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Couples Party
by Tracy Peters

I met another couple on line and told them we where interested in me having sex with other men and I wanted to experience some BDSM. We met on a Friday night at their beatuful home. The house was huge with about five bedrooms, pool, hot tub and play room that was all set up with some bondage gear, ropes and chains hanging from the cieling, a stage set with lights and hooks fitted in the floor and X frames made out of wood. We arrived around nine and was greated by a really hot woman dressed in a dominatrix outfit. The first thing she did was tell my husband to undress and get down on his knees. We left him at the entrance, naked on his knees with his hands and feet bound. Julie showed me around the house and asked me how I wanted to play that evening. I told her I would love to be treated like a slave, and didn't care who used me but I didn't want my husband to touch any other women, men where OK, but no women. She laughed and said with his small cock no women would be interested anyway. John heard this and we both laughed at him.
Another couple arrived and we all went into the playroom. John followed us and sat on the floor in front of me. I talked to the other couples for awile until Julie came over and took my hand leading me to the center of the room. I stood there while Julie walked around me, sizing me up. This is going to be our slut for tonight, what do you say we do to her? Everone started making suggestions, some where almost scary and I started to say something. Shut the fuck up you filthy whore, your mouth is not for talking! She took out her whip and struck me across my ass making me flinch. Thank me bitch! I did and asked her for another. Not now, you havn't earned it yet. She stripped me naked, throwing my clothes to the audience. Again she hit me with the whip, it hurt but it turned me on so much I wanted to touch my own pussy. Julie grabbed my head and kissed me, not a gentle kiss but hard and forcefull. She felt my breasts and reached down to open my legs and explore my pussy. Open your legs more! I did and she started forcing her fingers inside of me. Someone walked up behind me and grabbed my arms pinning them behind me. Julie was slapping my tits and pussy making them sore and telling me that everone was going to use me and I didn't have a choice, I gave up that right when I walked in.
I felt my hands raised above my head, the guy behing me must have been tall and strong as I was almost pulled off my feet. Two other men came up and grabbed my ankles pulling me up and spreading my legs. The guy behind me put his arms under mine and around the back of my head then they lowered me to the ground. I could feel his erection in the crack of my ass, it was too big I thought for what I knew he had in mind. Julie got between my legs and I could feel her rubbing lube on his cock, I started to complain but she told me to shut up and someone forced a ball gag in my mouth. I couldn't move, I was pinned and helpless, my legs where spread and no one there was going to help me. I thought to myself: You have to go through with this, your pussy husband can't help you. I looked over at him and to my suprise he was standing there with a hard on with a look of satisfaction on his face. This is how you want to get back at me for all the times I have made you watch me fuck other men, fuck you I thought! About that time Julie aimed the guys cock at my asshole and held my hips as he shoved it in. It hurt and I tried to keep my anal muscles tight but they where no match for his increadably hard dick. I just relaxed and it went in all the way. I bit down on the ball gag and took the pain while the room full of people cheered the guys on. FUCK THE WHORE, I heard them say! Get in there and use her other holes! I felt hands all over me, some gentle, some roughly pinching my nipples and one of the women took out my ball gag and kissed me. Please make them stop I pleaded to her. She just laughed and said it will stop when everyone was done with me.
I felt someone standing between my legs and opening my lips then the head of his cock, then all of it. Deep inside of me then out. The guys got a rithem going, the cock in my ass pushed while the cock in my pussy pulled. I felt like I was being torn apart but I loved it. Julie could tell I was about to scream in orgasm so she hit me across the chest with a flogger. I looked up at her and she said: sluts are not allowed to cum!
At one point I must have been tied up but I don't remember it. All the men in the room where inside of me at one point or another during the night, several men forced me to drink their cum. I could look over and see other women being fucked or beaten and they all seemed to love it. My husband was forced to suck off a couple of the men and I watched as one used his ass, sinking his cock deep inside of his virgin man pussy. They untied me and I got up but I almost fell down, my legs where like jelly.
Julie and another woman helped me up. I wanted to sit on the couch but my ass was so sore from the whips and cock that had been abusing it all night. They took me in and helped me shower, I was exhausted. After I dressed they asked me if I had a good time. I thought and said that this was the best evening I can remember ever having and I wanted to come back! I collected my husband and he drove home, both of our asses sore from the night of beatings and penatrations.
We are going back to their next party where I am hoping to be the center of attention again but Julie says they have another sweet young thing to break in!

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Tracy Peters

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