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Entertaining Martin's parents!
by Dave the cuckold

Well, as one of my wife's lovers Martin's parents (Jason & Sally) had entertained Anne & I to their place, it was only fair that we repay the favour. After our visit to their place, Martin told us that he'd told ALL to his parents, who were as liberal as he was---told them that essentially I was an Indian cuckold, & my wife Anne a lovely brunette cuckoldress, & that both of us really really loved blond guys, & that my wife had confessed that despite his age, she quite fancied his dad Jason! Martin was AS blond as his dad, & his mum Sally was also blond, but slightly darker. They were in their 40's but very very youthful looking, in fact looking more like Martin's elder siblings rather than his parents. It helped that they had Martin when they were very young.
Also, there were certain 'rules of engagement' employed by that liberal family. NO 'VICE'! (NO Violence, NO Incest, NO Children, & NO Extreme sex), which all spelt no 'VICE'!
Yes, they came over for a day, to have lunch. Of course their son Martin would be there, as would my wife's other lover, the equally blond Stuart, whom Martin's parents had not met, but had obviously heard of him via their son!
When they arrived it was obvious what was to happen. Whereas I respectfully shook their hands, it was such a thrill to see Jason take my wife in his arms, &, in front of us all they proceeded to deeply french kiss by way of a greeting. Likewise, Stuart & Martin's mum Sally exchanged more than just a peck on the cheek by way of greeting---they too went mouth to mouth, nice & deep, & all at the front door! Martin & I just watched in awe!
A bottle of chilled champagne was in order. We only had 4 champagne flutes, but no problem. Sally sat atop Stuart's lap, & my wife Anne atop Jason's lap. Anne proposed a toast, 'Here's to blond men everywere!'. Said I, 'Hear, hear!' Anne's lipstick smudged on the glass, which was licked up by Jason; he LOVED the taste of her lipstick, & said so. Between mouthfulls of champagne, my wife & Jason would french kiss, as would Sally & her young beau Stuart. Infact, the 'shared' glass had an advantage. We watched in delight as Sally took a mouthful of champagne, & then placing her hot mouth on Stuart's, slowly passed the bubbly from her mouth into his! Mmmm! My wife too followed suit, giving Jason a mouthful. And all the while, I was sat next to Martin, gently touching him between his legs! He was hard watching his parents' licentious behaviour!
Anyway, at this rate, the bottle soon went. Thereupon, said Anne, 'Come on Jason, you & I will do it on our marital bed, & Stuart & Sally use the guest bedroom' Arm in arm the 2 couples retired upstairs, leaving Martin & I downstairs.
It were awesome as the 2 couples were in the bedrooms, having it off. The moans of pleasure made by the 2 unfaithful wives, one being mine, the creaking floor boards, the bed groaning, totally totally shameless were the lovers & their licentious behaviour. Martin was, not unnaturally, hard, & he took out his cock. Both Martin & I were fully clothed, dutifully I knelt before this blond god, & slowly applied mouth to erection! Said he, 'My dad is fucking your wife', & I replied, 'And Stuart is fucking your mother!', & as if in response, I sucked slightly harder on his blondness!
Well half hour or so later, the 2 couples reappeared, in the towelling (1 size fits all) dressing gowns, the 2 ladies with that flushed & radiant look which said, 'we've been well fucked!'. They were just in time to watch my head going berserk on Martin's lovely cock, as I brought him off. They all watched Martin blowing his top in my mouth, & me swallowing all his 'love'!
Well, lunch time it was, & we had a hearty meal, & again Martin's parents reiterated the 'No VICE' policy of their family! Lunch over, the conversation turned to matters sexual. Jason asked my wife if she'd ever done lesbian. My wife blushed, looking at lovely Sally, 'No', she cooed, 'But I'd like to try!'. Sally took the cue, walked over to my wife, & slowly & deliberately locked her mouth onto Anne's in a lovely act of a lesbian french kiss. We watched in silence as their kiss went on & on, nice & open mouthed. Still in dressing gowns, I noticed Jason lower his head onto Stuart's lap, & did a second or 2 of cock-gobble. A minute or so later, Stuart repaid the compliment & took Jason's cock in his mouth for a couple of sucks, & all the while the 2 women continued their lesbian snog. But now my wife had slid her hand between Sally's now opened up dressing gown, & was gently frigging the blonde vagina as they french snogged away!. 'I think this requires serious work' remarked Jason, as they all retired to the lounge. Martin & I removed the coffee table, creating more space. The dressing gowns were off, as Stuart & Jason exhibited magnificent erections. Sally & my wife lay beside each other on the thick shagpile carpet, in a 69 position. We watched in awe as mutual pussy licking started, the blonde licking the brunette vagina, & the brunette licking the blonde one. Stuart & Jason likewise were gay-attracted, & took up a similiar 69 next to the lesbians, slowly sucking each other's cocks. This family was trully awesome, as the parents were gay-sexing in front of their son! Martin & I were fully dressed, but he summoned me over. He withdrew his erection for the 2nd time that day. I thought he wanted me to suck him off again, & I was more than happy to oblige, But taking a tube out of his pocket, he turned a chair around, & asked me to show him my bum! I sort of knelt on the chair, backing him. I sensed he was greasing his cock with lub from the tube. He also greased my arse-crack, pushing his finger in. I was apprehensive, about to take a blond erection up my crack, but inherently I was a submissive cuckold, & Martin dominating. Slowly, watching his parents having gay sex on the carpet, Martin pushed his cock up my arse. Painful at first, I soon got used to it, & slowly pleasure overcame pain, as I was being so so beautifully fucked by this heaving blond stud! This was now a 100% gay room---1 lesbian couple doing oral, 2 blond guys doing a 69, & another blond guy fucking me, the Indian cuckold!
It was frantic, as the girls came, & KEPT coming on lesbian tongues, & I sensed that the 2 guys too were about to give. Stuart roared, & gave Jason a mouthful, & only a few moments later Jason repaid the compliment by flooding Stuart's mouth with his 'love'. It was such such sweet bonding, as Stuart then locked his mouth onto Sally's & transferred Jason's semen from his mouth into the mouth of Jason's wife. Jason too did the gentlemanly thing, & slowly & lovingly locked his mouth onto my wife's, & slowly transferred Stuart's cum for my wife to taste & swallow.
The 4 of them, fully satisfied, turned to watch Martin & I, watched as his magnificent hips thrust & moved really hard, in a crescendo, about to 'give'. He roared out his orgasm, DEEP into my anal cavity. I loved it, despite the pain, despite the humiliation. When he withdrew, my wife passed a few tissues to me, & I did what I do best---I went solo, my right hand moving up & down on my dark erection! I was conscious of 5 pairs of eyes watching & observing me. I was centre of attention, something someone heavily into amateur dramatics is used to. I masturbated in front of them all, LOVING it!
That experience was the first of many, involving gay, lesbian, & hetero sex, & needless to say, should this be published, will update readers.
LOVE these pages, & glad to see that a couple of my letters have made the 'best' reads in the bi-sexual category. Very flattered! Thank you!

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Dave the cuckold

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