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F cup friends get together agian, true story.
by Tara34f

A few years ago I use to train with my best friend who suddenly had to move away due to her job, we trained out to keep our bodies nice and firm but mainly to firm our breasts up what with them been so big, I had a phone call from her and was so excited to hear from her again, we arranged to meet up at my place on the Friday night at 6pm, it had been a lovely sunny day and I got finished work at 3pm so decided to go to the gym before she came, after having a long relaxing bath I started to get ready, standing in front of my full length mirror in just my panties I stood sideways to look how firm and pointed my breasts were and as I did I was really happy to see them pointing straight out from my chest, you might say I am very proud to have such big firm pointed breasts, as 6pm came I was getting so excited to see her again and give her a big hug, at 6.05 she knocked on the door, as I ran to open the door I saw her stood there in a pair of shorts and a loose fitting tank top showing her tummy, with us both smiling from ear to ear we came together fast to hug each other, as we did our big F cup breasts came together hard as our arms went round each other to hug, we couldn't hold each other tight enough, we were totally crushing our big breasts as flat as they would go, as we hugged I said, your breasts are still nice and firm, she replyed, god yours are too just hug me as tight as you can I'v missed you so much, our breasts went into each other full on like points to points so as we both squeezed each other as tight as we could it made us both moan as breasts totally crushed breasts flat, after having a long tight hug we took our arms from around each other but we still stood with the points of our breasts gently pressed together, she then said to me, can you remember what I used to do to your breasts with my breasts when we were stood points to points like this, I had to think and suddenly said, yes I can go on then I'v missed you doing that, as we stood with our hands on our hips she then rocked backwards and forwards making the points of our breasts firmly but gently bump together, just before she started bumping I lifted her top up over her breasts and did the same to my top so we could both watch our big pointed naked breasts bump each other, as we stood there bumping breasts into breasts we both got a bit carried away and started to bump them much harder until we were bouncing off each others breasts, I then said to her that I have a bottle of baby oil, she just said, god yes I have really missed forcing my breasts against your breasts with oil on them, as I got the oil out I went up to her again bumping the points of our breasts together and then poured some oil onto our breasts and started to rub them together to get the oil into them, as they got covered in oil we both really started to force our big firm breasts together, Tara just said, god yes make yours force my breasts harder, both our bodies jolted as our breasts slipped across each other with them both been so firm and big, as I took her into my bedroom I put a pillow under the upper half of her back to make her breasts push upwards, I got on top of her and then started to really make my breasts force against her breasts as hard as I liked, as I did she was moving against me to make our breasts rub harder together which made us both moan, it wasn't long before both our breasts became dry from rubbing each other so hard, both our big button erect nipples were so hard from catching each other so I decided to get my strap on out, as I put it on I got back on top of her and made my big nipples push right into her big nipples as I started to go into her with that big cock, as I got faster going into her our big breasts started to wobble against each other and felt her push her breasts up into my breasts to stop them from wobbling but it didn't work as I just went into her harder and faster, I could really feel our hard nipples against each other so as I went into her I lowered down hard onto her breasts with my breasts and as I did that she put her arms round my back and squeezed me down into her, I don't think our breasts have ever been crushed against each other so painfully hard, all I heard her moan was, oh god yes make your big breasts fuck my big breasts, after a while I relaxed on top of her still with our nipples and breasts full on and bulging tight together when she said, lets just fall to sleep with our nipples and breasts together, as I ached my bum up to pull the cock out of her it really forced our breasts together crushing our nipples which made her say ouch my nipples, I said, god that hurt my nipples too and said, god our nipples are so big and so hard, she said, yes I no your nipples are digging into my nipples.

We did end up falling to sleep nipples to nipples and breasts to breasts, it was so nice to have her hold me in her arms as we fell to sleep and feel her big F cup breasts hard against my own big F cup breasts after so long of been apart from each other.

Our love for been breasts to breasts has grown much stronger now we are back together again.

Hope you all enjoy this true story and feel free to leave a comment and views. xx

Tara and I wish we could read other stories of girls having breast to breast fun like we do, Please try it, you will love it. xx

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