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Essential richual
by magnum

Alysha was A 5ft 7in red head with cute freckles across her nose, just enough to make you want to look twice and shoulder blade length hair, neatly put up or tied back in a tail, she didnt have huge breasts but they were a perfect size for her frame and enough to get the boys heads turning as she swung her hips as she walked. She was very fit and her muscular frame showed this off no matter what she was wearing. she often wore a school skirt just low enough to cover the view of weather she was wearing panties or not, but this was only allowed outside of class which she would put a longer one on during lessons. She had amazing legs, which were always slightly tanned so they looked golden and the muscles contracted as she walked which gave her such an amazing stance about her. Alysha had a popular reputation with the girls and boys, (hardly surprising really) but generally kept herself to herself and her 3 close friends who went with her everywhere. Brimley, "one of Alysha's group" was a little larger than Alysha and had a perfect hour glass figure which attracted more than enough attention alone, she had shoulder length blonde hair which was always straight brushed, and hung naturaly, swinging as she walked, she also was very pretty and had lovely peircing blue eyes which Alysha was envious of brimley for having. Her dress code was always smart, almost office perfessional looking, but in school clothes, her makeup was never to much, but just enough to enhance her already amazing looks, her teeth were perfectly shaped in her tiny looking mouth but when she smiled, it produced a perfect white gleam of perfectly maintained teeth. Her legs were also equaly well looked afterbut were only tanned during summer. Carly who is another group member of Alysha's is a brunette, with black long hair, almost touching her behind, and it naturaly held a wave or curl to it which really showed off Carly's face, as she was pale skined and always wore designer glasses to enhance her big brown eyes. She had a simular figure to Alysha, but was nowhere neear as confident about her body or looks even though she could of put the other two to shame if she had the attitude to do so.

It was first day back from summer holidays and assembly was called to introduce some new girls to the year and set down some new rules for the coming year, one girl in purticular had caught Alysha's eye, as she was absolutely stunning, but very shy and quiet when her name was called out as one of the newbies to the school.The head asked danni to stand up, and as she did she showed off her every talent to the school, who were all looking in disbelief at her beauty, she wore no make up at all but showed amazing features regardless, her figure was a perfect 10 and her clothes hung to her like they were never to be removed, as if she was born to wear the style she had chosen for herself. As the head moved on from Danni and started to move through the other newbies, Danni decided to sit back down, but Alysha kept her eyes on danni all the way through the assembly, admireing her natural beauty, thinking that she had to get her to be a part of her group before she became more popular than herself.
Asseembly finished and all the pupils rushed to begin their first class, but Alysha had other plans, she needed to get personally introduced to Danni as soon as she could, or she worried that Danni would attract more of a fuss than Alysha had maintained through her time at the school. Alysha signalled to Brimley and Carly that she wanted to meet up, pointing to the girls toilets, so the two girs walked over to the toilets as did Alysha, "did you see that bitch" Alyshe screamed, "fuck me she is amazing", I have got to get her with us today, no questions asked as she looked at Carly and Brimley, demanding with her eyes, "ok, sure replied both girls, where and when? asked Carly, well said Alysha, we will have to coax her into the toilets round the back of the school about lunchtime, then we should have time to get her to join us without any or much fuss, said Alysha, so it was agreed, come lunch time Carly would use her talent in her voice to get Danni into the girls toilet at lunch while the other two girls would wait and hide behind the door. The lunchtime bell goes and theres a big rush for the exit but Alysh and brimley manage to be among the first out, Carly wonders around trying to get Danni's attention, Hi says Carly to Danni, Hi replied Danni, my names Danni, its my first day, I know replied Carly, I was hoping to bump into you, was hoping we could get to know each other a bit more and maybe I could show you around a bit, Sure replied danni, I would like that she said. OK said Carly, are you eating in the hall or coming outside round the back where most of us go??? I dont know replied Danni, I thought I would just wonder around and get my bearings first, ok said Carly, let me show you where we all usually go and we can show you around from there, Danni noticed all the other pupils going into the hall but thought nothing of it, so she followed Carly to the back of the school, I just got to pop in the loo Dann, Carly said, you coming in, ok replied Danni, and in she walked after Carly, as Danni got through the door the door was slammed shut and a chair put up against the handle so no one could enter by Brimley and Alysha was sat on one of the sinks with her panties showing as sh had already taken off her long skirt, Hi said Alysha, my names Alysha, you must be Danni, Danni was taken by this but went along with it and didnt feel as if she was in any harm by the girls. Yes she replied, I'm danni, brimley walked over to the sinks from behind Danni and showed herself to Danni, Hiya she said, danni replied in good jesture, Hi, Alysha started to shift off the sink and then face the mirrors, I aske Carly to bring you here because as your new and ...she paused.... Very attractive, I would like you to be a part of our little group, Group replied Danni???? yes group said Alysha, we are probably the best looking girls in this school and with you we would demand even more attention , so I was hoping you would like or be interested in joining us? I dont know replied Danni, I'm sorry danni, I dont think you understand, its not a question hun, its a demand, said Alysha, as that happened Danni hardly got a chance to catch her breath to reply when Carly grabbed Danni by the hair and pulled it back so she was looking up towards the ceiling, then Brimey quickly moved in onto her knees and pulled Danni's panties down, Carly had to put her hand over Danni's mouth as she had begun to scream in panik, and Alysha wanted this done quickly and quietly, Brimley then unzipped Danni's skirt and pulled it down so it revealed her bottom half totaly. By now danni was scared and alone with 3 girls who as far as Danni was concerned was going to rape or do something horrid to her, she was crying uncontrollably, Alysha walked over to Danni and assured her that if she kept quiet, no harm would come to her, Danni nodded and Carly let go of her hair, Alyshe wiped the tears from Danni's pretty face and stroked her hair, Look danni, this is only going to happen once, and then your going to wonder what all the fuss was about, WHATS going to happen once replied Danni, as she said that, danni started to undo Danni's buttons on her shirt, Danni refused her access by pushing alysha's hands away, Carly grabbed hold of Danni's hair again, oowww cried Danny, what you doing, just relax said Alysha, I am not going to hurt you, I just want to welcome you into our little group but to do this you need to relax and be quiet and do not do anything stupid like try and stop it from happening, What happening replied Danni, Alysha signalled to Carly to let go of Danni's hair which she did instantly, now said Alysha, relax, Alyshe ran her hand up Dannis shirt and circled her nipples over her bra with her finger, thats it Alysha replied, Please Alysha, dont do this Danni asked, Please dont do this, Alysha looked at Danni's petrified face and winked, your be fine Alysha said, just relax, she then slowly lowered her hand going towards Danni's belly button, Danni started to shake in fear, your doing fine said Alysha as she progressed to Danni's exposed pussy, Danny crossed her legs as Alysha started to stroke her shaven pussy, Look said Alysha, if you dont do this, I will throw you outside with no clothes on for everyone to see, this seemed really scarey to Danni so much she loosened her grip on her legs and allowed Alysha's hand to wonder between her legs, Danni inhaled deeply as Alysha made contack with Dannis talent and started to stroke gently, See said Alysha, all that fuss over what, Danni pleaded again with Alsha, Please dont do this Alysha, PLEASE, Alysha just leant forward and kissed danni on the lips which were wet from her tears, Alysha pulled away and licked her lips, right said Alysha, this wont take long, open your legs for me Danni, Alysha aske, but Danni was reluctant, Cmon alysha demanded in which caused Danni to spread her legs, Alysha looked down at Danni's exposed pussy but was not satisfied she could get full access to it so she called the other two girls over to assist, grab a leg each girls, I cant quite get to it from here, I need her legs open wider, so Carly and Brimley told Danni to lean back onto their shoulders so they could take the weight from her legs and lift her up while she spread her legs, Danni complied as she had every fear put into her if she did not do as they asked, this made Danni higher and more open to Alyshas intentions, AH said Alysha, perfect as she kneeled infront of Danni's pussy, Danni gasped as Alysha started to explore Danni's pussy and flick her tongue around places Danni had never been touched, it didnt take long for danny to experience a heat so addicting that she started to relax and forgot of the ordeal that got her where she was, Alysha was licking her cunt but she no longer minded, the two girls were getting full view of the show and were also getting hot while Alysha made notes on Danni's clit, Danni threw her head back and asked Alysha to stop one more time in which it was ignored by all, Alysha started to poke a finger in Danni's ass and in doing so caused Danni to shudder in fits of pleasure and come all over Alysha's face, but Alysha didnt stop there, she continued to pound Danni's pussy with rapid tongue movements which caused Danni to tense up crazily and have floods of orgasms whithin seconds, but this did not make Alysha stop, she wanted to convert danni to become her bitch, like she had done the other two, but with a little more less violence, Alysha was sucking on Danni's clit like it was a ice pop, and Danni was loving it but also passing out momentarily because of the pressure Alysha had built up in her body, Danni started to scream but in extasy this time which the other two allowed her to do, Danni all of a sudden went limp, and this was a sign for Alysha to believe she had done enough, The other two girls laid Danni on the tiled floor while Alysha washed her face. Bloody hell said Carly, she lasted a while didnt she, lunch is nearly over, I know replied Alysha, she's mine this one, you girls cant touch her, only me, Carly and Brimley looked in regret but understood why Alysha had Claimed Danni for her own. Danni looked down at Danni on the cold tiled floor and looked at her pussy juice crotch and almost had an orgasm her self by just the way Danni looked, she told the two girls to make her respectable again before she awoke and to leave while she would wait for Danni to come round again, the two girls had done as she aske and left the toilet, after a few moments, Danni woke up and every memory flooded bake, but without the fear or knowledge of being upset about what had just gone on, she looked at Alysha and kissed her, and said, thankyou, I never want anything else but you Alysha, this had convinced Alysha that her magic had worked and that Danni would have sex with her and only her for the rest of her life now and the other girls would only join in if they were all doing Alysha.

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