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Breakfast Club - Part 2
by Byurwildthing

It just turned 10:00 am as she entered the specified location. Now wet with anticipation, She found herself finishing the preparation by tieing the black silk blindfold about her eyes and reclining on the leather sofa - with baited breath - as instructed and agreed.

She had initially walked into the room, not knowing what to expect - but it was lovely, clean, warm and had a very sophisticated feel with the furnishings. The centrepiece was a "sofa" that was more of a lounge with amazing accessories and strategic cut outs that left her wondering how they would work... After a quick scan around the room, she turned down the lights, settled down as instructed, stripped to her designer lingerie ,and laid out her favorite toys beside the couch.

Settling in, she could hear the music start, with a deep intense bass line. Then, as the background music changed tempo, she heard the door quietly open and soft footsteps approach. As instructed and agreed, she tried to remained passive and relaxed - but she could feel the adrenalin rush and her nipples harden in anticipation. She could feel his size and strength in the weighted rhythm of his tread as he approached. Then kneeling in front of Her between her legs, she could scent him - all musk and hormones - as his hands slid up the outside of her thighs. Aching to reach out, She confine her response to a gently widening of her legs in anticipation knowing what was to cum.

As he stroked her body firmly, moving along Her arms, the side of her chest and crossing to the inside of her thighs, Her body responded, leaking moisture from her charm. She could feel the rhythm start inside, her breathing increase and her muscles relax. She grasped the couch and instinctively started to reach out farther with Her legs. She wanted that contact, the thick fullness she knew awaited her.

Feeling her movement, his hands grasped her knickers as She lifted her hips. They were removed them with lightening speed as he smoothly moved out of her embrace. He shifted her forward on the couch and placed each of her legs comfortably in the purpose built slings - supporting her weight but leaving her opening like the petals of a rose.

With a barely perceived change in rhythm he resumed the stroking, touching, kneading and caressing Her hot and bothered body. Succumbing to temptation, She reached her hand between her wet and swollen lips to stroke her engorged and swollen clit with her right hand as her left hand moved to ample endowments - shifting them clear of the bustier and caressing her right nipple. Without losing contact with Her, he slid to her left side as She felt his firm tongue circle her left nipple as his fingers began to open and explore her punani.

As his lips locked onto her nipple and his hand disappeared deeper inside her she could feel her body start to climb the wave. A muffled "Don't stop..." escaped her lips. Arcing her hips, she could feel him his fingers hit her G-Spot as his thumb began caressing and probing her ginger ring.

The tension was perfect and She prepared to lose Herself in the throws of passion, her hips arcing higher seeking to claim the prize they had entrapped. Frustratingly, she felt her hands gently but firmly restrained and drawn to her sides (...ok, how did he do that...). Annoyed, she started to open her mouth - only to feel another mouth on her other breast (...ok so where did he come from..), a rhythmic buzzing start, and his fingers withdrawn gently from her very wet and eager love glove... Now positively wriggling in anticipation - she knew what was next...
*** *** *** *** ***
This had all started after the Breakfast Club sessions. BC was good, it was regular, it wasn't always predictable but she wanted more. She learned so much about her body - he always played her like a fine instrument and my God but he had fine fingers... Finding out that she was multi-orgasmic was wonderful but you needed a lover with stamina and more time than 15 minutes to really appreciate this feature (...although She thought "...cumming 9 times in 15 minutes from a cold start is pretty dam fine thank you very much...").

Now before you get the wrong idea, the masturbation was pretty good (...what else could you call something you generally did 5 or 6 times a day at the office...). And frankly She felt a Girl needed a Guy like a fish needs a bicycle once you had the BC... but She wanted something to remember - and a birthday present to herself seemed appropriate.

So it was on the basis of her history with inadequate men (She called them "try-firms" because they were never as hard as you wanted, when you wanted, for as long as you wanted...) that She had decided against paying for just any old stuffing - she wanted a life defining experience. She had seen them big, wide, long, thick - but also boringly soft, short, pencil thin and woefully crooked. In her mind, girls were your friends, boys were just walking cocks with wallets. Her and Her girlfriends joked that lawyers and accounts were best though - their ties kept the foreskin down. And for now, She had the money and God knows that she had the imagination - she was going to have an experience that her friends would kill for.

After the initial discussions, it became clear that through the BC, pretty much anything could be arranged. Well then Her imagination went into overdrive. Everyday at lunch, she would head off to a bench on the edge of the park near her office to clear her head and do research. Some people would have called it 'watching porn' on her iPhone (God Bless Apple), but She was taking notes, building her ideas, and sending notes about her likes and dislikes to her 'experience author'...

A wonderful side effect of the research was that by the end of lunch, She was generally so wet and swollen that she could just look over at guys playing soccer on the quad, sqeeze Her thighs together, and she simply went off, quivering on the bench. Unfortunately, all this research opened up her potentials more than she had ever anticipated. One day, as a particularly hard bodied, half naked Beckham look alike was playing on the oval - her research induced mind numbing orgasm resulted in her realizing that she could and (now) did squirt.

Well this opened up a whole new set of possibilities that needed to be explored. Now after research, she would retire to the ladies room where she brought herself off in the cubicle. Well, the first time she let go, it sounded like a frog in a blender. When she emerged, her Boss asked if she was ok. "...a bladder infection" she replied trying to keep a straight face.

As anticipation is half the fun, she spent a good solid two weeks working out the scenario for her birthday present. She glossed over the details, the number of guys involved, but did specify how and where to use the toys, the possible mild bondage, and the final surprise. She was undecided about watersports - but stuffing the ginger ring was game on! Her 'experience author' told HER that a blindfold was necessary, her magic word was "Pumpkin", and to show up showered with an extra set of lingerie at 10:00 am...

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