Lesbian Sex stories

Defeated in a Female Naked Challenge
by Tracie-Louise

Last week I was at the house of my boyfriend, Mike, and decided to set him a bit of a saucy challenge- I bet him that he couldn't help but get an erection the next time he saw me naked. He accepted this challenge, so we stripped off and climbed into a warm bath together.

The endeavour he put into winning the bet was self-evident, but, despite his best efforts, his manhood eventually and inexorably began to rise- much to my delight! I decided that my prize for winning the wager was that he should bath me- so I just lay there like a lady of the manor in the warm, relaxing water as he rubbed soap and sponges all over my nude body. Delicious, and the perfect prelude to what we got up to in bed afterwards!

The next Friday evening I related what happened to my housemate, Mandy. We both giggled at the end of the story, but she said I'd been a little unfair to Mike.

"e;I suppose so,"e; I agreed, with a grin. "e;It's an unequal situation, when you come to think of it. After all, I can always tell when he's turned on, but he's got no idea of whether or not I'm feeling sexy unless I tell him or make it quite clear to him"e;

"e;You're not serious, are you?"e; she interrupted.

"e;What do you mean?"e; I asked, genuinely puzzled.

"e;You mean you really haven't noticed?"e;

"e;Noticed what?"e;

Mandy grinned wickedly. "e;Every time you're confronted with anything the least bit sexual, your nipples go erect."e;

"e;NO!"e; I replied hotly. "e;What makes you think that?"e;

"e;I don't think it- I've seen it. Even through your bra and blouse, it's obvious. Are you telling me you're not aware that it happens?"e; Mandy's tone was incredulous.

"e;It DOESN'T happen. That's why I'm not aware of it,"e; I insisted.

"e;Oh well- have it your own way,"e; she replied, placidly. "e;I just thought that you might feel better if you knew that you were just as culpable as Mike when it comes to sending out involuntary sexual signals"e;

"e;I am NOT,"e; I reiterated. "e;The idea that I am not in control of my body is well, it's preposterous. You'll be claiming that I want to paint my toenails next."e; (Nail polish is an absolute no-no for either of us. We've both worked in Health Services and have seen how these coloured petrochemicals rot flesh.)

"e;There's nothing wrong with nipples going spontaneously erect, you know."e; Mandy's attitude was rather patronising, as was her facial expression. "e;It happens to me sometimes, when I'm really turned on,"e; she continued, a little wistfully. "e;It's a reflex action. Like my toes curling when someone I'm attracted to puts some passion into their kisses."e;

"e;Well, that just means that we're very different,"e; I concluded. We bid each other a somewhat frosty goodnight and repaired to our respective bedrooms.

Next morning there was a tap on my bedroom door. Strange sense of humour my plumber has. (Sorry- that was a joke Mike told me recently. I'll start this paragraph again.)

Next morning there was a light knocking on my bedroom door. Mandy padded in barefoot, wearing her silk dressing gown. She'd pinned her long black hair up- a sign that she'd just taken a bath- and she was carrying a steaming cup.

"e;I've brought you coffee in bed- a peace offering, in case I upset you last night,"e; she said.

"e;It's OK- but thanks anyway,"e; I replied, sitting up in bed to receive the cup. "e;You'll excuse me for being dressed in just my underwear,"e; I continued, indicating the dark blue bra I was wearing, "e;but I was hot last night. Probably dreaming about Mike,"e; I added, with a grin.

"e;I bet your nipples went hard,"e; she responded quickly.

I sighed, placing the cup down on my bedside table. "e;Don't start that again. It simply does NOT happen."e;

"e;Oh, but it does."e; Mandy's tone was cunning. She was planning something, but such was my determination to deny the allegation that I failed to heed the warning "e;It's not just about Mike- as I say, it occurs every time you're confronted with anything sexual. And I can prove it- here and now."e;

"e;I'd like to see you try,"e; I challenged, belligerently.

"e;OK then,"e; said Mandy. "e;Take your bra off"e;

I was in too deep to refuse now! Cursing silently to myself, I reached back to undo my bra clip and was soon sitting topless in bed. Thank goodness it was a warm day, I thought

"e;Hmm. Something unfair about this situation,"e; murmured Mandy in a low voice. "e;Never mind- we can soon even things up"e; So saying, she slid out of her dressing gown, hung it carefully on a wardrobe doorknob and stood before me completely nude.

To be honest, it wasn't the first time I'd seen the sort of woman who made me understand why females appealed to males, but this was the first time another girl had made my heart beat faster

"e;Have you drank your coffee?"e; she breathed, leaning over me to retrieve the cup. Her lovely, enticing breasts were within easy touching distance No! Got to resist the temptation!

"e;Oh, you haven't finished it yet,"e; she remarked, straightening up. "e;Tell you what I'm going to do. There are a few books lying around your room"e;- this was true- "e;so I'll collect them one at a time, put them on that bookshelf next to your bed and then arrange them and all your other books in alphabetical order. And by the time I've finished, your nipples will be erect."e; So saying, she walked across the room to pick the first book up from my dressing table

She walked with a wonderful, natural grace that few barefoot girls are capable of, placing one foot in front of the other so her inner thighs brushed together ever so faintly and gently. Viewing her from the front, as she walked towards me and started replacing books on my bedside bookshelf, her lovely trim pussy, that desirable triangle of soft hair, looked delicious as it rhythmically moved and swayed slightly in conjunction with her pelvis. Her nicely-shaped breasts were a little over-sized compared with the rest of her body, but they didn't make her look top-heavy- indeed, they only served to enhance her figure. As she turned with her back to me to retrieve a book from the window sill the other side of the room, it was difficult- nay, impossible- to ignore her sleek bare bum, her lower backbone wiggling as though with joy at every step of her silent, delightfully shaped feet.

I tried hard to conceal a quiver of desire as a flood of libido rushed through meand my breasts began to tingle. NO! Got to stop my nipples going hard! I desperately tried to take my mind off Mandy's fantastic bare body ("e;I must think of a blank brick wall a brick wall a brick wall"e;) and convince myself not to believe the evidence of my own eyes- Got to pretend it isn't happening!- but I couldn't stop myself staring at her. Even when I tried to cheat and look away, my full-length bedroom mirror on the opposite side of the room reflected her beauty to me! I concentrated furiously on stopping my bare nipples from erecting (I knew what Mike had been through with me in the bath, now!) and I realised my face was etched with the strain of trying to control the outwards signs of my sexual excitement. Beneath my duvet my bare toes curled, my muscles went rigid and my fists clenched and unclenched, such was the intensity of my mental struggle. But as she walked across the room yet again with another book, I noticed her ten lovely toes gripping at the carpet, ever so slightly. An involuntary image of those perfect feet pawing with passion when I stroked her lovely vagina with a gentle finger as she lay naked on the bed flashed into my mind- an image which refused to budge. NO! I can't resist anymore! I don't WANT to resist anymore!

My self-control evaporated, completely, as desire took over and flooded my near-naked body.

"e;OOOoooOOO!"e; I let out a short cry of despair and frustration, crossing my arms over my bare boobs and hanging my head in shame with the anguish and humiliation of losing our sexual challenge.

"e;What's wrong?"e; Mandy enquired, a bit too cheerily. "e;Have your nipples gone erect, after all?"e;

Without raising my bowed head I nodded, reluctantly and miserably, trying to hide my embarrassed, bright red face behind my shoulder-length blonde hair- without much success.

Mandy was ruthless. "e;Let me see, then,"e; she demanded. Since I'd already admitted defeat, I thought this was completely unnecessary, but I briefly uncrossed my arms to expose my breasts with their hardened nipples to her before quickly concealing myself again.

"e;Well,"e; she grinned, "e;wasn't I right?"e; I nodded again, my head still bowed. She couldn't have failed at that point to notice my distress; accordingly, she pulled up a cushion for her knees, knelt at my bedside and cupped my chin in her hand.

"e;Listen,"e; she said, gently. "e;It was only a game. You've seen me topless before."e; This was true- it was inevitable, since we'd shared the house for two years. "e;Your nipples didn't go erect any of the other times you've noticed me undressed, did they? But just now, I deliberately stripped off in front of you and introduced a slightly sexy dimension to the situation. That's why your boobs reacted as they did. I knew they would! It just means that I know a little more about your body than you do. It doesn't mean you find me sexually attractive."e;

But what Mandy was unaware of was that her last two statements were completely inaccurate. If (a) she knew more about my body than I did, then (b) she would also have known that the reason my nipples responded in the way they did was because I'd unexpectedly found the idea of her padding around my bedroom nude a real turn-on!

"e;So it was a bit of a psychological trick, then? To induce a reflex action?"e; I enquired, uncrossing my arms as I began feeling more relaxed.

"e;I knew you'd get the idea,"e; she breathed, brightly, giving me a peck on the cheek. As she did leaned forward to do so I glanced briefly over her shoulder. The soles of her lovely bare feet were facing upwards side-by-side, pressed together, perfect mirror images of each other even though both soles were faintly wrinkled by the slight curl in her toes that the kneeling position caused. And at the moment she kissed me, I noticed her toes wiggled in unison for a fraction of a second. It was an almost-imperceptible twitch; if I hadn't been looking at those beautiful feet it would've gone completely unnoticed. And this reminded me of something she'd said the previous evening, and a plan for revenge began to form in my mind

"e;Yes, a reflex action,"e; I continued, as she stood up and slipped her nude body back into her dressing gown . "e;Like the way your toes curl every time anybody at all kisses you or you kiss anybody."e; I emphasised the words "e;at all"e; deliberately.

"e;What?"e; she said.

"e;That's what you told me last evening."e;

"e;I did NOT."e; Mandy's reply was emphatic. "e;What I said was that only happens when I'm PASSIONATELY kissed by someone I find sexy. What are you grinning at, Tracie-Louise?"e;

"e;You,"e; I smiled. "e;I'm grinning at you. You protesteth too much, or at least too vehemently."e;

"e;But it's a completely false accusation!"e; she countered. "e;Besides, how can you hope to make a credible argument sitting there in bed with your boobs exposed? It's hardly the most dignified position to start casting aspersions"e; I suspected that, by referring to my state of undress, she hoped I'd cover myself up in panic and bring an abrupt end to the discussion. Indeed, now she'd reminded me that my bare breasts were still out in the open I was tempted to do so- especially now that she'd covered her nude body with her dressing gown and we were unequal as regards which of our sexy parts were showing. But, with no little effort, I kept my nerve and fronted it out. Literally.

"e;Well, I'm sorry if my boobs are offending you, but it was you who insisted I went topless in the first place,"e; I asserted matter-of-factly, somehow keeping a frisson of embarrassment out of my voice.

"e;Oh, don't be so ridiculous. You're not offending me. In fact"e; she stopped suddenly in mid-sentence, as though she'd almost said something that she shouldn't have said; and I took advantage of her hesitation while she was still off-balance.

"e;Look. Just as my nipples go erect every time I'm confronted by a sexual situation-"e; I probably blushed at that point, but continued regardless- "e;it's highly likely that your toes curl every time someone kisses you. Male, female whether you feel sexy or not. As far as reflex actions go, you're as weak as I am."e;


"e;I can prove it. Here and now."e;

"e;You can't."e;

"e;I can."e; I took a deep breath. "e;We can kiss each other."e;

Mandy raised a quizzical eyebrow, but did not explode with indignation, react with horror or march out of the room. Instead, she repeated my words as a query. "e;We can kiss each other? What would that prove?"e;

"e; If your bare toes curl when I kiss you, it would prove I'm right- that you react in that way when ANYONE kisses you, not just when you're aroused. It would prove that you're as vulnerable as I am when it comes to reflex actions."e; Despite remaining outwardly calm when I explained this, the urge for me to kiss her was becoming overwhelming

so I was understandably secretly thrilled by her reply. "e;OK then,"e; she responded, almost cheerily, stepping back towards my bed. "e;I know for a fact that this will prove that oh, hang on!"e;

"e;What's wrong?"e; I said, almost revealing my dismay in case she'd changed her mind.

"e;How will you know whether or not my toes are curling?"e; she asked. "e;If we're going to kiss- and to be fair to you, it'll have to be a worthwhile one- we'll be concentrating on each others' lips and faces. You won't have any idea what my feet are doing."e;

It was a fair point. "e;Do you want to leave it for another time?"e; I ventured, trying not to sound disappointed.

"e;Oh, no,"e; said Mandy, firmly. "e;I'm totally committed to it. You're completely wrong, and I'm absolutely determined to prove it- right here and right now. Just because your nipples went hard when you saw me naked doesn't mean to say you can get away with accusing me of having a reflex sexual weakness as well AHA! I know what we can do."e;

"e;I can hardly wait,"e; I blurted out. Luckily, Mandy appeared to take it for sarcasm, and simply gave me a hard stare before expounding her idea.

"e;If my bare feet were pressed against your bare feet, you'd be able to feel if my toes curled. Right?"e;

"e;Right,"e; I agreed.

"e;Move over, then. I'm getting in to bed with you,"e; she said. Obediently, and with my heart racing with desire, I shuffled over to the right-hand side of my bed and lay on my back while she took off her dressing gown again and re-hung it on the wardrobe doorknob. "e;I don't want to get that creased- I only ironed it yesterday,"e; she explained, with a serious expression.

Having rendered herself completely naked again, Mandy padded over to the bed, peeled the right-hand corner of the duvet back (momentarily exposing my best blue briefs) and slid into my bed, covering herself with the duvet so we were both lying under it. We turned to face each other- me lying on my left side, her on her right.

"e;All right- what now?"e; I asked, barely resisting my impulse to throw myself at her.

"e;We'll have to embrace. Put your arms around my waist, and I'll do the same to you."e;

"e;But that means"e; I started.

"e;It means our boobs will be pressed together. That's unavoidable. Let's get to the kissing business as quickly as possible."e; She spoke with a practical air.

So, still lying on our sides, we wriggled together and hugged each other. How soft and gentle Mandy's bare body felt!

"e;Now, we keep our legs tightly together and you press your legs and feet against mine,"e; she directed. "e;We'll have to keep our ankles together as closely as though they've been tied if this is going to workooooOO!"e; she exclaimed, suddenly and breathlessly. As I was following her instructions, our breasts had shifted slightly, causing our nipples to touch. It sent a thrill through me, and, judging by her reaction, Mandy had also been affected by the experience

Our bodies were now pressed tightly together and our faces were inches apart. "e;Right,"e; said Mandy, gently. "e;Time for the kiss. Make it as long and passionate as you like, because my toes-"e; she rubbed her silky bare feet up and down against mine, for emphasis- "e;ain't moving."e;

Slowly, a little uncertainly, our soft lips met. We squirmed a little as her tongue flickered against mine, sending my libido soaring. I started using my own tongue on hers, hugging her waist tighter, while she moved her arms inside mine and pulled me towards her breasts by the backs of my shoulders. As our kiss went deeper and deeper, we pushed up against each others' bodies more and more, wriggling to compensate for our slight movements and because it felt so darn good- my breasts, stomach, legs and feet were brushing, then rubbing against Mandy's as my last inhibitions began to fly through the window, and she showed no signs whatsoever of wanting the kiss to stop.

Through the clouds of pure bliss I still remembered our little challenge, though. My toes were still touching hers did they twitch? Did Mandy's bare toes twitch just then? I was sure they had, and that she was struggling to keep them from curling, so I redoubled my tongue activity and she responded with enthusiasm.

For a full three minutes our tongues entwined, our gentle female bodies pressing together. I could feel her soft bare toes wiggling slightly- she was definitely having trouble control of them I then tickled her between her shoulder blades, where her bra clip normally would be, and she gave a tiny, muffled squeak as her toes curled with passion- as did mine. But we carried on kissing and caressing for a good 30 seconds longer

We finally paused for breath, our bodies still entwined and our faces a couple of inches from each other. I looked into her brown eyes.

"e;Your toes curled,"e; I sighed, gently.

"e;So did yours,"e; she replied.

"e;Yes, but that wasn't the challenge. Besides,"e; I continued, "e;your nipples are erect."e; They were, too. Very much so.

"e;So are yours."e; she responded. "e;But that was only to be expected"e;

"e;The challenge was that I could make your toes curl if I kissed you,"e; I insisted, quietly but firmly. "e;I did that. So now I want my prize."e;

"e;Which is?"e;

"e;Another kiss."e;

"e;NO!"e; she remonstrated. "e;We're both girls! We can't mmmmMMMMmmmm."e; I pressed my lips on hers again, muffling her protests. Her bare body struggled and wriggled against me, but I hugged her forcefully and pinned her arms to her sides; and after about fifteen seconds, her resistance subsided as though she'd accepted the situation and her tongue joined mine in a deep, passionate kiss.

When I stopped kissing her, we both pulled back and relaxed. "e;OK,"e; I sighed, "e;I'd better get up out of bed now"e;

"e;Oh, no, you don't,"e; replied Mandy, hotly. "e;Don't think you're going to get away with leaving me feeling frustrated like this. I want sex!"e; In the blink of an eye she curved her body forwards and pushed her head down under the duvet as though she was performing a surface dive in swimming. Before I could react to what was happening, she'd bent herself into a "e;question mark"e; shape. Her exquisite feet, the only parts of her left uncovered by the duvet, lay on the pillow right in front of my face; her own face was level with my vagina. I was still lying on my side when I felt my briefs being expertly removed. And then she started to use her tongue again

"e;OooOOOoo!"e; I exclaimed, pretending to struggle; but I wasn't even fooling myself that I wanted to escape, let alone Mandy. In any case her hands were forcefully pushing my buttocks forward so my pussy had no chance of evading the attentions of her gentle mouth. As the waves and waves of sheer, unadulterated joy coursed through my entire nude body, I noticed that Mandy's cute toes were rhythmically curling with passion again; and, in the mirror, I could see the symmetrical soles of her lovely bare feet wrinkling as they pawed the air. Breathlessly, I mentioned this to her but her reply was muffled as she intensified her special treatment to my labia. As the pleasure levels increased still further, I needed desperately to kiss her- but the only parts of her I could see were those sweet, freshly-washed feet. So I pressed her ankles together, pulled her soft bare paws to my lips and kissed them. Passionately. And, as if by way of appreciation, her tongue probed even deeper

My eventual shuddering orgasm felt like soda water was flowing through my veins, and I cried out with joy.

I lay gasping with exhaustion and incredulity on the bed as Mandy twisted and turned under the quilt. Her beautiful face surfaced next to mine. "e;Your turn now,"e; she murmured, before climbing out of bed and padding out of my room, her bare bum wiggling behind her as though giving me a cheerful wave. She returned a few seconds later with some scarves, which I presumed- correctly- that she'd fetched from her own room. Then Mandy rolled my fatigued body on to my stomach and gently pulled my arms behind me.

"e;What are you doing?"e; I enquired. "e;Let me get my breath back first NO! MANDY! WAIT!"e; I began struggling again, for real this time, as I felt my wrists being tied together. But the sex had exhausted me, and my resistance was weak. Soon, my wrists were bound tightly behind my back with a scarf: I pulled at them in a futile attempt to free myself, but it was no use.

Mandy smirked as I lay there on my stomach, utterly defeated. "e;OK,"e; she said. "e;I'll give you a few minutes to recover, and then you can deal with me."e;

"e;I'll deal with you all right,"e; I growled. "e;Free me now!"e;

"e;You're in no position to be making demands."e; Mandy's voice was mocking. She was obviously enjoying herself, which didn't improve my mood at all.

"e;Just wait 'til I get my hands on you"e; Again I fiercely pulled at the scarf which was attaching said hands together, but my efforts were useless.

"e;It's not your hands I want on me,"e; she scoffed. "e;It's that lovely moist tongue of yours I want on me. And in me. I tied you up in case you tried to escape before returning that favour I've just done for you."e;

"e;I'd be more inclined and able to do that if I wasn't trussed up,"e; I retorted, a trifle sarcastically. Actually, I had every intention of giving Mandy oral sex. Lesbianism was a brand new form of love to me, and I was interested, inquisitive and intrigued. A thought struck me.

"e;Look, Mandy,"e; I reasoned. "e;I've never done girl-on-girl sex before. It would be a lot easier if my hands were free"e;

"e;Don't worry- I'll encourage you."e; She sounded very confident. "e;Besides, a little amateur fumbling can often enhance a sexual experience. Now, it seems you've recovered enough to argue, so get into the position I was in before"e;

"e;Untie my hands and I'll do it. Leave them tied and I won't."e; It was a despairing attempt to bargain with her, and it fell on deaf ears.

"e;Well, if you won't"e; she rolled me over on to my back, and lay on her right side alongside me, "e;I might just remember how ticklish your tummy is."e; She thrust her wiggling fingers towards my torso, just below my bare breasts.

"e;NO!"e; I squealed, hysterically. "e;NO! I'll do it!"e; Frantic to avoid her tickling fingers on my stomach, I swiftly twisted my body around and dived head first under the duvet before she could touch me. Without my hands to help me my progress was rather slow and clumsy- my back pushed against her breasts as I tried to manoeuvre myself down the bed, a strangely pleasant sensation- but I eventually wiggled into the "e;question mark"e; shape with my face opposite her enticing vagina, which I could just about discern in the dark, warm world under the bedding. I felt my bare feet gently stroke against her soft cheek and knew I was more-or-less in the right position.

"e;That reminds me,"e; she murmured. "e;Thank you for kissing my bare feet. No-one's ever done that for me before. It felt really nice."e; She gently kissed my own toes and inhaled deeply. "e;Oh, you're using that lovely perfumed soap that Mike bought for you,"e; she noted. "e;I've used it, too. This morning, for instance."e;

"e;Yes- that's fairly obvious,"e; I grumbled, realising why the scent of her naked body was so familiar now I was in such close proximity to it. "e;So, what do I do now?"e;

"e;Tracy-Louise,"e; she said, a trifle impatiently, "e;you are, like me, a very feminine young woman with equally feminine body parts. You know exactly where the sensitive bits of a female are."e;

"e;Yes, but not from the outside,"e; I pointed out. "e;I've never done anything like this before."e;

"e;Just do what comes naturally,"e; she advised.

"e;With all due respect,"e; I responded, sarcastically, "e;girl-on-girl sex is not supposed to be natural. If I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing to you, then I can't do it, can I? So either tell me how to proceed, or untie me now and we'll forget it. After all, you said you'd guide me."e;

"e;I didn't. I said I'd encourage you."e; At this juncture, I noticed her upper body moving as though she was leaning to reach for something. "e;And so I shall,"e; she continued, as I felt her binding my ankles together with another scarf.

"e;How on earth do you think that's going to help?"e; I demanded. "e;It's just going to make me even less mobile. That's not going to help either of us."e;

"e;Oh, I think it is,"e; she responded, airily. "e;I'm going to encourage you to seek out my pleasure spots by applying myself to two more of YOUR sensitive parts."e; And with that, she hugged my ankles tightly to her face with her arms and began tickling the soles of my sensitive bare feet.

I laughed helplessly and tried to pull my exposed feet away, but her arms were incongruously strong- in hindsight, I now believe that she could have escaped my hug during our second kiss had she really wanted to. Instinctively, I straightened my bare body out from its bent "e;question mark"e; position so my head jerked nearer the foot of the bed, but it did nothing to lessen the painless torture.

"e;I'll show you how to make a woman's toes curl, Tracie-Louise!"e; gloated Mandy, before doing exactly that by intensifying her tickling. Involuntarily, I wrinkled the soles of my vulnerable bare feet, scrunching up my bare toes in doing so. But this was no defence at all against Mandy's merciless fingers. I laughed and laughed convulsively, pulling again and again at the scarf that bound my wrists securely behind me, but it was useless- there was no escape. My feet were being ruthlessly tickled, and I could do absolutely nothing about it!

Without pausing my torment for even a split-second, Mandy suddenly rolled me on to my stomach and lay her naked body on top of mine. We were now top-to-toe, front-to-back and, though she was far from being a heavy person, even her minimal weight was enough to pin my powerless, tied-up body down so I could hardly budge. Her breasts and flat stomach pressed down on my legs and, worse still, that neat triangle of hair between her legs was pushing down and brushing me gently between my ticklish bum-cheeks, causing me to suffer even more. My torso was trapped by her legs and her ankles rested on top of my head as I kept my head up, looking forwards and facing the foot of the bed, to avoid my mouth and nose being shoved into the mattress! In the gloom under the duvet I could make out Mandy's bare feet and toes dangling and curling right in front of my face, and I felt them softly brushing against my nose; even through my hysteria I experienced an exceptionally strong desire to reach out and tickle them in revenge, but, of course, my hands were tied behind my back The tickling sensation surged through my body and culminated in endless gusts of uncontrollable laughter, which took over my mind and body completely. I was unable to scream or even form the necessary words to beg Mandy to stop. All I could do was lie there and laugh.

Eventually, Mandy transferred her tickling attention to my heels, which are still ticklish but are the least sensitive places on the soles of my feet. My laughter subsided to chuckling, and with a huge effort I managed to summon the mental strength to try to speak between my forced laughter in order to plead with her.

"e;Mandy! Mandy!"e; I gasped, between giggles. "e;Stop tickling my bare feet! Please! I can't stand it!"e;

"e;Are you going to stop stalling, and start giving my pussy the attention she deserves/"e;

"e;I wasn'thahahaI wasn't stalling...STOP TICKLING ME!I wasn't stallingI just didn't know where to start...hahahahaha"e; I was desperate to get the words out.

"e;Never mind the technical side of things; just start kissing."e; she advised. "e;It'll soon come to you."e;

Awkwardly, and still tittering as she stroked my heels, I wriggled my way back into the "e;question mark"e; position."e;

"e;That's good!"e; she mocked. "e;Now, to encourage you further every time you stop kissing my pleasure chute, I'm going to tickle the soles of your feet. StartingNOW!"e;

I felt her fingers quicken and begin to move along the more sensitive areas of my feet toward my toes. "e;NO! Not again! Stop! Mandy! MANDY! MandeeeeeeeehahahahaHAHAHAHA"e; Hurriedly, before my helpless laughter drained all the strength out of me, I applied my mouth to her sweet vagina and, without the slightest idea of what I was doing, began to kiss it

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