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Drun Beat
by Brandi

The daylight heightened its might, pinching my skin, forcing me to

take shelter at the nearest café. I never noticed that your lusty falcon

eyes were shadowing me. Saying hello, you approached me, smiling

profusely. Still, I noticed the hidden feeling of lust burning in your

eyes and veins alike. While sitting beside me, your body language was

showing the obvious signs of attraction. You just wanted to satiate

the unending, ravenous, lusty feeling once.

Life had turned monotonous for you, but our startling tryst

lit it up. For the first time, you found a companion in

me, someone who honestly appreciates extreme feeling s keen to be satiated.

That was the time you felt and celebrated sensual pleasure.

The next twilight turned into dusk, and unexpectedly you knocked at my door,

your veins overflowing with hot pumping blood. No one sensed your craving as much as I

did. Alas, I was ready to adore you. Eventually, you relished the nectar

and were sated fully.

No matter when you needed me, I was all set to honor you and receive

you in my bedroom. I made you sail in the lake of lust, intensely

plunging and quenching your copious lust.

The last time, you showed up with a violent gale in your heart and

scorching veins. All your desires were satiated, and I left you

with a memory in your heart to cherish.

No life ends in an evening. Celebrate always.

Brandi xoxo

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