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Erotic Day part 1
by waggy

You wake up one morning, and with a huge smile on your face, you open the curtains and see what a beautiful day it is. You have the day off and you cant wait to make the most of it. You go to the bathroom and strip in front of the mirror while the shower warms up, you check yourself out smiling, your starting to feel horny, but you know you cant start playing around or you'll spend all day playing with your fingers and toys. You get into the shower and give yourself a good wash down, you cant help yourself and give your nipples a bit more attention than you should, they look so good all soapy and wet. You feel your pussy starting to get excited as you tug your nipples, you take the shower head down and crouch slightly so you can spray it between your legs, feeling the water pulsing against your pussy is so exciting, but again you know you musnt give in to your urge. You think it must be the warm weather thats got you feeling all horny like this, you cant believe your pussy still wants more after spending hours last night, swapping dirty stories with a stranger online, acting out his dirty instructions, your still quite suprised at the things you did, but it was so sexy at the time and it felt so good.
You get out of the shower and go into the bedroom to dress, as you dry your hair you look at the pile of underwear next to the laptop that you wore for him last night, well if wore is the right word, they didnt stay on for very long, just a quick photo, then they were off again, apart from one pair, your favorite, you look at the stains on them, it was so sexy wrapping them round your fingers and rubbing them against your wet pussy. The smile is stretched across your face as you start to get dressed, its gonna have to be a fairly normal set of underwear today, thats all thats left in the drawer. You slip on some nice white knickers and a matching bra, you look in the mirror, proud of the fact that you can still look so good in normal underwear. You slip on a skirt and a strappy top, pack a bag with sun cream your i-pod and some water and leave the house.
You head off into the country, you know the perfect spot, all quiet and secluded, next to the stream, you've always loved the place, so peaceful, youve never seen anyone else there and thats exactly what you want today, to be alone and enjoy the sunshine. You find a spot by the water, its lovely, there are trees all around you, and the sun is streaming in from above, apart from the stream there is no noise what so ever. You settle yourself down on the ground, lay back and enjoy the silence. You get the suncream out and start putting it on your arms and legs, as much as you love the sun, your still rightly proud of your pale skin and want to keep it that way. You take another look around, making sure your alone and lift your top up to just under your bra and get some cream on your flat little tummy. You lay like that for a while, its so lovely, so warm and so relaxing, your mind keeps wondering back to last night, it was so much fun. At first you were unsure about taking photos of yourself and sending them to a stranger, but it felt really naughty, it was only your tits anyway, well at first, even if they did get into the wrong hands there were no shots of your face, besides you wanted him to know how dirty you were feeling, and how good your body looks, you know you have a fantastic body, so why not show it off?
Your rubbing the suncream around your shoulders, its starting to get a bit messy on your top, it seems silly to keep it on, besides the bra youve got on could pass as a bikini top. Theres no-one around anyway, so you take it off. You rub some more suncream on yourself, then you do the top of your tits, you let your fingers slip under your bra and touch your nipple, its rock hard already, you give it a little tug. God your feeling horny, if you were at home right now the baby oil would be out and you would probably watch that video he sent through to you last night of him and his ex, was it really them? It was definately home made, you could tell that much, they certainly looked like they were having fun, you cant believe how much you had pestered him to send it through to you, but when he did you were glad he had, they looked so sexy they were definately not acting, you didnt get to see his face, your not sure if that was a good or bad thing, just his body, well mainly his cock really, it was a nice cock too, very nice. The girl had looked great too. You were suprised at how pretty she was, not to mention how dirty! She certainly liked sucking his cock, your were suprised how much that had turned you on, watching a girl sucking and licking away like that. You start to think if you would like to make a home movie, you think so, you can imagine yourself really turning it on for the camera!
Your hand is still down the front of your bra, and without realising it, your other hand has gone beneath your skirt, rubbing the top of your thighs, you get a wave of sexiness rush over you, you stand up and drop your skirt, your underwear matches and looks like a bikini anyway, you wonder if you had subconciously put this bra and pants on on purpose.
You put some more cream on your thighs and lay back down again. You lazily rub some cream on the bottom of your tummy, just by the band of your knickers. It feels perfectly natural to be laid outside in your underwear, again your mind goes back to last night, you start to wonder if he has anymore videos that you could see. He had mentioned in the past one tape that his ex had made for him of her on her own stripping off and using her toy, sucking it clean at the end. Would that be a good one to watch? If it was only the girl would she still want to see it? She had been very sexy, slim with tiny tits that were obviously very sensitive, she went wild when he bit them, and she was a screamer too, you liked that, the way she grunted and moaned as he fucked her on the couch. You remeber how good it felt mirroring what they were doing on the film with your toy, it must have felt even better with a real cock.
You snap out of your daydream, your hand is in your knickers, God, your touching yourself in broad daylight, it does feel good though, you kind of wish there was someone there watching you. You stand up and walk into the water, trying to calm yourself down, the water is up to your thighs, it feels so cool and almost takes your mind away from sex, almost. You reach down and splash some water onto your face, it feels good. You look around you, double checking your alone then you slip a hand behind you, under your knickers and feel your pussy, its soaking, you wish you had let yourself cum this morning, your finger slips striaght into your pussy your that wet, you rub the wall of your pussy and let out a little moan. You see the water is running quite fast in the middle of the stream, you move towards it, it comes up to the top of your thighs, just missing your pussy. You cup your tits through your bra as you squat down a little, feeling the cool water running past your pussy feels so good, your knickers are soaked through but you dont care, they were already wet before you got in the water so what does it matter? You slip one hand inside your bra, it feels so good, feeling your hard nipple, squeezing it, tugging it, remembering last night when you had them covered in oil. You pull your bra down, not caring that your outside, in just a pair of wet knickers, with one hand on your tits, you turn around so the water is flowing onto your pussy, its cold but it feels so good, you pull your knickers down a bit so that the water is flowing against your naked shaved pussy, you can feel everything and it feels so good. You open your pussy lips letting the water get inside you and run past your clit. God that feels good, you pull your knickers off under the water and throw them back on the bank, they fall into the water and wash away down stream, you dont care, your too busy, you watch your knickers floating away and move closer to the bank where the water is still flowing fast but its shallower, you squat in the water, one hand holding yourself open and the other still tugging at your tits. This is getting too much for you, the water is really turning you on but its too cold. You jump out of the water, collapse on the grass on your front, one hand underneath you with two fingers rubbing around your clit, your other hand is reaching round your back, with two fingers inside yourself. Your so turned on you cum almost straight away.
You lay onthe grass as your breath evens back out again, and think about what you have just done, stripping naked and fucking yourself outside in broad daylight. You cant wait to tell your online friend about what a naughty girl you have been, your gonna tell him all the details, hoping he's wanking that big cock as you tell him. You lick your fingers clean and think about getting dressed, your bra is soaking wet from the stream and your knickers are god knows where by now. You put your bra in your bag and slp yuour top back on and pull your skirt on too. You look in the stream for your knickers but they are no where to be seen. Your secretly quite glad, you like the idea of having to spend the rest of the day walking round ina short skirt and strappy top with nothing underneath. You sit back on the grass and put a bit more suncream on, enjoying the feeling of it against your skin. You relax on the grass for a while, lost in the lovely day.
After about thirty minutes you can hear some noise. Its coming from over the hill, all laughing and giggling, it sounds like a bunch of girls messing around. Your pissed off, thinking that this was your secret place, you relax back on the grass thanking God that they had arrived now, and not half an hour ago. You smile at the memory of what you were doing earlier.
Ten minutes, later the giggling is still there, you decide to go and investigate. You walk for a few minutes and come tot he top of a hill, there is a small lake, you didnt even know it was there, with three girls messing around, they look to be in their early twenties, 2 of them are topless splashing about in the water, play fighting, the other girl is laid on the bank watching them, also topless. You watch them for a while, they are far too busy having fun to notice you, the one on the bank catches your eye, her skinny frame and short blond hair look familiar. You cant quite place her but she looks familiar. She's smoking and she gets up, and walks over to the lake, the other girls swim towards her and she hands over what ever it was she was smoking, you guess its not just a cigarette, as she turns round to go back to her spot you see her tits, they are tiny, really cute. You see her face, as you do she sees you. She looks right at you and covers her tits with her hands, you wander what the hell to do, then she smiles and waves you down. You think about turning round and going home, but then you think why? Its your day, this is supposed to be your secret place and there is something bugging you about this girl. You decide to join them. The girl says hi, still topless and you cant help staring at her, "I'm Kate" she says, you introduce yourself just as the penny finally drops, this is the girl you saw the video of last night, the ex of the guy youve been chatting to on-line

More to follow!

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