Bi-Sexual stories

Brandi on the Beach
by CrimsonStar

I never realized how horny a woman could make me until I went to spend a summer on the beach with my Dad's new stepdaughter. Dad wanted me to "keep an eye on her - she's a little wild!"
Brandi answered the door in a gauzy beach dress that showed her naked breasts and puffy nipples very clearly. I was disappointed to see that she was wearing thong underwear! I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful body. That night, I masturbated three times just thinking about sucking those beautiful nipples and licking her pussy.
The next day, we went down to the beach in our bikinis and set up a blanket. There were several single men looking at us, and to my surprise, Brandi took off her top! My pussy was instantly buzzing and aching to come! So I decided to make a move of my own by removing my own top!
Naturally, all the men were staring at us. One was rubbing his erection through his swimming trunks!
"Let's give them a little show!" Brandi said, and reached over and kissed me full on the mouth. All I could do was moan! Soon I forgot all about the men that were watching me as I kissed her throat and made my way towards those gorgeous tits! I orgasmed while I was sucking them, and then made my way down to her sweet little shaved pussy lips. I spread the labia with my fingers, and went to work licking her clit with my dripping hungry tongue. My pussy was aching, dripping with desire!
Then I felt a little tug as the string to my bottoms came loose - one of the men was standing behind me, completely naked with a raging hard on! "Yes please!" I moaned, and he thrust it inside me. I came the minute he was inside me, and so did Brandi! Then she got down on all fours and said "Anyone else?"
It was the best summer of my life.

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