Group Sex stories

Dubai Business Women
by Nischa

Hai.. I am Nischa, 28, Married and have two kids. Ours was a love marriage and we have been married for past 8 years. Binu, my husband is 35, a nice guy well built, very modern and excellent in sex. We all stay in Dubai.

Our sex life was superb until last two years. We always had sex when possible. Binu always fantasizes with sexual activities. We discussed about group sex, sex with different people, naked party etc. I was not agreeing for that, because I come from a conservative family and I am a Nurse. I was always value about morality, ethics etc. so he stopped asking me and discussing me his fantasies.
I have a figure of 36 breast size, 30 navel and 33 hip. I am always maintaining a weight between 55 and 60 kilos. My husband is fond of my long sexy legs and large fleshy white thighs. He says my ass is perfectly shaped. My stomach is flat and I has a large naval. My boobs are full and firm with large pink nipples. I have an admirable body, which Binu always like to be exposed. He insists me on wearing revealing dresses and I satisfy his requirements when we are travelling to the places where nobody knows us. He loves me wearing micro midis, shorts, sleeveless and low cut blouses, transparent clothes, bikinis etc. sometimes he asks me to wear dresses without under garments. He has a hobby of taking my pictures both in revealing clothes and stripping naked. He has a collection of my photos even before our marriage and all of them are stored in his Laptop.

Binu's job is marketing and involves a lot of travel to Europe. Since last two years, he lost interest in sex with me. Later I came to know that, he was taking his cousin sister along his travel and they were having an affair. She is five years younger to me and not married. She and her parents are in the UK and she used to go with Binu on his travel to Europe. This was a shock to me. Both parents interfered and we continued our marriage from the verge of a divorce.

Then he started drinking a lot. He drinks to an extent that he gets unconscious. Occasionally I give him a company like beer or wine or little hot drinks. Normally he goes with his friends. Jayan is one of his friend and colleague. He is about 32 years old and is the assistant to Binu. Jayan always travel with Binu during his trips. Jayan is a 'muscle man', good looking and always full shaven head, beard & mustache. Jayan is known as a playboy in the office and society. He is married, but lives separately from his wife for some reasons. He is a regular visitor to our house. Binu always tells me about Jayan's different affairs in the office and outside. He even teases Jayan when at our house and they openly talks about it in front of me and I too make fun of him. The local UAE girls love him. He gives them company for fun. Jayan is very decent and polite with me. Even if he is older than me, he gives me a lot of respect so with Binu also. In addition to his job, Jayan has several businesses as well in Dubai. He constantly calls Binu to be a partner, but Binu always ignore it. To cut the story short, let me come to the incidents directly.

One night on a week end, about a year ago, Binu said he will be late because he has a party. So the kids slept after dinner and I was chatting in the computer. At about 12 midnight the bell rang and when I opened the door, I saw Jayan holding Binu on his shoulder and Binu was leaning on Jayan. Seeing this I got scared. Jayan said not to worry and Binu is little drunk. He asks me to help him in carrying Binu inside and to give a shower. We took Binu inside our bed room and laid him on our bed. Jayan told me that he can help me with giving shower to Binu. I thought its better.

We carried Binu to the bathroom and put him in the tub. I removed his shirt and pants. I noticed a hard on in his underpants. I wrapped him with the towel. Then Jayan pulled down his underwear. He also saw Binu's erect penis. He laughed at me and said 'Nischa, even thinking of you in this unconscious stage, my boss is stiff'. Telling this he removed the towel and made Binu full naked. Suddenly, I realized that I was wearing a transparent negligee which just covers my butt just until my thigh. I was wearing nothing underneath and half of my thigh and the legs were exposed. Swiftly I grabbed the towel and wrapped it over the nighty and tied it above my breast so that my body is not visible to Jayan. He said I look lovely in the nighty. I got embarrassed on the comment Jayan made, because he never talked to me in such a way before. Binu was fully unconscious and lying there in the tub with stiff penis. Jayan hold Binu's prick and looked at me and said it's very strong and big. He asked me 'Nischa, are you going to make it small now or later?' his question put me in a difficult situation. If I am not doing something now, he will think other way round. So I said 'make small now'. Jayan then told me to hold that and handle it. I was really blushing. I held Binu's tool and started moving my hand up and down. Jayan asked whether he should go out of the bathroom, so that I can do anything on Binu. I said 'no' to it and continued shagging Binu. Jayan was standing on the side of the bathroom watching and giving running commentary and naughty comments. He was telling me to suck, sit on his dick etc etc, which I ignored. Binu was absolutely out and didn't know what was happening. After 5 minutes of my continuous hard job, Binu spilled the white drops and the tool became limp. By this time Jayan removed his shirt and was only wearing his pants. I observed that he has a wide and hairy chest. He has sexy arm, chest and abs and no wonder why the women like him.

Then we both together gave Binu a shower. At the end of the shower, Jayan pulled the towel which I was wrapping and wiped the water from Binu's body and wiped the water spilled on Jayan's chest and body. We both carried Binu to our bed room, put on the bed and I covered him with a bed sheet. I took another towel and wrapped myself. Jayan put back his shirt and went to the visiting room and asked me to give him some water. While drinking water Jayan told me as a joke 'Nischa, give Binu a good time today. He is ready for a bash and even you just have to remove the one piece you wearing'. I understood that he noticed me without undergarments. While looking in his black berry phone he again said I look very gorgeous in the pink negligee and he is in same Binu's position with a hard-on seeing me like that. Jayan added by saying that I look lovely in revealing dress than seeing me fully naked. Jayan said he needs to take a picture of mine. I felt very upset and said how dare he asked me to take my picture and asked him what he meant by seeing me fully nude. He told me he had seen me naked a million times in pictures and showed his blackberry phone towards me. I was shaken to see the gallery of my naked pictures. All pictures were taken by Binu, but I wonder how it reached in Jayan's Phone. He told me he had this past two years. He got it from Binu's laptop, while working on a presentation in Binu's laptop during one of the overseas trip. Jayan said it's his secret and Binu doesn't know. While I was standing there shocked, he removed the towel and took one picture of mine in negligee and I didn't know what to do. I was really scared. I knew that Jayan could ruin my life forever. I started crying and begging Jayan not to harm me. Jayan said, 'Nischa, this been with me for all past years and did I ever made any attempt with you? You and Binu know all my girl friends. I do respect you. I will not spoil yours and Binu's life. This is just for my secret enjoyment. Actually you are so pretty with and without clothes that I always keep imagining you in all romantic situations.\' You are a head turner, honey. You have a great body and face.' This made me relaxed. Then we sit in the living room for a while and started chatting. I was again covered myself with the towel. I knew that Jayan was sending naughty looks on my body, bare legs and thighs. I knew he has a hard-on and I didn't care.

He told me here in Dubai, beautiful women can do miracles in business. Women can get any deals, go through any offices, and get all information's, exceptions etc and it just cause a smile or a sexy look. Jayan said he told many times to Binu to be partner in his Real Estate business, but he was not interested. Jayan asked me whether I am interested in joining him and we will surprise Binu with handful of money. He is looking for a beautiful lady companion for his business, who will be his partner and she have to just do the public relations work and follow-up with the clients. The business and lead will be brought by Jayan. It sounded good for me. Being a nurse, my monthly salary was just US$ 1500/- and my work schedule was including morning, afternoon and night shifts and I had plenty of off days in a week. I had 1 or 2 days night duty and 1 morning and 1 afternoon duty in a week and the rest three days was free. Even for night duty, I am off on the day time and hence I can work as part time for business. The amount for a deal mentioned by Jayan was between US$ 3000-5000/-, which I can't even imagine from my full time job. So we decided to cooperate and wanted to keep discreet for a while from Binu. We shook hands, he gave me a hug and he went to his house saying that he will call me later and say when to start. Before entering the lift, he said he have to work hard that night to get a sleep and winked at me.

Binu was lying unconscious. I was really disgusted on thinking of the incident while on bed. Becoming exposed to a person whom we know very close and he having my naked pictures with him. I felt really inferior about myself. This was all because of my husband. I wondered how Jayan copied the picture from Binu's laptop. May be he made him drunk the same way like today. I knew that, I cannot be a genuine Indian women and true to my husband from the heart anymore. He has uncovered his wife to a third party, which is against the Indian moral and values. Knowing Jayan from Binu, he has connections with several women. He has power that he makes men or women addicted to him without inducing them. I was sure that he will show my pictures at least to his girl friends. I was bit worried and then I left it to the fate. Any way I am married and the pictures are gone out from my own husband. Thinking that I slept off. Next day morning Binu wake up with a heavy headache. He didn't know anything about the previous night. I didn't explain as well. He apologized and gave the usual promises that he won't be like that anymore. I didn't bother, because I know he can't change.

After couple of days, Jayan called me and asked me to join him for a meeting in the Dubai Land Department for registration of a property which he already sold. Jayan told me that he is skipping the work for a while and will come and pick me up near my hospital. I didn't have work that day. So I called up Binu and said I have to attend a presentation in the hospital for two hours and I am going. Actually Binu never cared about my outings etc. He didn't know my job schedules like when I have morning duty, evening duty or night duty etc. He goes to work at 7 in the morning and comeback at 8 or 9 depending on meetings etc. The only demand is that I should be at home when he comes back from work unless I have work. If I have night duty, we don't see each other for a whole day because I go at 6 pm and he comes after 8pm and he leaves next day morning 7 whereas I come from work at morning 8. Normally I go with friends for shopping, with kids for some games etc, which he never questioned or objected. So outing is not a problem for me.

I reached the premises of my hospital in a taxi around 12 P.M. Jayan was waiting in his Hummer at the parking. His Hummer is black color with full cooling glass. So nobody can see who is inside. I entered his car opening the front door. I was wearing blue stretch jeans pant, white t-shirt and a peep-toe black shoe. Jayan greeted me with a hug and kissed on my cheeks. I too responded with the same. He was wearing s black suit. While driving the car, he said I look too casual in my dress. I replied him by saying that he didn't mention about any dress code. I asked him whether that is a problem. He said its okay for today but in a joking way he asked me to wear some revealing dresses so that people can enjoy my beautiful body. We went to the land department. There he introduced me to an Arabic guy who was the section head and said that hereafter I will be coming instead of Jayan on behalf of the company. The Arabic guy was very happy, he extended all supports to me and he even gave me his private mobile number. Jayan was quiet impressed on my performance and dealing with the official on the first day of my job. He nodded me and said in Malayalam 'see how the idiot is been excited by seeing a beautiful women'. After the work at land department, he told me that he shall show me office of our business, which is in Jayan's apartment. He lives in a beautiful two bedroom villa in Jumeirah. One room is office and the other one is his bed room. There is a huge living room and portico. The villa has huge compound wall and gate, so that nobody from outside can see. The office is very classy looking. He ordered lunch to be delivered to the house. We went to a big shopping mall and he bought me a couple of dresses like low neck tops, miniskirts and mini dresses. Jayan asked me to wear theses kind of dresses for any meetings. I was thinking how happy Binu will be to see me in these dresses. But I have to lie him by saying that I bought these dresses for his taste. Jayan dropped me back at the hospital parking around 3 P.M.

There after I started going to the different departments for the company purpose during my off days. Sometime Jayan take me with him to meet some buyers. Some time he asks me to call some people through phone for soliciting business or to send some details to the clients via email or accompany the clients to show some properties or collect cheques from the clients etc. I found it interesting. I was just spending two or three days a week on part time basis and without any burden on me and without Binu or anybody knowing. After five weeks, Jayan handed me US$ 3000. He told me that after I joined with him, the company sold property worth of US$500,000/- and got a commission fees of US$15,000/- and my share is 20% of the fees and this will be the proportion of our tie-up. I was very happy and this was equal to my two months' salary. I decided not to tell Binu now.

One day Jayan called me and informed that two Iranian buyers are in town and they are leaving in two days time. The deal is about US$ 2 million and I need to take care of them and close the deal. I went with Jayan to meet them in the Atlantis hotel around 10 A.M. They were two men, one of the age around late thirties who was Ali and the other around fifty who was Kamran. Both of them were good, handsome and gentle looking. Their appearance looked very rich. They were wearing expensive watches, branded dresses, accessories etc. We all sat in the hotel lobby. Jayan introduced me as his partner. They shake my hand. I was wearing a short skirt and a low cut top. Jayan started explaining about the different properties and they seemed to be very interesting. From the discussion I understood that they were in touch with Jayan before and even had seen the property. During the meeting, I saw them peeking through my deep cleavage, bare legs and thighs. They agreed to handover the cheque either by that evening or the next day morning before they leave. Then the topic changed about Dubai and cost of living and shopping etc. They asked Jayan whether he can take them to shopping in the evening and some night clubs and Jayan agreed to it. Later while going back, in the car, Jayan asked me whether I can accompany him for the shopping and thereafter. I was surprised. I asked him how I would get out of the house as Binu will be at home. Jayan thought for a while and asked me to tell Binu that I have night duty. I asked him what I will do after the shopping. Jayan said, 'after shopping, we will have dinner, and then we take them to some of the night clubs, then we go back to my room, if you don't mind and morning you can go home as usual'. I thought for a while. By now I was very comfortable with Jayan as he never attempted to flirt with me. I took my mobile in the car itself and called Binu. It was about 12 P.M. I asked him what time he can come home and can he come early etc. He said he has a meeting until 7 P.M and in any way he cannot come home before 8 P.M. He asked me whether any particular reason. I said no, but 'I have night Duty so we see tomorrow.' He told me he didn't know I had Night Duty and bid me a good night and see me the other day. I disconnected the phone and Binu didn't have any doubt on me. Jayan dropped me back near my apartment and we decided to meet around 5.30 PM. He told me to wear a club wear, preferably a mini dress. I said I have to wear my uniform as my housemaid and the kids will doubt and shall bring the dress along with me.

Jayan picked me from the usual place and we went to his house to change my dress. I was bit scared that if somebody see me with the guys. But Dubai is big and we didn't have any relatives or many friends. I wore a 'Black Strapless Tube Zig Zag Fitted Mini Dress' and a peep-toe black shoe. I wore red strapless bra & red panty. Seeing me, Jayan told I look stunning. He told me to wear an abaya on the top if needed, I said no. Then Jayan told me that there is a slight change in the plan. He has to attend a small party with Binu and his other colleagues. Then he winked at me and said, he has a Lady Guest after the party from his office. She will be staying with him until 11 P.M. at his house and he will join us after that. Jayan told me that he had already informed that to Ali and Kamran, the clients, and they are okay with it. Jayan told me to take them to one or two shopping malls, then to the night club. He suggested some names and locations. I told him that I am bit nervous, for that Jayan said not to worry and he will take care of Binu and they will be in the Festival City, which is a faraway place.

Jayan took me to the hotel where the clients were living, picked them up and went to the Wafi City in Dubai. This is a place where no much Indians come. He dropped us and told that he will join in any of the night clubs when he is free. Before leaving, as a joke he told Ali and Kamran to take care of his business partner and we all laughed. We moved to the shopping mall. I was walking in the middle and Ali and Kamran on my either sides. I asked them the shopping list and they said nothing much, some dresses from the wife's, perfumes and Kamran wanted to buy a Diamond necklace. I took them through different shops, we talked a lot and they asked more about me, my husband, family, kids and my relation with Jayan etc. After a while we all three became very open, sociable and my tension was relieved. I knew both of them were enjoying my company at the same time take pleasure in watching my body parts. After some time it seemed that Ali and Kamran was always touching me when got a chance. I didn\'t mind and felt that it was the way of bonding with a friend. They would hold my hand, touch my back and put hands on my shoulder. It wasn\'t sexual and it really didn\'t bother me. I didn\'t feel threatened by them. Kamran, the old guy, was much mischievous and bold. All the things were selected by me. They even wanted me to put on some dresses for selection purposes. Finally, for selecting the jewelry, I had given all the privilege to fully choose on my fondness. They spend a lot of money. The Jewelry itself cost around US$ 6,000/-. Lastly, they wanted me to accept a gift for helping them and I politely denied.

It was around 7.30 P.M, we went in a cab to the hotel where they stayed, kept all things we shopped and we went to Fairmont hotel for dinner. By 8.30, the dinner finished and then I called Jayan. He told me that he is still not done with the party. Hence we decided to enter the Disco in Fairmont Hotel itself.

The disco was crowded, mostly with women. I felt it as prostitution joint. Many ladies from Morocco, Lebanon and Russia were there. I was the only Indian and hence people were looking at me. I was a star. It turned out to be a few hours as both the men entertained and danced with me. I wasn\'t much happy but they convinced me to continue dance with them. Ali and Kamran were drinking lots of Whiskeys. I just had a soft drink. After them compelling me too much, I agreed to have one Tequila. After a drink of Tequila I chuck out my shyness and was in full trip of dancing, flashing my legs and boobs. As the night progressed, they danced closer together to me and I felt them continually putting their hands on my shoulder, hip, and bump. Then Ali told me to excuse, as he is going to choose a women. After a couple of minutes Kamran got so close to me while dancing that he attempted rubbing his dick to my ass. It was too much for me and I could not control. Taking advantage of the situation, he also moved his hands freely all over my body touching my boobs and ass. As I was a little high, I got aroused with this. I saw Ali dancing with a beautiful and gorgeous woman. They came near to us; Ali introduced her to me as Jihane. Kamran ordered for another round of drink and we decided to leave the disco. Ali brought Jihan with him. At the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel, I picked my phone and called Jayan. His phone was switched off and I tried several times. It was already 10.30 P.M and I didn't know what to do. Kamran told me to accompany them to their hotel room and wait until Jayan come. I had no other options. When we reached their hotel, I told Kamran, that I will wait at the lobby for Jayan. He disagree with me by saying that the hotel people may not allow, because they might misunderstand and think that I am a sex worker. So we all four went to the room. It was a big room with two queen size bed and one big couch on the side.
Once we entered the room, Ali went and brought some drinks and snacks. We started to have some drinks. While I had Beer, Ali, Kamran & Jihan had whisky. I already had two tequila and the beer was in excess of my capacity. I was very high which allowed me to loosen up. As soon as one drink was over Ali turned to Jihan and started undressing her sexy fit out in front of me. I went and sat on the couch. She asked for the money and they paid including her tips.

By then, already Ali and Kamran had removed their dress. Even older, Kamran's cock which was a good 10 inch popped out like a snake. It was circumcised in the edge having a nice pink end. Ali's been a little small and like Binu's. But was much thicker and circumcised. Kamran came near to me with his erect cock and asked me to join the fun. I was very much embarrassed being in that situation. I didn't know what to do. This was live group sex happening in my eyes. I and Binu have watched blue movies. But I never liked it.

Both of them wore two condoms each. Ali could not control himself and he jumped at Jihan. I could see that his hands were groping her buttocks. He kept one hand over her naked breast and moved other hand on her shaved cunt. His erect cock was pressing against her ass. He started gently rolling her nipples by his fingers. This time she let out a gasp. Immediately Kamran pulled her down on to the bed. She tried to wriggle out from them; each of them started sucking each boob. Ali licked her nipples and gently bit it. Kamran licked her breast and went down and started licking her thighs. He forcefully spread her legs and planted his cock into her cunt looking at me. Ali went up and positioned his dick just above her mouth and inserted his cock into her mouth. She chocked with a 7 inch cock in her mouth. Ali started moving his cock slowly at first and then rhythmically in a fucking motion and he was mouth fucking her. Both guys were looking at me and showing gestures and inviting me to join them.

I again tried reaching Jayan, but his phone was still switched off. I didn't want to see what was happening in the room. I closed my eyes and leaned my head towards the back rest of the sofa. I was too intoxicated. The room was filled with the smell of sex and sound of moaning.
I opened my eyes upon somebody shaking my shoulder. I saw Kamran standing in front of me. His big cock was near my face. He asked me whether I was feeling bored. I said no. Kamran said, he will give me a company after a quick wash. I said Okay. He went to the wash room. I noticed his cock was relaxed and there were some fluid in the condom. When I look at the bed, I saw Jihan in doggie style and Ali was entering her from back.

After few minutes, Kamran came back from the wash room. He looked like he had a shower. But he was still naked. He asked me whether I had been in the similar situation before and whether I had sex with anybody. I said no and I just had sex with my husband only. Kamran said he envy my husband for not sharing such a beautiful piece like me to anybody. While talking, he took the bag which have necklace in it, which he bought for his wife. He sat near me on the couch and handed over the necklace to me and said its mine. He helped me wearing it. I was startled I looked at him unbelievably. Kamran went on frenzy. He said that he bought this for me.

Kamran was early 50\'s maybe, much older than me but I have always favored older men. He was good looking, well built, and obviously looked after himself. I was so nervous all of a sudden but his soothing voice and relaxed manner put me at ease.

He told me that I was very beautiful and my husband was very lucky to have me. I said 'Thanks for the compliments'. He took my hands and kissed it. I was very shocked at his behavior. I pulled away my hand from him. He then told me that he had admired my beauty and had a special love for me. I told him not to say such things. He asked me 'Will you let me have some fun with you'. I never expected him to ask such a question. He licked his lips as if to demonstrate his intentions. I never expected him to come out so openly with such an indecent proposal. I looked at him blankly. Without waiting for my approval he came closer and embraced me. I had never expected something like that. He was so strong for me. He kissed on my lips. He pressed me against the couch and gave a kiss. I fought him at first, but after a bit I couldn't push him aside, thinking on the business, the gift and started kissing him back.

Although nothing sexual had happened, I couldn\'t help wondering if it would. I couldn\'t start being unfaithful to my husband, but the love and affection of Kamran towards me and the expensive gift given to me has flattered me. The thought of having sex with Kamran was now on in my mind. Since I am not going to see him any more next day, I was of double mind that whether I would let him have sex with me just once and that\'d be it or get out of the room. I convinced myself that, if I have sex, my intention was not to cheat on my husband but well just to figure out what another cock felt like, in my hand, mouth and pussy. What was the harm in having sex just once by someone other than hubby! Moreover Binu's fantasy was to see me having sex with another man. Again I thought, if I allow him to have sex with me, how I will deal with Ali. I can't imagine having sex with two.

I stared at Kamran for a full minute, and he stared back at me. Finally I made up my mind to relax with Kamran just this one time. As if reading my mind, Kamran moved close to me on the couch and put his hands on my shoulders and as I looked up into his eyes, he pulled me close to him and put his lips on mine. His lips were soft and warm. He felt so powerful as he held me and my resistance melt almost immediately. The kiss actually felt really good and just the thought of doing it, made it feel quite exciting. The kiss was not just a peck on the lips, but one that began to linger. I opened my lips and his tongue began to brush lightly against them. The soft sensuous feeling of his tongue sent shivers up my back. While kissing, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock, which was stiff and was probably the biggest cock I had ever felt in my life until then. I had not felt any other than Binu's until that day but it appeared to be much bigger than Binu's. I gave it a squeeze; a formal sort; after all what is a lady expected to do when her hand is on a cock. Without wasting a minute, he put his hands on my waist and started to move them all over the body. He intentionally rubbed them against my boobs a couple of times to which I didn't resist. Slowly his hand went down under the edge of my mini dress, and it was then that I went a little dizzy and started to really want this. I slowly opened my legs and let him wander further up, I thought he wouldn\'t dare go too high as Ali was in the room. He didn\'t seem to care and soon he was gently caressing me through my Panty. He lifted up the short dress to reveal my red G string thong panty. After a while he was fondling with my boobs over my dress and strapless bra and also moving his hands in and around my panty. I let out a little moan and he reached forwards to kiss me. He was gentle and tasted good. Now I felt vulnerable, horny, nervous and excited. I closed my eyes and was enjoying.

After a while, when I got back to senses, I realized that there are four hands running over my body. When I opened my eyes, to my surprise, I saw Ali sitting on the floor in front of me naked and kissing and licking my thighs to the toe. His both hands were playing on my body. I tried to get up, but Kamran held me down. His hands were quite strong on me and I\'m not sure if I could have stopped him if I had wanted to. Kamran signaled Ali to continue. I tried to close my legs. But they each pulled my knees apart until I was wide open with my dress pushed to my waist. Again Kamran grabbed me and kissed me hard pushing me back against the sofa. Ali reached up between my legs and pulled my panties to the side. Then he pushed his fingers into my pussy stroking his fingers in and out. They ignored my pleading and resistance. For a few minutes I just sat there, feeling their hands and mouths move over my body. Ali was about 6 feet tall, average build, dark hair, kind of long and had a mustache. When I looked in his eyes, I could see that same look of desire that I saw in Kamran's eyes! I really didn't want to have Ali touch me for the reason that I didn't want a group encounter. But I was helpless.

They were here for me! This was my show and I had the power to control both of these men! I felt cheap, nasty, shameful but so horny. I can\'t believe this is really happening! I asked Ali what he wanted. He said he wanted me to make love to him and Kamran, together. I looked at Kamran and he winked at me as a go ahead. I wasn\'t resisting any, in fact I was willing. And I found myself enjoying it. Jihan was already dressed to go. She bid us good night and left.

As soon as Jihan left, both of them carried me to the bed. Ali sensed my shyness and asked Kamran if they should dim the lights. Kamran said he thought so. They put off the lights and just kept one dim light, which immediately allowed me to get into the mood. I was lying on my back in the middle of the bed with Kamran and Ali on each side of me. I remember grabbing onto Ali's cock, something I never thought I\'d be doing. I couldn\'t believe this was actually happening.

I wanted to talk to Binu as a feeling of guilt was passing through my nerves. I grabbed the phone from the side table and dialed Binu. It was already 12 A.M. he picked up the phone and from his sound I understood that he was sleeping. I asked him about the day. He said it was fine, they had a party and Jayan dropped him home by 11. He asked me how the 'ward' is. I said it's a tough night and looked at Kamran and Ali, who were already attacking my body, and said I have two patients and I don't think that it will be an easy night. I said I have departmental meeting after the duty in the morning and will reach home by noon only. I bid good night and kept my phone back.
By the time they both started completely undressing me. Ali pulled down my mini dress. He took off my Red bra and I was on my panty. Then they each sucked on my nipples and boobs. One of them went down on me while the other kissed me. Eventually, I heard them both complimenting on my naked body. That\'s when I realized it: this was REALLY happening. Having two people sucking and liking my nipple at once is one of the most exciting experiences I ever had. My hand was on their cocks. I was blissfully enjoying 2 big cocks.

My nipples were brown and straight. Kamran further pinched my nipples and I got more aroused. Then they started sucking them one by one. During the course of Ali sucking my boobs, Kamran took my panty off to make me fully naked and put one hand on my pussy which was already wet. He then made my legs split wide open. I have a clean shaven pussy with no hair at all. He was amazed to see the cleanliness. He inserted his finger into my pussy which went into my cunt and I started moaning a little bit. He licked my pussy and finger fucked me for a while. Ali was playing and sucking my boobs.

Then they switched roles. I felt Kamran's big, Cock in my mouth. I did my best to pleasure Kamran with my mouth and hands. I sucked his cock while I squeezed his big, smooth balls. Ali kneeled next to me, put a hand on my pussy to open it and started deeply licking my cunt. I was lying there allowing myself to be mouth fucked and my cunt to be licked.

Ali's licking my cunt really got me going. Apparently I was moaning a lot, which Kamran said was really sexy. My moans started getting louder and louder, while sucking Kamran's cock. Kamran was beginning to leak large amounts of pre-cum from his cock. I could feel and taste his warm fluid in my mouth. After some time they again switched their roles.

I pulled Ali's cock to my parting lips. Ali looked down and gently thrust his hips forward, so that I could take the mushroom head of his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head of his Cock, licking the pre-cum off, tasting it like a lolly pop. As I licked Ali's mushroom head, Kamran began caressing my cunt and licking it faster and faster. I could hear the wet sounds Kamran was making from licking my wet pussy. I sucked on Ali's cock for a long time. I craned my neck, attempting to take in as much of Ali\'s cock into my mouth as I could. Ali being so thick, I could not get all of Ali\'s cock in my mouth. Ali pulled his Cock out of my mouth as my phone was keep ringing. He went and picked my phone from the couch. It was Jayan. He asked me whether I want to answer. This was my chance to break away from the play with them. Still I had the opportunity to stay faithful to my husband. But the pleasure of two cocks made my brain crazy. I said not to answer the phone. He then switched off the phone. Ali climbed on the bed and placed his erect cock in my mouth and I started licking it again. After a while, I realized that Kamran stopped licking my cunt. Kamran spread my legs and slowly inserted his cock in my tight pussy. It took a while to get it in. Once he was in, he rode me like there was no tomorrow. Ali was pumping his cock into my deep throat. He was playing on my clit while Kamran fucking me. I came twice before Kamran came in me. By that time I was completely submissive. Ali took the position of Kamran. He pushed his cock gently against my pussy & teased my clit. Then he entered me. He fucked me slowly at first but then became faster and harder. My groans became loud with each of his deep push into me. It wasn't long before he added his cum to the cocktail already inside me. When he took his cock out I just lay there.

The taste of the pre cum of two big cocks was in my mouth with cum oozing out of my shaved pussy. I saw Ali filling the glasses with whiskey. It was definitely celebration time. Ali gave a glass to me. I was so thirsty that I gulped the whiskey. Then I lie face down on the bed. They also drank again. Kamran sat next to me and said I am extremely beautiful and good at sex. He was praising me a lot. He said I looked so good with my beautiful butt on full display. While we were talking, he had moved his hand over and had it resting on my butt cheeks. I spread my legs slightly so that he had his hand on my ass. I\'m sure he wants more. I squirmed slightly to his touch. Kamran slightly spread my butt cheeks exposing my anus. I was enjoying his touch...I was spreading my legs slightly and lifting my butt when his hands would stroke close to my ass. Kamran saw what I was doing, so he ran a finger across my anus. I let out a moan. Ali looked at me and smiled when I let out the moan. All of us knew what I was wanting. Kamran started licking my ass. I was in joy. Ali opened a cheese spread packet and started applying on my butt cheeks and down into the crack of my ass. I was out of control and I spread my legs and lifted my butt up off the bed exposing my anus and pussy to them. Ali slid his fingers down the crack of my ass and began rubbing and pushing just the tip of his finger into the opening of my butt hole making sure not to enter my anal ring.

I began breathing even harder and squirming more with each of Ali's strokes. While Ali was exploring my butt hole, Kamran began playing with my pussy. I was extremely wet with my juices and the cum from both. I could see that the blanket that I was laying on was soaked from my juices that were flowing from me between my legs. Ali was licking my ass hole.

Ali told me to get on all fours which I did and Ali took me from behind. Ali was very gentle with me. He stimulated my anus with his finger first and lots of lube. Ali gently slid a finger up my bum, then a second. After some time I was relaxed and my anus was softened. Then I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass and he slowly slipped in. With lots of lube Ali gently entered me. I enjoyed it from the very beginning. First he penetrated my anus very slow and gentle. And after a while I demanded him to fuck me faster which he did. I allowed Ali the privilege of being the first man to fuck my virgin ass. Binu had never inserted in my ass. Ali had good stamina and lasted and lasted
I was full of passion as they both kissed and had their hands all over my body. I sucked Kamran's shaved cock going all the way down on it & licking his balls harder in time with Ali\'s strokes. The three of us moved in perfect synchronization, one organism with a single mind and purpose. I was out of control with desire, and finally Kamran could not hold back anymore and he emptied his load inside my mouth. I swallowed his cum.

After a few minutes Ali pulled out and told me to straddle Kamran. Kamran was still erect and eager to get inside me anyway; he loved me sucking him off but was always happier to enter me. I slid down easily and started to ride him. Ali pushed me forward so I was laying on Kamran with my knees up by my chest, Ali got behind and entered my ass again, this time he went for it and really rode me. I felt so full and I quickly had a shattering orgasm, I needed them to stop as I was on fire but even though I begged they carried on pumping me, they were counting together and suddenly I felt them both tense as they both shot their loads into me, at which point I was riding high on the wave of my next orgasm. We all collapsed in a heap and rested. After a while they started playing again and did the same with the guys swapping \'holes\'. Later, Kamran grunted and dumped his load deep into my ass. He pumped a few more strokes and then pulled his cock out. I heard him say, 'God that was the best piece of ass I remember having'. Ali kept asking me how it felt to have two dicks in me, and I told that I have never experience such sexual pleasure in my lifetime; being double penetration gave me the most intense orgasm I ever had until then. The alcohol made me so free with my body as both the guys and I enjoyed, no rules, just sex, giving pleasure and getting pleasure.
At this point, we realized it was 2 A.M. apparently time flies when you\'re enjoying two guys. The phone of Kamran was ringing continuously. He picked the phone to see that it was Jayan. Kamran said Jayan was anxious on my phone being switched off and asked about me and said he is coming to pick me up. Kamran put on the bathrobe from the bathroom cabinet. I crawled into the comforter and Ali joined me. I rolled on my back and kept my legs wide open inside the comforter. My ass was drooling their cum out. Juice was running down my pussy and ass crack. I was bathed in their sweat and my own and was too exhausted to get up and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I saw Ali, Kamran and Jayan was sitting on the couches and drinking. The clock time was 3 A.M. I recognize that I had a nap for an hour. Further I realized that I was nude. Jayan have not seen me naked in real and I wondered how to put on my dress without him seeing. Since he saw my naked photos, I was not too bothered about emerging nude from the comforter. I finally took a deep breath and stepped out of the comforter. I was feeling very self conscious but had prepared myself by telling that if I wanted to go to the bathroom, it was best to act confident.

I acted casual as if this was not at all a big deal for me and walked to the bathroom. As Jayan saw me nude for the first time in real, he just stood mesmerized. The hungry look in his eyes made me try to cover my breasts with my one hand and my pussy with the other hand. The feeling of being this exposed in front of strangers without any piece of cloth on the body was more powerful than I had expected. Jayan was exited on looking at my naked body. His eyes seemed to be warming me again. Well, I being naked in a room with three men was great. I walked slowly towards the bathroom and you could see the thrill on Jayan's face when he saw my exposed boobs, so apparent on my nude, clean shaven, pussy. I walked from the bed to the bathroom. I took my time making sure everyone got a good look at my \"birth suit\" I was on full display and the center of attention.

Kamran followed and entered along with me in the bathroom. He removed his bathrobe and joined me in the shower. We enter the shower and soap each other up. The feeling of water was hitting my naked flesh. The sensation of Kamran's soapy hands started caressing and exploring my warm, wet flesh. He placed his soapy hand on to my boobs and play around with it, and I placed my soapy hands all his cock and I made it very hard. We then grab each other in a soapy embrace and kiss, letting our tongues fly in and out of each other's mouths.

We break our embrace and he turn me around positioning me in doggy style in the shower, with my palms resting on the tile, while he drive his hard cock deep into me from behind, with the hot water flowing over us, my cries of delight echoed off the tiled walls. Ali also joined us in the shower where they took turns to enter me in various positions before each Cumming inside me.

After they finish pounding me in shower Kamran and Ali went out to dress whilst I cleaned up. I came out topless from the bathroom with a towel draped around my waist. Jayan was sitting in the room and I am sure he heard my wild moans. He had a massive bulge down in his crotch area, and it was not hard to notice.

When I took my clothes to be dressed in, Kamran came to me and requested for my undergarments. They wanted that to be a souvenir of our memorable night. I didn't oppose but bit shy. Anyway I handed over my panty and bra to him. I wore my dress without anything underneath. I then joined Jayan in the couch. Kamran handed over a cheque of US$ Two Million to me. He kissed me and told to Jayan 'God, she is real sexy'! Kamran was very grateful that I was eager to enjoy the pleasure. We finally decided to part and I and Jayan left the room. It was probably the most fun I ever had during my life until then.

Later that night while in the car, Jayan asked me as to how I got involved in this. I explained everything to him.

'I just hope you are not upset, love. That is my first concern.' Jayan said in a concerned voice.

'No, I am not upset, thankfully though I could have been. It seems crazy; really crazy. And both of them just carried on and on Cumming inside me.' I said.

'Yeah, I could see that you were responding quite well. I hope you are on pills.' Jayan said with a twinkle in his eye.

'Come on, now. Don't pull my leg.' I protested. 'You know that once an orgasm starts approaching, it is difficult to hold one back, especially for a girl and yes, I am on pills, so don't worry about that.'

'Well, there is no explanation required as to why they kept on Cumming inside you, as you said, while fucking sexy wives like you.' saying this Jayan winked at me

We reached Jayan's villa. I was dead tired and hungry.

I got up and took off my dress

I acted coy as I was taking my clothing off, and I was a little bit, since it was Jayan, who would see me nude. I asked him to be naked as well to give a company for which he did. His cock was limp. I made no attempt to cover myself but walked in the room, completely naked. We spent the rest of the night nude and just talking and eventually falling asleep on his bed.
What a night, What a memory. I have tried to recall as much detail as possible and hope that this true story has kept you as interested and aroused as it does for me every time I recall it. There was another night about 3 weeks later which I will write and tell you about some time soon. If you like my story, drop a line @

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