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Busy Day
by Chicken Prince

Today is cozy,
I wake up early,
My pants are watery,
My cock is dirty,
Last was a crazy,
My heart is fussy,
My eyes are dizzy,
Smell the stink of pussy,
Ho, again! Pants are getting stiffy,
So hard to bear, so hard to resist,
I stoke it then, my hands are busy,
What can I say, how could it be?
You strip off your lace, my cock is cocky,
Suck your tits, massage your clitoris,
Girl, you are the slut, who makes me horny,
Ticktack, ticktack, that comes creamy,
Slap your ass, dont get grumpy,
Close your eyes, you are getting drowsy,
Lower your scream, isnt it funny?
Move your butt, shake your body,
Straddle your legs, on my little bunny,
What a busy day, I am too busy!

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Chicken Prince

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