Bi-Sexual stories

Decieved and Loved It
by Ohman

About 3 years ago I found myself just out of a 15 year marriage and not sure what the future was to bring. My ex-wife and I had enjoyed sex and had experimented with various different aspects of it including bondage, domination, role playing, crossdressing and dildos. I had found over the years that I really enjoyed the thrill of being dressed in womens clothes and dominated with strap ons by the ex. I had worked on techniques that allowed me to swallow a double ended dildo while the ex worked me over with her strap ons from behind. We had even video taped the sessions to get us off later. But all that was over now and these feelings of interest were beginning to build. Through the years we had talked about it, but I had never been with another man. But, I must admit, the fantasy was strong.
6 months after everything was final, I decided to spend a weekend in town. So i packed everything I thought I might need including the suction cup dildo that I had and some girlly undies that I still had. 60 miles later, I found a hotel off the interstate just on the outskirts of town and unloaded the car for the weekend.
Once inside, I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up. I took 2 of my favorite toys with me. The large one is 9" long and black and has a suction cup on that keeps it on the wall while I get ready for it. The other is a 14" double headed that is much thinner and is perfect for sucking and deepthroating. I'm not sure why, but I have always enjoyed the sensation of gagging, so this toy definately does the job. I turn off the lights and soap up my body and the fuckstick on the wall. As the water runs over my face, I push the cock into my mouth imagining that it is the real thing. After a few minutes of sucking, I bend my knees and place the big dick on the small of my back. I work my hips until the head of it finds my tight hole. This is when I push the dildo into my throat and gag myself. When I gag, my ass opens up and lets the other dick in. From there I just ride back until my ass hits the wall. I fuck myself in the shower for 30 mins or so. By this time I am slamming against the wall hard enough that the neighbors are beating on the wall. I instantly imagined that they are in here with me and I start to cum. Weak in the knees, I rinsed off and got dressed.
I picked out a white teddy with matching stockings and panties and cover all that up with normal men's attire and head out to see what the town has to offer.
It's Friday night and the bars I found online did not dissapoint me. Within a short time I met Teri, she was 30 years old and had an amazing body. Tall, great tits and the perfect ass. We sat and had a few drinks and went outside for a smoke. We saw 2 guys making out in the car, Teri looked at me and asked what I thought about that. I told her that that was a fantasy of mine but that I wasn't sure if I could do it. She smiled big and said there is something I need to tell you.
Not sure what to think, and half buzzed I replied "WHAT". Teri proceded to tell me she herself had a dick and not just a dick, but a big dick. I instantly felt my cock stir and I knew if ther was going to be a first that she was the one. I went back inside to grab her coat while she made a phone call, then we got in her car and went back to her place.
The lights were out as she led me into the living room and pushed me down onto the couch. Teri turned on some music and made 2 of the strongest drinks i have ever had. After that I was ready, and so was Teri. She stood in front of me and slid up her skirt, revealing black lace panties with a bulge that I don't how I missed before. I reach out and pulled her panties aside allowing her 6" soft cock fall out. I leaned in and caught it in my mouth working that cock into its full 9" status. She grabbed the back of my head and started to face fuck me. The more I gagged, the harder she jammed her cock into my sloppy mouth. She started to get more demanding the longer we went. All at once, she thrusted her meat down my throat, mashing my nose against her. I felt her cock swell and begin to pulsate and cum started to fill my throat. As she released the grip on my head and started to drag she cock out of my throat, I tasted dick cum for the first time. I said that I would like more and she motioned me to follow her upstairs. I followed with my cock straining against my clothes seemingly leading the way. We entered a dimmly lit room with a large 4 post bed in the middle. she instructed me to undress and get onto the bed. I realized that I had worn womens undies and felt ackward as I pulled off my clothes. Teri had returned from the bathroom to find me standing there in this white feminine getup. Teri laughed "you are a slut aren't you". I answered yes and tried to explain, but she ordered me onto the bed and then said "I've got something for your slut ass. You are going to eat a lot of cum tonight, thats for sure".
Teri produced 4 bathrobe ties and started to to tie my hands, each to a sturdy post at the headboard. I protested, but she said "If you don't like it, then leave." I didn't want the night to end but looking back, I should have gone then. Teri finished with each foot tied as well. There I was, completely subdued and hard as a rock. She left the room and returned with a vidoecamera on a tripod. I instantly jerked agaianst the ties to free myself but Teri was skilled with knots and the bondage only tightened and the fabric, I could not tear. I pleaded to Teri that I had enough and begged her to set me free. Teri said "I'll tell you when I have had enough and we aren't even close"
Teri went back to the bathroom and then I heard her say, "guys come on out". Apparently when Teri made the phone call at the bar, she called home to stage this entire evening and I was just the unsuspecting cock hungry bitch she had been looking for. Out walked the biggest black guy I had ever seen and a tall thin white guy named Carl. Teri called to Bruce, the black man, and Teri said "see, I told you guys I could bring home a good one, and look I think he is ready to be a bitch, look how he is dressed. He's ready to take your cocks like the slut he is" With those words, I knew I was fucked, literally. The two men both had on jeans but no shirts. As they looked at me , they saw my hard dick. Carl said "I think it's time to show him what real cocks are for." They stripped off their jeans and for the first time I was scared. The size of their rods, even soft, sent waves of fear through me. I knew that if those huge pricks went in any of my holes, pain would be involved. They took up position on the bed on either side of my head. Carl's cock was a good 8" soft and Bruce's was at least 3" longer and much thicker. But rhe rest I will save for another time. It will be worth the wait

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