, and tease my self with it. Oh that feels so good, can you see, see me stroking my clit and cunt. Hold it tight for me, I need to hunch harder on it. Its right on my cunt, I,m making it slide up and down my cunt lips.Hold on tight, I need to do it faster...oh yeh........Can you see O.K..I luv the feel of it real nice and hard, yet not too hard-almost like the real thing., Oh its so good oh ah-ah I luv it, I,m getting soo hot. Do you like it. watching me stroke my hot oh -ah-ah- cunt like that, see the crease in my panties thats my cunt lips getting it oh-ah-ah hold it tight, I want to stroke my horny clit on it, watch me, hold it tight, I,m so excited ah-0ah-ah, I think I,m ready to cum!!.Turn it on and hold tight eh-eh oh- I,m lifting up a little now just let the vibrating tip touch my cunt lips--oh-oh-oh.......teasing oh-oh-oh yeah really am ready to cum. Hold it tight I,m going to slide my clit right on it--oh-oh yeah soo good...Can you see O.K! my clit is throbbing..Oh I want to be licked-oh-oh I,m pushing my clit harder on to the tip of the vibrator I want it, do you like the way I do a little circle around the vibrator that means I,m getting close--oh yeah hold it tight, can you see my cunt getting it--oh yea oh fuck its right on my clit, driving me crazy, Oh- here I go, watch my cunt, I,m right on the edge-oh yeah its so go I,m so horny, I want to cum, I,m right there--I,m going to cum Yeh- NOW I,m cuming, hold on, keep watching me, I,m going nuts. Now rubbing my cunt all over iy, Im still cuming,,can you see !!oh-oh here I go again breaking another climax-oh yeah cuming again!!!!!!!!!!!! can you see O.K!! Is it making you want to lick my juicy cunt--I sure hope so...Oh just thinking about your tongue on my clit and all over my cunt is making me cum again...Oh I,m so hot I can,t stop cumming Oh yea........its soo good.

After a little while, you pull the vibrator out of the couch and turn over on your back. Now you are teasing me as you slowly open and close you thighs, and hunch up a little making sure I get a good view of your very wet panties, I can see your puffy cunt straining thru your tight panties. I am already very hot. All the while I have been rubbing my cock watching you cum , and you can see my hard clock straining against my pants. You ask me to take of my pants, as I do you can now see my very cock sticking up against my grey underwear which are also quite wet with my pre-cum.You tell me to come over to the couch, all the time I am now rubbing my hard cock, just the tip, with my fingers and thumb rolling over the head, I am getting wetter now. You now start to help me rub my cock with your fingers, slowly rubbing it up and down, I start to moan because your are right on the head of my cock and are getting me so excited. Then you slip your hand under my underware and just lightly rub the tip. My cock is soaking wet and getting very hard and big. You are getting quite excited again and with your other hand slide it under your panties and start to tease your cunt.. You then take both hands and pull my underwear down, and bring your mouth right up to my cock, you tease me with very light touches with your tongue right on my tip. I am now going crazy, and ask you to suck it. You put your mouth all round my tip and start to slide it in and out of your mouth, all the time giving nice hard licks right on the tip. I am getting so horny and wet and am moaning and telling you how good it is, and when your tongue rubs the tip I feel like you are about to make me come, I tell you to slow down because you have me right on the edge of my climax. So you take my cock out of your mouth, and rub it very lightly up and down the shaft with one hand.While the other hand takes my hand and slides it under your panties. My fingers find your juicy cunt, I start to slide my fingers up and down your lips, and soon find that hard clit of yours. Then I slide my fingers down toward your opening, I find it and slide one finger up inside, you start to get very excited and ask me to do it a little faster. Your cunt is now soaking wet again feels so good, so I start finger fucking you. You start to hunch up so that I go deeper into you, and then do it faster. You are rubing my cock faster now and at the same time I can feel your cunt starting to squeeze my fingers . I can tell your are as close to climaxing as I am, your fingers are rubbing my hard cock up and down.AH..AH..and I think you are intent on us both cuming. I am fingering you faster and deeper you are hunching up higher and pushing your cunt harder against my now two fingers in your cunt, and with my thumb I am rubing your clit. You are now so excited that you are hunching your cunt up and down on my fingers, while all the time jerking my cock up and down..oh-oh its so good I want to cum so badly, come on do it make me cum I say, you are now hunching faster and faster on my fingers, and jerking me of, we are both about to cum when you stop working my hard and wet cock and pull my fingers out of your cunt. I ask you to please don,t stop because I am so hot and want to cum so badly. But you say not yet...I want to cum again before you get off. I try to finger your cunt, but you get up and tell me to stay there, and disappear into the bedroom... When you come back you are wearing a pink see-thru top, I can clearly see your hard nipples pushing against the sheer material, you are also wearing a pair of pink boy style panties. They are not as tight as your other panties, but are much shearer, so that I can just see a very small pair of sheer tight panties underneath. But there is a small buldge between the panties right against your cunt with a small wire running to a control in your hands . You notice that I am again rubing my cock and getting very worked up at the sight of you. You tell me to slow down for you are first going to get yourself off again, on the arm of the couch. With the help of my little vibrator which is rubing right against my clit, you say. You then straddle the couch facing me, and start to slowly stroke you pantied cunt back and forth on the arm. With one hand you start to rub your nipples, and with the other you turn on your little vibrator secure between your panties, right against your cunt and right on your clit .You rubb your panties just lightly aginst the arm of the couch, and say ,watch me as I get the vibrator right against my clit and the arm....oh its soo good, I love just stroking the vibe aginst my clit. my cunt is on fire I,m so wet, you turn the control of the vibe up a little and moan, oh-oh thats it, can you see me doing myself see my panties vibratiing, oh -oh yeah I,m so horny, rubb your cock for me, thats it I love watching you stroking your cock, getting yourself so excited, does it feel good !! I,m so hot I don,t think I can wait much longer, I need to cum-oh yeah !!! you then reach down and take of your boy-panties, underneath you are wearing a nearly transparent pair of tight panties, that are soaking wet. You put the vibe inside them right against your clit and start hunching against the vibe and the couch.., oh, you say I need to come, come over here right in front of me, take your cock out, let me hold it against my panties, now I,ll turn the vibe up full speed, can you feel it !! Well it was driving me crazy, my cock was nestled just below the vibe right up against your cunt. You were getting frantic with desire now, for my cock was right at you cunt lips, and the vibe was on your clit, the vibe was making my cock vibrate against your cunt, and you said I want to cum, and I want you to shoot your load right into my panties, I want to feel you cum against my cunt, oh yeah here I go, I,m right on the edge, are you ready ! I was so ready my cock getting the full treatment from the vibe, and rubbing against those sexy hot cunt lips..I told you I,m going to come, you said come on let me have it I,m cumming right now, you hunched up and rubbed your pantied cunt fast against my cock and I came with a huge climax, soaking your panties with my cum, as I was coming you grabbed my cock and finished me off by jerking me of up and down soaking your hand with the rest of my cum.

Later I said I still haven,t gone down on you, can,t wait to see what you are going to wear for that !!

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