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Boarding School
by LL_

All Girl Boarding-Schools tend to get a little wild when girls are cooped up month after month together. I had been going to one for around a year now and I was enjoying the pleasure of just being away from my parent's nagging tendencies.
It was the last day of the school term and me and my two friends, Olivia and Hannah were packing our cases as we were due to be picked up by our parents in less than four hours. Hannah was quite a broody girl with an upturned nose and massive breasts that made her top stretch to the point of breaking and Olivia was a sweet and tender little thing who still thought that saying 'shit' the worst impossible way to abuse the English language. I got along well with Olivia but Hannah was not so friendly with me.
Hannah dragged her case out of the room, muttering a goodbye while I placed one of my wispy scarlet bras into my case. I could feel Olivia's searching eyes on me and I felt a blush creepy toy my cheeks. It was rather embarassing holding up my undergarments in front of an innocent young teenager like her.
'Lilly,' she muttered. 'Will you come visit me in the summer?'
The question took me by surprise and I looked up from my case, finally having finished packing. I rolled my case onto the floor and smiled at her.
'Sure,' she was finished too and carefully we both sauntered over to the door. In unision, we both put our hands out to turned the door-handle and suddenly, Olivia wound her fingers into mine. My heart pounded. What was going on? She knew I wasn't into girls!
And then she turned around to face me, her cornflower blue eyes gazing into mine and then she kissed me.Tender and sweet at first then more forceful. She wrapped her arms around me, pushing me into the wall. Who knew someone so small could use such force like that?
To this day, I do not know why but I kissed her back and then we were stumbling over to the bed, sliding our shirts off and tugging down our skirts. It was custom to wear these as Uniforms and in no time at all, we were lying on top of each other on the bed.
Olivia started to grind agaist me, her pussy slowly rubbing against my one. It was like a switch being turned on inside me. We hadn't even got our underwear off yet. We rocked our hips together, moans whimpering out our mouths and then she climbed down the bed, pulled down my thongs.
And started to lick my pussy!
The angel gone wild. She licked, sucked, prodded until I could hardly breathe. My back was archd, my head pushing her down, holding onto the railings of the bed and then Hannah walked in.
Her eyes widened but she didn't gasp. She walked over to the side of the bed and started to play with my tits, enviously. I was surprised. What was going on?! I started to moan louder and louder until I reached climax and collapsed back into the bed.
There was silence as we dressed and pulled our cases to the top of the stairs and just as we were about to leave. Olivia placed a sweet kiss on my cheek. I smiled.
'I'm definatly coming to visit you in the summer,' I whispered then disapeared back to my parents. I was a lesbian and proud!

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