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Dianne's underware Ch 2
by Braboy

In the previous chapter I had been able to masturbate into Dianne's' underwear
After my huge masturbation into Dianne's bra and panties I had a shower and went for a walk.
I needed to consider how to progress with the bras and panties and other underwear that I had found. It was unlikely that I would be able to actually fuck Dianne as she was busy and had never had any particular contact with me. I could consider rape but that was not going to be easy. So I would have to content myself with masturbating into her bra cups and panties and also the bikini's that I had discovered.
Dianne is a 34D cup bra girl and she has had a breast enlargement. When I first knew her she was only a 32B but her husband had arranged for her breasts to be enlarged as he liked bigger breasts. Dianne has had two children and is a sexy thing. Most men would like to push their cocks into her cunt and cum in her pussy.
I decided to telephone my friend Clare. Claire is full time prostitute who I have been visiting for 15 years quite regularly. She has 34C breasts and a nearly completely shaven pussy. She is slim and I have had my 7 inch cock into her vagina, anus and mouth. She is an excellent fucker and I have bought many different bras and bikini panties for her over the years. When I go to her she always asks me how she should be dressed to meet me at the door. Sometimes I ask her to be naked and ready for my penis just inside the door at other times and this I really like, she wears a platform bra and crotch less panties. I never manage to get more than a few steps into her flat before I have one of her breasts in one hand and my middle finger finding her cunt with the other. She always unzips me and fondles my cock and balls as we start our fuck play. When I got her on the line I told her that I had some bras and panties that I had got from my sexy niece and wanted her to wear for me while I fucked her. She told me to come over and we could do just that.
An hour later I was knocking at her door and as usual the door swung open and I walked in. Clare closed the door and turned to face me. She was completely naked and as I glanced down at her vagina I could see that she had put some KY jelly into her cunt and round towards her anus. The lips of her pussy were glistening with a little of the jelly, she was ready for my cock. I kissed her and thrust my tongue down her throat as I always do when we meet. She opened my pants and found that I was wearing a bikini panty that only partially covered my 7 inch penis. She asked me if these were Dianne's and I said yes. After a short while I handed her the bra and panties and asked her to put them on for me while I got stripped. I kept the pair of Dianne's panties on that I had chosen to wear to Clare. They were in the bikini style and held my cock against my body. I went down the passage to the toilet, to make sure my penis was clean, and sweet smelling for Clare. My cock was almost fully erect so the top half of my penis was outside the waist band of the panties. I always like to piss before fucking and I like to wash my cock in warm water before we start. I always pull my foreskin back and wash behind the cock rim. I then use a nice deodorant on my balls and cock shaft It also allows me if necessary, to play with my cock and get it nearly completely erect before we start to fuck each other. The only time this happens is if I have masturbated just before I visit Clare.
I walked back into the bed room and Clare was wearing Dianne's bra. Her breasts filled the cups and my cock jumped at the sight. My cock always jumps at the sight of Clare's breasts and pussy anyway. She had pulled on the panties that I bought for her and she came over to me and held the top of my cock that was above the panties that I had on. She asked me if I thought her tits were as nice as Dianne's and I said they were better. I slipped one breast out of the cup and started sucking on the nipple. Clare was stroking the top half of my cock when she said to me that I should consider doing something else with Dianne. I asked what that was and she told me that most women in full time sexual relationships used a cream on their vaginal areas to keep the skin soft. She said that these creams were usually white and looked a lot like sperm. She said I should check in Dianne's bathroom to see if she had any of these creams. She then said that if Dianne used one of them I could put my sperm into the bottle and Dianne would definitely rub some of my sperm over her belly and vagina and probably into the cunt a little. This would be better than just cumming in her bras and panties as once they had been washed there would be little trace of my cum on her clothes. If I could get my sperm into some lotion of Dianne's then my sperm would be applied to her more frequently and my sperm would definitely end up in her cunt at some time.
This is the sort of thinking that makes Clare the best prostitute I have ever met. She knows sex so well and is prepared to help with all sorts of sexual pleasures. She enjoys sex and all its variations.
I told Clare that I wanted the '4 shot'. This is a sex routine that Clare and I developed and is very erotic.
Clare slipped Dianne's panties from my erect cock and it sprang forwards into position ready for her sexy body and mouth. Clare knelt down and took my entire penis into her mouth and started a slow sucking on my cock. After some two or three minuites she released my wet cock and stood up and removed Dianne's bikini panties so that her vagina and anus were free. She then knet on all fours on the big bed and spread her ass cheeks so that her anus and vagina were exposed. I could see that her anus was well lubricated with KY jelly and I moved so that the tip of my cock was at her anus. Clare pushed back and my cock slid into her anus and we started a slow anal fuck. I gripped her hips so that I could push my entire 7 inches of cock in to her as deeply as I could. After some twenty slow ares fuck strokes I pulled back and slipped my rampant penis into her cunt. I pushed fully forward and then bent over her so that I could feel her breasts still cupped in Dianne's bra. I took the two firm 34C breast out of the bra cups and while slowly fucking Clare's cunt played with her breasts. The next part of the '4 shot' happened when I withdrew my penis from Clare's vagina and she turned over onto her back. She spread her legs as wide as she could and lifted herself so that her mouth was close to my rampant erect cock. Her breasts were framed by Dianne's bra as my cock slid into Clare's mouth I could pull on her nipples. As my spunk started to build to climax I thrust deep into Clare's mouth and at maximum penetration shot my first sperm load into her throat. Clare then took my cum wet cock and directed my next spunk load onto her breasts and belly. Finally she put my cock back into her dripping wet cunt and wrapped her legs around me as I came deep in her vagina. Clare shudder as she also reached a climax and I felt her cunt grip my erupting cock spurting deep in her cunt
I kept my penis in her and we tongue kissed as Clare swallowed my sperm load in her mouth and cunt. I then went down between her legs and licked her vagina and pushed my tongue into her cunt and licked her clit. After a few licks I felt Clare shudder as she had another orgasm and I was proud to have brought Clare to orgasm with my penis and tongue.
After we had showered together and had a little more sex play where Clare again took my penis in her mouth very gently and gave me a soft blowjob. I told Clare that I would use a condom when I masturbated so as to collect my sperm to put into a lotion bottle for Dianne. Clare asked me to call her when I was masturbating so that she could talk to me and get me to shoot a big load into the condom. She gave me some large reservoir condoms to use as she said I was a huge sperm maker and she wanted me to tell her all about the project. I took the bra that Clare had worn during our '4 shot' and the panties so that I could replace them in Dianne's underwear drawer. I told Clare that I hoped one day to see Dianne wearing that bra and would know that apart from my sperm in the cups that she had a bra on that Clare had been 4 fucked in. To be continued...

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