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Boys and Girl
by Amanda Marais

I was walking with some friends through the shopping mall on a sunny summer day . It was vacation so we didn't have to go to school . Nothing to do , slumbering around all day . Everyone of us was bored and the warm hot burning sun was making us lazy too . Little drops of sweat were covering our faces and bodies . We needed a refreshment , and we needed it quick . I was thinking about a nice and cold ice cream till a friend came onto the idea to go swimming in the large lake not far from here . It was a private property so we needed to watch out that we didn't get caught cause there was no trespassing or swimming allowed in that Lake . But we wanted to take that risk . Everybody agreed to go swimming cause this would do us all good and cool us down . So we walked to the lake .

A few minutes later we arrived at the lake after climbing over the fence . The Lake was surrounded by a large forest so nobody could see us . The lake was calm , there was no wind , the sun burning on our flesh . We wanted to jump in the lake , the only problem was that we didn't have any swimming outfits , no bikini's or nothing and the guys had the same problem . So we decided to go swimming in our underwear , guys only wearing their boxers and girls only wearing their bra and panties or thongs . So we undressed , threw all the clothes on a pile and jumped into the water . It felt so good and it was so refreshing . A very welcome refreshment indeed .

At first we were all swimming very close together but after a while the group parted in several groups . The lake was very large . Some male friends were whispering to each other , but I couldn't hear it very well so while they slowly moved away from the other group I went with them . All my other female friends stayed behind with a few other male friends and I swam away to the other side of the lake with a few male friends who had made me curious .

We arrived at the other side of the lake . I could barely stand and keep my head above the water . The water almost touched my shin . The guys were taller so they had their shoulders above the water . They were still whispering , making me even more curious . I knew they were planning something but I didn't know what . It gave an exciting feeling . By now we were completely out of sight and our other friends could not see us anymore . The guys closed down on me . One of my friends , Mark , came very close and was standing right in front of me now and leaned forward to kiss me in my neck . I let him do and his kisses came closer towards my mouth . His lips touched mine , his hot tongue slowly pushing against my lips to come inside . I parted my lips for him and his tongue slipped into my mouth , meeting my tongue . He kissed very sensual and it turned me on as our tongue were turning around in our mouths , sharing each others liquids . I felt how Mark laid his hand on my breasts and I couldn't help myself and a moan escaped between my lips . This turned him on even more and gently he started rubbing my breasts through my bra with both his hands . The other guys were still standing around us and watching what was going on . They noticed that I was horny and they also liked a horny naughty adventure .

The guys could not control their lusts and hormones any longer . Mark kept on kissing me deep and in the meanwhile I felt another hand moving over my leg towards my pussy . It was Raimo's hand . Raimo was standing behind me now , the tips of his fingers running on the inside of my thigh and moving higher . He moved his hand into my thong and rubber over my swollen pussy lips . The water made it easy for him to slide a 2 fingers inside me at once . Mark's tongue was still fighting with mine while Raimo's fingers were exploring my pussy , trying to find my clitoris . When he found it he started to rub it around in circles , hard and fast , causing me to moan . I couldn't moan loud cause Mark's lips were still covering my mouth and his hands still rubbing over my breasts . By now Mark already pulled my bra down so he could feel the skin of my breasts in his hands .

By this time they made me so horny that I lost total control of my mind and I let passion and lust control my body now . I moved my hand into Mark's boxers and took his hard cock into my hand . It felt so tall and thick . With gentle strokes are started to masturbate him . This didn't go very easy cause his boxers were in the way . He noticed that and slipped them down so I could jerk his cock off in a decent way . I wanted to have a cock inside me so bad by now . And before I knew it I said it out loud that I wanted to feel something hard inside me . Off course that was something that the guys loved to hear and they fulfilled my wish instantly . Mark removed his hand from my cock and he guided his cock inside my willing pussy . His cock was very big , filling my pussy all the way , stretching me out with his hard as rock dick . It was a sensational feeling . Slowly her moved back and forth . After a while he started to increase the tempo . As fast as he could he was fucking me , but the water was slowing him down . Mark was so horny that he came a few minutes later , his hot sperm filling up my cunt with loud moans . After he came , he pulled his cock out off my pussy and told Raimo it was his turn .

Raimo nodded and he took Mark's place in front of me and slipped his hard cock down my pussy . His cock was not as big as Mark's cock but Raimo's cock was much longer , as he pushed it deep inside I felt my tummy tingling . He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his hips . I laid my arms around him and he started fucking me in the water . It felt so good to have a new dick inside me . All that time , Jim had been watching us and had been jerking off by himself . He wanted to get involved and moved behind me . He placed the head of his cock against my asshole and slowly starting pushing it inside my ass . I screamed it out cause it hurted a bit . I wasn't prepared for a cock in my asshole . Jim laid his hand on my mouth to shut me up as he pushed his cock deeper into my ass . It was inside me now . He grabbed my hips and both Raimo and Jim starting fucking me . I was the meat between their sandwich and I was loving it . They bucked as fast as they could and I was cumming . Jim's hand still on my mouth cause I was moaning and screaming . I came , my pussy contracting around Raimo's hard cock and Jim still in my ass . I was satisfied but the guys weren't, still bucking on all my holes as Jim wrapped his hands around my neck , bucking harder and pulling my head back . I couldn't breathe very well with his hands around my neck . He was cumming , with hard strokes I felt his cum filling up my ass , a warm sensation filling the empty void . At the same moment Raimo was cumming , more sperm filling my body , this time in my pussy , mixing his sperm with Mark's sperm that was still inside me . Jim released my neck and pulled his cock out of my ass while Raimo shot his last drops of cum into me . I was exhausted , my body was so tired of being used . I couldn't swim my way to the other end of the lake again .

After putting our underwear back in place , Mark decided to put me on his back and carry me to the other end of the lake . When we arrived at the other side of the lake , our other friends were sitting on the side in the grass , relaxing , not knowing what had happened that day . It was my secret and the secret of 3 other guys .

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Amanda Marais

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