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Dancing with Sam
by Sexy Rebecca

Sam and Rebecca have only been friends for a little less then a year. They were both stunning girls. Sam was thin, tanned, blue eyes and long brown hair. Rebecca was thin but curvy (in all the right places), with olive skin, green eyes and long strawberry blond hair.
One summer's day, Sam went over to Rebecca's house to hang out. Rebecca answered the door in a short denim skirt and a tight black singlet.
"Hey! Come on in." She gestured for Sam to entre but not before looking her up and down.
Sam was wearing short shorts and a halter neck top with see through material revealing her stomach.
"Hey, so sorry I'm late. I got lost"
They both laughed. Sam followed Rebecca into her bedroom. Sam noticed a couple of magazines sprawled out on the bed and lied down to flick through them. Rebecca walked over to her computer and played some music in the background.
The girls hadn't seen each other for a while so they chatted about what they've been up to.
"Oh nothing really you know. Just working pretty much. How about you?" asked Sam.
"Yeah the same. It's been pretty boring actually."
They both started laughing and talking about the latest gossip in the magazines.
A new song starts to play on Rebecca's computer and she jumps up excitedly.
"Oh my god. I love this song!"
She turns the volume up and starts dancing. Sam laughing sits up to watch. Rebecca starts to move with the music and grabs Sam's arm to join her.
The two start dancing together, laughing. The girls start getting closer and closer to one another. Rebecca turn's around with her back facing Sam and starts grinding. Sam moves closer to her and places her hands on Rebecca's hips and grinds to the music with her, Rebecca then places her hands over the top of Sam's.
After dancing in this position for a few minutes, Rebecca rests her head back onto Sam's shoulder and releases her hands from their grip. Still dancing, Sam slowly starts to move her hands from Rebecca's waist down to the hem of her skirt then to her thighs. Rebecca's breathing becomes heavier but doesn't stop her.
Sam moves her head to Rebecca's neck, only brushing her lips against her skin. She moves her lips up to her ears and whispers,
"Tell me to stop if you want to"
A small smile appears on Rebecca's face as she shakes her head.
A new song, with a faster tempo, starts playing and the girls dancing becomes faster. Grinding on each other harder.
Sam makes small circles with her fingertips on Rebecca's thighs as Rebecca reaches back for Sam's head and brings it down to her neck.
With the softest of touch, Sam slowly glides her lips from Rebecca's shoulder to the top of her neck while moving her hands back up her legs and to the hem of her skirt.
Rebecca lets out a little moan and Sam takes that as her queue. She starts to kiss the top of her neck reaching over to her lips. The girls' lips meet in at first, a soft kiss. Growing stronger and hungrier. Their tongues rubbing each other.
With her back still to her, Rebecca reaches her hand out to touch Sam's cheek. Not breaking the kiss, Sam moves her hands underneath her skirt to feel her panties were soaked. She then moved her hands back to the straps of Rebecca's singlet. Realizing she isn't wearing a bra, Sam smiles and reaches down to Rebecca's large round breasts cupping them in her hands. The kissing getting more intense, Sam starts to massage Rebecca's nipples until they are hard. She then breaks the kiss to spin Rebecca around and bends down and starts to kiss her nipples then slowly licking her now erect nipples until Rebecca gives out another moan.
Sam stands up straight and pushes Rebecca back onto the bed, both giggling in excitement. Rebecca lay's down on top of the magazines and reaches out for Sam, bringing their lips together again.
With her boobs still out of her shirt, Rebecca takes it off then moves her hands towards the tie that is holding up Sam's shirt, pulling it apart so the shirt drops from her breasts to reveal that she too isn't wearing a bra. The girls laugh again and their lips meet.
While kissing the girls both grab hold of each other's breasts, rubbing and massaging in their hands. Sam kneels on the bed to remove her top completely and Rebecca kneels in front of her, placing Sam's left nipple inside her mouth. Sucking and licking her nipple until they're erect. She does this to both nipples until she is satisfied.
They both look at each other and then Sam pushes Rebecca back onto the bed and starts kissing slowly from her belly button downwards. Kissing her soft skin until she reaches her skirt. Slowly and teasingly, She unbuttons Rebecca's skirt and pulls it down to her legs. Getting it out of her way. Sam then looks back up to find Rebecca wearing a black see through G-string. She slowly pulls back the G-string to reveal a cleanly shaved, and wet, pussy.
Sam starts to slowly kiss the lips of Rebecca's throbbing pussy. Hearing Rebecca moan and beg for Sam to "˜touch' her, she separates the lips and starts to slowly rub her clit. Then adding two fingers into her hole. Sliding her fingers into her now dripping pussy, slowly in and out. Then adding a third finger and moving faster and faster. Harder every time. Sam then puts her mouth onto Rebecca's clit nibbling and licking while sliding three fingers in and out of her.
"Faster! Harder!" Rebecca would scream out. Sam was more than happy to obliged.
"Oh fuck yeah!" Her moans getting louder and Sam's fingers move faster and faster. Moving inside of her,
"Oh my God! I'm going to come!" Then without even thinking Sam moved her fingers even faster then before making Rebecca buck and scream in orgasm.
Her juices squirting out of her as Sam laps it up with her tongue. She moves back up the bed to join Rebecca and give her a taste of her juices by kissing her. Their tongues rubbing back and forward against each other.
Rebecca then jumps off the bed and runs to grab something out of a draw.
"What are you doing?" Sam asks.
"It's my turn now!" She says while holding up a vibrator.
Rebecca tears off Sam's shorts like an animal to reveal that she also isn't wearing any underwear.
"Oh now your just asking for it." The girls giggle.
Rebecca then licks Sam's shaved pussy, separating the lips to get to her clit. Sam moans and pushes Rebecca's head further into her pussy. Rebecca then places the vibrator, on a low setting, resting against Sam's clit while sliding one, two, three then four fingers into Sam's pussy. Rubbing harder and faster, in and out. Finger fucking her until Sam screams out again.
Rebecca then replaced the vibrator with her lips. Licking Sam's soaking wet pussy. She then turned the vibrator on high and inserted it deep into Sam's hole. Licking and nibbling on her clit while sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy.
Rebecca reaches up to grab hold of Sam's breast squeezing it hard and massaging it in her hands.
"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, YEAH! RIGHT THERE!" Sam screams.
Rebecca then removes the vibrator from her pussy and lifts Sam's leg over hers. Moving closer until the two pussy's meet. Rebecca slowly rubs her pussy against Sam's, teasing her, until she too is about to come. She holds onto Sam's leg grinding their pussy's harder and faster. Scissoring each other until they both orgasm together.
The girls lay there for hours, naked and kissing.
"Round two?" They both asked.

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Sexy Rebecca

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