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Big Boob Fun
by Zoe32F

This was my first experience in having another big pair of breasts doing all sorts of things to my breasts.
I'm a slim curvy girl with large firm pointy 32F boobs, my friend also slim has large 34EE boobs, she invited me out for a drink one night and as we were in this club dancing the night away on the dance floor her big breasts kept rubbing and bumping against my own as we danced, I found it strange at first but as they bumped together I started to really enjoy the feeling of them coming together so hard, at one point she got bumped into from behind from another girl and both her big breasts bashed full on into my big breasts which knocked me backwards a bit, it did make me giggle and she ask me if I was ok, when I told her I was and said that I had never had a big pair of boobs bash my boobs so hard she just said, I can show you how it really feels later if you like, I wasn't sure what she was on about and ask her what she meant, she told me that she would make her breasts do all sorts of things to my breasts and hard too, as we danced some more her breasts were bumping my breasts more and more and a few times getting really pushed hard together, I looked down as they got pushed hard and was shocked to see how big breasts bulge against big breasts and it did feel really good and I would be lieing if I said I didn't like the feeling.

Getting back to her house we got inside the front door and as I closed it behind me she spun me round and pulled me into her, our breasts met with a hard full on bump and as they did she really squeezed me so tight totally crushing big breasts flat to big breasts, hold me so tight against her she ask me if she could use her breasts on my breasts the way she likes to, I agreed and with that she took my top off plus her own and started to make her lovely big button nipples brush against my own large button nipples, it took no time at all for both our nipples to become so hard and stiff as she made her nipples flick across my own, then she made her nipples push right into my nipples full on and then put her arms around me and made her breasts bump my breasts gently at first but got harder as she did it, as she bumped breasts with me I could really feel our hard nipples getting crushed together as our breasts bumped flat, she made her breasts do loads more things to my breasts and by the end of the night both our breasts were so red from all the hard contact they had, we have done this many times since then and will NOT stop as the feeling is amazing and would really recommend other girls with big breasts have boob to boob fun like this, the only thing is, by the end both our big hard button nipples were so sore from crushing and flicking each other but GOD it felt awsum.

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