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dirty secret
by alexa

True story
It was my first day of collage, and I sat in my first class for the day physics. I put up my long brown hair, and took off my jacket. I opened my new text book and wrote my name "Farah Smith?" I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She had loose blonde ringlets framing a gorgeous pale face with green eyes. She had really nice tits, perfect D's. And a petite figure. I had experimented a few times in high school, and fantasised about girls rather than boys but never been extremley attracted. But with this girl it was a whole nother story, my mind raced full of fantasies of me and this beautiful girl (im all wet thinking of her) "um. . . Hi. . . do i know you?" Oh my god i was so stupid, why couldnt i just say something normal and like. . . flirtatious. The beauty laughed "No, my names Alice, I'm your new lab partner" I was so happy, I had the prettiest girl in the world as my new lab partner! SCORE. She sat down and took off her cardigan showing off her tight dress. pushing up her boobs. uh-oh. I could feel myself starting to get wet. How could I concentrate with the hottest girl in the world sitting next to me. I pushed the thought out of my head, i mean hey what was the chaunces of her being lesbian or bisexual? or even being attracted to me.

I sat in class all day listening to my teacher, trying to ignore the hot chick next to me, She wrote me a note and handed it to me.
'Dear Farah(: Do you want to come to mine tonight? I live on the beach off campus, and you seem cool(: and really pretty(: meet me at the hub at four?
love Alice xo'
I wrote back eagerly. 'yeah of course(: '

Oh my god I was going to alice's house! She smiled at me and left. For the rest of the day I couldnt stop smiling. I hurried to my dorm and changed into a tight floral dress. and let my long brown hair hang down my skinny waist. I had about an hour and my roomate wouldnt be home for two hours so I pulled out my favourite vibrator, logged onto my favourite porn site and clicked on lesbian. usually I watched boy girl but switched it up tonight. I watched two blondes kiss eachother passionatley. I could feel the wetness and turned on the vibrator.
After seven minutes I was sweating, I had seen some moves I would love to try.
At four Alice pulled up in her white convertable. We drove through campus with stares, "whos Alice with?, What a nerd," boys wolf whistled. Not at me. . . but it was flattering. to be seen with Alice. We drove down the highway singing. "Wow your an amazing singer Farah, your also really attractive how about a make over?" I was so flattered. "Uh , thanks sure" I smiled ear to ear.

We got to Alices and I walked into the small cute house. "Like it?" Alice said as she handed me a vodka cruiser. "Yeah!" Alice lead me into a living area with a tv. Everyone knew her parents were rich. "Farah make yourself at home. I will be right back" I watched Alice leave her tight dress hugging her cute ass as she left the room. I could feet myself getting wet. (Im touching myself at the memory) I imagined Alice in this house, wlaking around naked. I was really wet now. Alice came back and bent over infront of me revealing her large breasts, "there we go!" she exclaimed. "Farah get naked" I was stunned and turned on all at once. "Wha. . . " Alice laughed "For the make over silly" I was really embarassed. I was wet. she would soon find out. "Please Farah!" How could I say no to the begging eyes. I slowly removed my dress. "There we go Alice. . . " I clenched my legs together, "Silly girl naked!" Alice came up to me and unhooked my bra. ugh, I could imagine her getting naked. She ripped off my g-string and reached between my legs and with her cute little fingers wiped away my wetness. Then licked it off her fingers. "Farah tell me something about yourself" She was flicking through a pile of lingre and I stuttered. "Well I um. . . Was born in New York, and umm, I play netball, and I um. . .I was a model" I stopped talking when she cupped my big breasts and tried to get a feel of the size stopping to play with my nipples. A small moan escaped my lips "Ughhhhhh" "How about I talk?" I just nodded as her fingers explored my torso. "Well raised In California, you know, was a model, had a few boys, in my life, lost my virginity at 15 and realised I liked girls" I couldnt help it I felt the hot drips running down my legs. She chucked a skimpy piece of lingre at me. And i eagerly put it on. "You look hot in that" I smiled She chucked a gorgeous silver cocktail dress at me and told me to put it on and choose a pair of shoes. That night we partied at a bar.

I felt jelousy everytime another girl got close to Alice and got turned on everytime alice shoved her bum into my crotch. When we got home I exclaimed I better get a taxi home, but she pulled me into the bathroom and told me to the stay the night, telling me it was Saturday tomorrow anyway. I showered first. Then stood at the foot of the bed awkwardly with nothing to wear. So when Alice got out of the shower, she walked into the room naked. I was so suprised, I dropped my towel to. Alice was beautiful. Perky breasts, belly bar, bare, bald pussy it made me so fucking horney, I wasnted to jump on her please her, lick her, fuck her! I walked over to her my nipples hard. she said three words that sent me flying "Fuck me, please?" I grabbed Alice's hair and pulled her face to mine "feel my tits" I did exaclty what she said I gentley caressed the beautiful pink breasts playing with the hard nipples, squeezing them. Then i sucked them and felt them lightly with my tounge. "UGH more please!" It felt good to make someone as amazing as Alice ask for more. "Say my name Alice" she gasped for air as I lay her down on the bed. jiggling the breasts. "Farah, Faaaaarah, OH GOD FARAH!" I looked at the fragile body and felt my climax going up. I shoved my head inbetween her legs and put my whole mouth over her whole wet clit, flaps and sucked licked until she squirted all over my face "UGH UGH IM CUUUUUUUMING" Alice screamed. "Farah you dirty slut fuck me harder MORE MORE" I felt her legs wrap around my head pulling me back into her. I was in hevean. I moved into a position where our pussys rubbed together and our sweet pussy juices spread together and ran down our legs. Alice's breathing slowed and I continued licking as I shoved two fingers into her cute toned bum. she groaned in pleasure. "Farah your turn" so the rest of the night, we licked, felt, rubbed, fucked, poked, and sucked eachother, and the rest of the weekend I stayed there making sweet love to Alice everyday. On Monday we walked to physics together holding hands and making out in the hallway and fucking in the toilet cubicle. I moved in three months later and we graduated together. And after four years of happiness we got married and adopted twin girls. And have been happy ever since(: I love her and she loves me(:

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