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Educate me, lady
by str8man

I was a late bloomer. Did not start real dating until I was 19, except for a disasterous date when I was 16.
I was 5-7, and 130#, with thick (coke bottle)glasses. At 19 I was still a virgin.
This is how I lost it.
This is a true story.

At a party with a new guy at work, there were guys and girls between 18 (legal drinking age back then) and 50. So, I circulated around and talked to others in sort of "mini groups".
One woman looked to be in her mid 30s, short (5-3)with relatively short hair, in a suzy-homemaker type of cute. Wasn't hot, buy wasn't ugly,either She was talking to another womam about her age and said " Sure I want to get re-married, but a good lay will do for now". The other woman snickered.
Later, after a couple of drinks and getting bolder, I approached her when she was alone, and said "I overheard your conversation with her (and pointed the other woman out) a while ago, and will I do?. I am a virgin and would like some lady to teach me how to really please a woman. None of this 5 minutes, zip up and go home" She said "Never heard THAT line before" and smiled. I said "not a line, I really want to learn. This way we can benefit each other with no strings attached"
She gave me her phone number, and next Saturday evening, I went to her house, near the hospital. Turned out she is a nurse there, in the OB/GYN areas and sometimes had to teach people sex when they wanted to get pregnant, but came from ultra religious families, where sex was not discussed at all. Its taboo at home, but OK when a medical professional talks about it.....right?
Started out with the foreplay stuff like fingering each other, while kissing. Then sucking tittie. Then she got me in position and guided me in. She made me pace myself so I lasted 1/2 hour before cumming. She came 3 times. She did discuss condoms, howeever, she was not able to conceive, due to an auto accident just after her marrage. ( Thats why her ex divorced her, HE wanted kids.) I learned bareback!
Other visits introduced me to oral sex. Back in the late 60s, it was not considered "cool" for a guy to do cunnilingus. It was cool to get a blowjob. However, I let her teach me, and did well at this, with practice, of course. ANd then we tried other "positions" as illustrated in a "marrage manual" I found at a newstands "adult" section.
We did the dating thing for a while, like dinner, drive-ins, beaches, etc., but kept our relationship very quiet. We always went to the other side of town. We also had a plan,as we "behaved" in public, so I could be introduced as her "cousin".

One day, She said that "You should go out and find some nice girl, you "graduated"" While smiling. I asked if I did something to offend her, and she said "no. The difference in our age and what would happen to my job if it got around, and I would guess you did not tell your parents you were dating a woman about twice your age" (Shes right about that. My very traditional mother would have had a heart attack. (Something about a later 30s woman "dating" a 18 yr old, well, if the hospital found out she would loose her job.)
"Besides, theres this guy who works at the hospital, whos my age and has asked me out, and...."
I said "I get the picture, but will never forget the course in woman pleasing 101, or you. I sincerely hope you find someone who will treat you right"
She said "Even if I have to teach him............"
I ran across he about a year later and she was happily married.

This is my first story, so please be gentle with comments.
I did find someone almost right after that, but she was "saving IT for her future husband, after marrage" We did the "necking and petting" routine, but she stopped when it got a little too frisky. We went together for about 3 month. She was 21, I at 19. Her mother broke us up, as I was "too young". If she only knew what my eductional background for marital tasks were.........

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