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CFNM in the Dorm
by CollegeBoi

It was my first year in college and I was ready for some very serious partying. It wasn't that I was a poor student. I went to all of my classes, studied hard, and got pretty good grades. I also flirted with anyone that was relatively attractive in just about every single class. I think my over exertion in flirting made me a target. I got into a pretty good discussion with a girl named Christina and she wanted to know how "experienced" I was. I mentioned that I had a number of girl friends back home and that I had lost my virginity as a freshman in high school. My constant bragging seemed to impress her, so I kept going.

After a bit, Christina asked me if I would like to come to a party at her dorm room. I was so excited and immediately accepted. She explained how to get there and to show up around 8:00 on Friday night.

I showed up about ten minutes early, but Christina invited me in and gave me a drink. There were about ten other girls there already in the small dorm room. I asked how many others were going to show up, because this room was pretty small. Christina said that everyone was already here and that I was the last to arrive. I looked around and noticed that I was the only guy here at the party.

Christina smiles at me. "Ready to party?", she asks as she leads me to the back of the dorm room.

I smile a little nervously, but say, "sure, lets party all night, I may need another drink though." Christina gives me another drink but then starts to take my shirt off. I am kind of turned on with her friskiness and let her get my shirt completely off.

Once my shirt if off and I have finished my second beer, The rest of the girls surround me. Within seconds, my shoes are being pulled off, followed by my pants and then my underwear. About ten seconds later, I am left sitting there completely naked in front of ten girls at this party crammed into a small dorm room.

Christina smiles at me and holds my dick softly, "its called a CFNM party. Ever hear of one before?" I shake my head no and she explains that the girls stay dressed, but the one guy gets naked and we all have a party. Of course if I was too chicken, they would give me my clothes back and I could go home. Well there was no way, I could walk away and be shamed from this. I stayed and danced and partied all night with everyone. When I got home, I had to strip naked again to copy down several of the phone numbers they had written on my body.

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