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Dianne's underware drawer
by Braboy

Dianne is my niece. She is 43 years old and has had two children. She has been married for 27 years, she was married young as she was pregnant at the time. Dianne is about 5foot 9 and has a slim build. She has mid length hair and is a brunette. When she was young about 16, and before she fell pregnant, she had small breasts about a 32B at best. After having two children she and her husband moved into a rather upmarket area of Pretoria. Dianne worked for a few companies and I heard that she had had a couple of sexual affairs over the years. Eventually she stopped working as her husband Nick was a very successful salesman. About 10 years ago Dianne had a breast enlargement and after the operation she very obviously had much larger breasts. They really suited her and she has a body that any man would like to fuck. Her breasts are beautifully shaped and she has very deep cleavage.
A few months ago we had the opportunity to stay in Dianne' house as she and her husband were away for a few days and someone need to look after the dogs.
My wife and I were to sleep in the main bedroom and I realised that I might just get access to Dianne' underwear drawer. My wife has no sexual interest in me so we do our own things sexually.
Sure enough the first morning when my wife was downstairs I opened the second drawer of the cabinet and there were Dianne' bras. There were at least 20 bras and they were different styles and colours. The next drawer held all her panties in various styles mostly bikini and thong but with a few 'shorty' type panties.

As my main masturbation interest is bras I looked into the bra drawer and look for the tag which gives the cup size and the overall size of the bra. The first bra that I took out was white and red rear fastening bra made as many bras are nowadays out of a soft material with a little padding over the entire breast cup. The Bra was made so that the cups were self- supporting, the inner breast cup was in white. The tag showed a size of 34D. This was a great improvement for her breasts over the 32B that Dianne had been living with earlier. My cock started to get interested and I dropped my pants so that I could fondle my penis before masturbating into the bras and panties.
I also noticed that one or two of the bras were slightly different in size, according to the tags which give size and cup dimensions. This was in one case a 32DD and in another case the bra was a 34C.

Nearly all the bra manufactures differ slightly in the way that they calculate the size of a woman' breasts and from various telephone calls to shops that specialise in lingerie I have managed to get lots of information on bras over the years. I really enjoy masturbating and telephoning shops that sell bras and lingerie and one day I&'ll explain my methods for getting a good masturbation while calling these shops. Dianne' bras were all in very nice pastel colours with also some white and black bras as well. They were all rear fastening which was a little disappointing as there is no normal style bra more erotic than a front fastening bra. Of course platform bras and open cup bras are wonderful but these are usually only available with sexually involved partners or prostitutes or at massage parlours.
However I was now holding some really nice expensive bras that had held Dianne' breasts large breasts in the recent past and my ever ready cock was stirring and twitching and wanting to be stroked. I needed to masturbate and use some of these bras and panties to relieve the pressure on my now rigid cock. Before I actually came I decided to get hold of one of Dianne' bikini panties and slip them on. I chose a blue cotton bikini panty and it held my 7 inch erect cock up against my belly. As soon as I lowered the panties my cock would spring forward of course. I chose the cotton bikini panty as I wanted my sperm to soak into the material so that later it could transfer to Dianne' cunt lips and cunt. I sorted through both the bra and panty draw and also found a couple of bikini swim suits that I rubbed against my erect penis. Naturally it was the bra cups and the bikini bottom area where Dianne' vagina would be that got the attention. I selected a very nice bra (see the picture) and lowered the panties so that my now erect penis was inside the bra cup. I wrapped the bra around my cock and masturbated slowly with long strokes.

After a very stimulating masturbation feeling the inside of Dianne' bra cups on my cock, and being able to look at all the other bras I came into the nipple area of the bra. My thick white sperm soaked the cup and I ensured that both cups had sperm in the nipple area. I knew that Dianne would have my sperm on her breasts in the near future and this made my cock jerk one last big spurt out onto the vagina area of the blue panties. I knew that my sperm would dry and I made sure that as much as possible I concentrated the sperm where Dianne' vagina lips would rest when she wore that pair of panties. When I was finished I carefully folded the bra in the same way that all the others were folded and put it back in the drawer. As the inside of the bra cup was white I was sure that Dianne would not see my sperm in her bra cups. With the last drops of semen soaking into the panties I put them back into the panty drawer. The next time Dianne wore the bra and panty the heat of her breasts would soften the sperm and it would coast her nipples. Also the damp lips of her vagina would soften the dried sperm that I had put onto her panties and allow it to transfer into her cunt and get up into her womb. Perhaps Dianne would be pregnant and then her breasts would be huge, what a glorious fuck she would be then !
To be continued ..

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