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Birthday Gift
by Bec

Hannah had just turned 18 and to celebrate, her and her best friend Lacy, went to a beautiful tropical island.
Lacy had always thought Hannah was attractive, Hannah had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, she had a slim body with a firm ass, she was wearig only a skimpy top and a really mini skirt. Lacy had fantazised about doing naughty things with Hannah but had never told her that she wanted to do them.
As the girls got of the ferry and walked to the resort they were staying in, Hannah couldn't help but notice that Lacy was looking very sexy in her strapless top and tight shorts that complimented her ass. Hannah had always been straight and had never really thought about girls this way before but suddenly she had the urge to rip off Lacys clothes and fuck her.
Hannah put her thoughts to the back of her head and said nothing to Lacy.
They were going to go for a swim that afternoon but it got really windy so the decided to stay in. The girls turned of the tv and started watching some crappy horror movie.
Every few minutes Lacy would inch closer to Hannah, pretending to be scared. Hannah put her hand around Lacys waist and held her close. It seemed like Hannah's hand had a mind of its own though, she moved it further down Lacys back and was soon clutching her petite ass.
Lacy did nothing to stop her, in fact she was quite injoying it. She felt her panties getting wet and she knew she wanted Hannah. She leaned up to face Hannah in the eyes and the kissed her, Hannah was surprised but didn't pull away, she deepened the kiss, sucking gently on her best friends delicious tongue.
The girls kissed passionately for a few minutes then moved to the bedroom. Lacy locked the door behind her and faced Hannah with a stern and sexy look.
"Hannah," she said, her voice gruff with eroticism "I think you are the sexiest girl in the world and you make me so horny, I just want to fuck your pussy right here"
"Why don't you then?" Asked Hannah with a sly grin. She lay down on the double bed and spread her legs wide, she wasn't wearing any panties and her shaved pussy beckoned Lacy. She practically jumped onto Hannah, roughly pulling off her clothes until she was completely naked. Then Hannah did the same to Lacy.
They looked at eachother for a second, marvelling at each others large breasts and soaking wet pussys. Lacy didn't need an invitation and she started kneading Hannah's breasts between her fingers before she put her lips on one and slowing started sucking and nipping it, then she did the same with her other nipple. Quiet moans slipped out of Hannah's mouth and they got louder as Lacy ran her tongue down her stomach.
She kissed the insides of Hannah's thighs and slowly kissed closer and closer to her wet pussy. Eventually she couldn't help her self and she reached Hannah's slit. Lacy swirled her tongue around her clit and nibbled it gently eventually slipped her tongue into her. Hannah erupted in moans and she bucked her hips against Lacys face. Lacy continued to eat her out, making her orgasm so many times.
"Happy birthday Han," said Lacy
"Best birthday present ever," gasped Hannah between moans of ecstasy.

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