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Dads Best Friend
by Suzy

Dad's best 60 year young sporty friend Called Irshad lived with his wife and daughter just two doors away. We are frequent visitor to each other house. Families meet and joke freely. I realised deep down he wish to fuck me though in front of others he mostly called me Baity (daughter), but when we were alone I became Suzy love and his communication was dual meaning.

One day I said uncle you are an old man but joking and behaving like young ones. No love, I am far better than today's young boys, but you don't understand, ask your aunty, uncle I do understand, I am no a child. Yes, I know you are older than your age, 19 years but look a beauty of 22 or 23. True I am quite attractive being a breed of Italian mum and Indian punjabi dad, S-shaped wiggling ass , pear shaped , longish breast and juicy thick lips. I decided to give this old young man a hard time in sex so he could never look up to me so started to flirt him. We became quite free , especially in body language, I was waiting for a chance.

One day while we were in his house, dad told them that day after tomorrow he and mum are invited to a party which is to go on late so they would stay there as will be drunk. So please take care of suzy. Don't you worry, proclaimed uncle and aunty. I said woh, uncle would surely come or phone to find out I am ok and I must hook him. Soon after mum and dad left, I phoned aunt to send uncle as I need some help in my accounts subject (He is accountant and I am student ) . I was ready with enchanting perfume and fairly thin nighty no bra only a bait colour panty with bold words "LUV" embossed in front. the door bell rang, with pause of 2 minutes, slowly opened the door and in low voice said " WElCOME LOVER" , He presented me 6 red rose, kissed me smoothly on lips and said you are stunning , nothing but shear beauty, I have been dreaming for this moment-thank you.

My lover I am all yours fuck me use me as you like we have this night. He screened me from toe to top checked my breast by pressing them over nighty and said just fantastic, baby I am going to suck all the nectar in you and deep down I was planning in my mind I must make him cum without entering me, or if not tire him so much that he is not able to walk properly. He carried me in his arms , I untie the nighty laces to wide open my bouncy boobs, he walked to my bedroom, on each step he would lick my nipple or kiss my lips. Placed me on bed, sat in between my legs, his old but soft hands rythemecally moving over thighs taking me to another world, started licking ang biting over panty until it became wet with his saliva and I started moaning with lust , when he removed my panty and his clothes I did not notice, his cock only half erect and I was dyeing for fuck, he turned me over and massaged every bit of body with tounge, he was licking my young body so artistically never heard of, until reached to ass lips, where he said darling your ass wiggles always made me crazy and his bites of ass lips with his lips were making me crazy, the work of toung from ass hole to pussy was utter crazy, I could not bear and turnd up, he now licked my clean pussy, I was moaning in pleasure and he was murmuring oh I will eat this delicious cunty slowly moved to my breasts and nipple sackings, at the same time his now erect over 8inch rod kept scratching my pussy and I was begging him please fuck me, bastered fuckbut he won't listen when I shouted I am going, he sealed my lips with his and hold me tight with his hand lied on top of me, I just released my load some over me and some on his cock and thighs, he too towel and cleaned me and himself, went down and came with two glasses of cold milk, his cock was up. I am sorry , no darling, why sorry , soon I will fuck, we chated , now I really loved him, he was rolling his fingers in my hair , lips etc and soon I took his dick in my mouth after a while he lye down next to me , took my hand and placed on his nipples, I rolled finger tips over nipples which he seemed to enjoy, then turned over and said luv fuck my ass with your boobs, a new experience and quite erotic for me, he the made me dogy and said Shall I fuck you in ass, no it's had no, I never had, not to worry you will like believe me, he brought two in one shampoo from bath room and slowly applied on my ass hole and his dick using fingers wetted with water massaged it inside the hole, just this treatment was so soothing then he slowly pushed one followed by second finger, what a lust I was getting with work of finger this followed his thick tool, he placed the top on the hole grabbed me from shoulders and then one big push, painful until it went in then steam engine like push and pull was good enough to take you to heaven , after five minutes, we both chummed, he emptied his load inside and mine was all over my legs, cleaned and as lied together, my phone rang, aunts asked me Suzy Beta (Suzy daughter) has uncle finished teachings accounts, I aunts it will take an hour or so more, ok we want to sleep ask uncle if he can sleep there we can lock door and sleep, uncle took phone and said ok darling I will stay here.

We both embrassed and laughed saying today nature is on our side. Now we were relaxed so got ourselves alcohol and filled bath tub, got in my head on his hairy chest and drinking from his glass because in my one hand was his beautiful dick, we dried each other, he called my dad told him he is teaching Suzy and might stay here, dad was happy saying , well now we can enjoy the party and stay here, thank you my friend. We laughed at teaching , but I said to my self it is teaching, he taught me few new things will do whole night. Now we were hungry so were eating pizza left in fridge , we did some frank chat and whole night went in loving and fucking, twice ass and twice cunt, we went to sleep all nacked around 5 o, clock morning, he got up at 7 am , kissed bye and to his wife. We both wished another chance, but I decided against my desire because I learned that mum dad, he and his wife exchange and do group sex, I now wish dad fuck his daughter but she is only 14 and homely type. This is not story but true happening.

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