Bi-Sexual stories

day 3
by kneeling

The next morning I was up early and fixed my makeup how Carol showed me to and found a very short skirt Dave had laid out for me and some other new high heels, sandal type this time with no back on them, good for during the day before I put on my babydoll nightgown. I went into the kitchen and made him breakfast and enjoyed bending over the counter while he finished eating and felt my skirt ride up over my ass so he could see I had a thong only underneath. He teased me all day stroking my ass whenever he walked up behind me as I prepared food for tonight, like a good bitch should, and he enjoyed me serving like I should and complemented me on how good I looked in my very short skirt and I blushed and said thank you as I looked at the floor several times during the day. Whenever he patted my bottom during the day I would push back to his hand and hold still for him to fondle my cheeks. Late morning he gave me an enema and said I want to make sure you are clean and ready for anything tonight. I just enjoyed being on my knees in the bathroom and smiled and said Yes Sir as he slipped the nozzle in me. I noticed my hole was hot as sore as I thought I would be from taking Bernie's huge cock and thought, okay I took it so well because I was so turned on and lubed up. The welts on my cheeks and my thighs looked great in the mirror and late afternoon I cleaned up my makeup and lipstick and put on my black sheer babydoll again and my black beautiful high heels and sat on the couch and finished a glass of wine Dave poured me and enjoyed him eyeing me and looking me up and down as I walked back to the counter to refill my glass swinging my hips and palming my ass as I looked over my shoulder at him. After about half an hour the doorbell rang and we both walked over to let in our first guests and the lady with them, Sandy was in a very short skirt and high heels with Jess and she was very friendly and warm with me. Jessie was a very tall very big black man and he said "My don't you look nice" as he walked in, I said Thank you Sir and closed the door behind them and said can I take your coat Sandy and she said, yes just show me where and we went towards the side bedroom and she slipped it off and had a sheer nightgown slightly longer than mine on and said "see were practically twins tonight" She had bare legs too and looked very at home in her high heels too. She put her arm around me and squeezed my butt and smiled at me as she palmed my ass as we walked back into the kitchen area. The doorbell rang and we both walked towards the door and opened it and there was another couple, a very hot looking mexican girl, "Marcy" and John another big black man. I was starting to get an idea we "women" were here to be used for their pleasure and Marcy walked with us towards the bedroom and took off her coat and she too had nothing on her legs and was in a very short nightgown, she was a little more petite than I at 5'2" with me at "5'8" and Sandy at 5'4" tall. Marcy had the firmest tits and Sandy had the best ass, nice and bubbly and it pushed out even more in her heels. I couldn't wait to tongue both of them and hoped I would get the chance after the men all fucked me hard and filled my tummy and my asshole with their cum. I felt like I was becoming such a slut and was glad both of the girls made me feel pretty patting my bottom when we walked out to the men. I went about getting some of the food out on the tables and Dave was pouring everyone some wine and it started out great and only got better. As we girls were in the kitchen Sandy asked me "does he whip you regularly or just last night?" looking at my ass and thighs I looked over my shoulder and smiled and said "Last night was just the hardest so far and I love him for it" if you know what I mean. It takes his desire to make me complete by submitting for his desires and taking what he wants to do to me. Sandy walked over and patted my bottom and ran her hands up under my babydoll and palmed my striped ass and kissed me full on the lips and said "I know exactly what you mean girl" she then asked "Will you swallow an extremely large load or would you rather take it in your ass first so the next one will be a little less?" I said "I would love to swallow first to get it down in my tummy then take the next one in my ass, what you rather I do?" She just said good girl that is what I want tonight and Marcy smiled and said me too young lady and slapped my ass kind of hard and I kind of caught my breath as she pulled me to her and pressed her firm tits into me as she kissed me too. We then went out to the playroom and Jessie and John both were taking there shirts off and were just huge men and I couldn't wait to see how big their cocks were and be used by them like the slut I am. Dave smiled at me and nodded his approval as Jessie said, "Come over here Paula" and I walked straight over to him and felt so small as he pulled me in close and kissed me his tongue felt so big as I kissed him back and Sandy pushed me into him from behind and palmed my ass. I moaned into his mouth, and asked "What do you want Sir? You can have any part of me you want" I felt his immense cock throb at I french kissed him again and knew Dave was filming me being felt up and kissing like the slut I am. Sandy was behind me and asked "do you know about ropes of cum" and I shook my head no and said what is it? She went on to say Jessie can cum like a pint and it is just a lot to gulp down is all, I just don't want you to be overcome by the amount. I told her I didn't have a gag reflex and would be fine. She walked around and unbuttoned Jessie's pants and knelt down to take them down and off and I got my first look at the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was just semi hard and Sandy licked it up and down a little and said "Paula this thing is going to leave you sore and you will love it I am sure" I knelt down with her and started to work on his huge cock, it was so long and his balls were so big I was drooling all over myself and swallowed as i started working the head in my mouth and pumping with my hand as he got harder and looked up at him and tried to smile as he said, "Yes Paula you are a good bitch go ahead and work on it for me baby" Sandy stood up and kissed him and looked over at Marcy and went over and kissed her in front of John and helped her take down his pants. Marcy is such a hot little mexican submissive bitch I was really attracted to her and Sandy was a taller though slender hot white bitch like me but completely at home in heels and short nightgown. As Sandy helped Marcy take down John's pants she started working on his cock as Macy came back and helped me take my thong aside and lube up my asshole and leaned in to my ear and said, "John wants your tight asshole and he will pump a large load in you do you want that?" I nodded in agreement as fast as I could and pushed my ass back to her fingers as Dave gave her the syringe full of KY and she pushed it up me and handed him back the syringe and patted my ass and stroked over my welts causing me to moan on Jessie's cock. He was rock hard now and dripping precum like a faucet and I was swallowing every few seconds and loving it. he leaned back and sat in the chair as I readjusted to be face down in his lap and loved feeling him hold me by the head and fuck my mouth and into my throat. he said "I hope you are ready and Sandy came over and said let me know if you want it all or I will help you, he doesn't want any of his cum dropped on the floor" I moaned and pushed her away and she smile at me and said good girl as I kept sucking up and down as fast as I could, I felt his balls start to pull up a little and pulled back just a bit to get the first shot on my tongue where I could taste it then he said "Oh God Paula here it comes!" and shot the most cum I have ever seen even in a porn movie and went the rest of the way down to get it all in my throat and right down to my tummy. Oh my Sandy said, good girl and slapped my ass and then walked back over to Marcy and helped her get John to shoot load and gulp it all down. Marcy came right over and kissed me so I could taste his cum too, very sweet compared to Jessie but I would get it in a little while also. Dave took me into the kitchen and said you are a good bitch honey and I am glad you are taking what my friends want to give you. He asked me if I needed a break and I just kissed him and frenched him so he could see I was ready for more. When I got back into the playroom Jessie said "I want some of your hot ass now Paula, where do you want get it? and do you want to be on your back or from behind first?" I said however you want Sir, he said I want you on your back for a little while then doggy style so I got up on the table and he put a pillow under my hips and my head and Sandy had ben working on his cock and he was nice and hard again and he pushed her down over the table and slapped her ass a few times and told her good girl, go get me a paddle to use on you and she kind of squealed when Dave showed her a leather paddle and the wooden one with the holes in it, she took the leather as she has experience getting beaten by Jessie before and didn't want the wood with the holes. Later she was crying and sobbing and hiccuping like I was yesterday and I kind of smiled as Jessie went back into my ass. Earlier when he slipped the huge head of his cock in my ass, I gasped and held my hand up and he said he would go easy until I was used to it and I smiled and said thank you Sir. He got it all the way in me and was kissing me and I was sucking on his big tongue and begging him to fuck me however he wanted and he pounded me hard and pumped a large load in my tight ass. I didn't know but he didn't get all the way soft after he came and he just turned me over and fucked me again and pulled out and had Sandy swallow his cum. Marcy brought John over and readjusted the pillow under my hips and helped him ease into my tight ass. He was harder and i was glad I was taking him from behind when he got going I was amazed at how much he came and was glad Marcy had my butt plug in her hand when he pulled out and she kissed my neck and my ears as she eased the plug in me and told me I was a good girl to take it like that, I looked really good pushing up to that big black cock with my nice tight white ass. Later after I had swallowed John's cum they all got ready and left and Dave took me right down the hall and spanked me with his hand a little and then the leather paddle until i was crying and telling him I love him and he said show me and I go down on his cock right away and then got him to give it to me doggie style and pull out and cum in my mouth. He told me Sandy and Marcy would be back in the morning and wanted a piece of my ass too. I fell asleep as he slipped the plug back in me and we drifted off with me kissing him and sucking his tongue.

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