Lesbian Sex stories

Becoming a lesbo
by Panty pee-we

I\'m an attention whore, finally realized I have a thing for older professional, interesting, smart women. It all started when I was 7. I was in school doing a project and realized I had to piss. So I put one hand on my crotch other in the air. Being a shy kid, and my parents were separated/ always at bars meeting new people or in jail or whatever,I never got attention unless I was bad, but I liked to please, so bad was out of the option. As normal I was ignored at this moment, so I kept my hand raised. My eyes were watering and I finally flooded my pants. I liked the feeling of warm piss in my jeans. I stayed in my wet jeans, and my teacher finally noticed before the next recess. During recess, she grabbed some clothes for me to change into, I went into the bathroom, she waited for me, I came back and she helped me bag my wet jeans, she comforted me and wiped my tears. I loved that moment she cared about me, she loved me, she squeezed me. My teacher was sexy too with make up, long black hair to her waste, long legs, hazel eyes, and wore short skirts and boots. I liked this so much that I peed myself at least once or twice a week for the rest of the year. That same year I heard the word sex and ending up pussy rubbing with my best friend whenever we had slumber parties, we could really please eachother and did until I moved away. I should have figured that I was a lesbo then, but it took me another 18 years. I "liked" my teachers, stay after for homework help, or cry in the middle of class to go to the hallway for teacher hugs, or the warm fuzzy feeling, when I\'d talk with the teacher or get hugs I got a warm feeling in my chest, and sometimes I\'d cream my panties! Once when I was 14 I peed my pants, to see if I could get the same attention, and I did! To this day I love peeing my pants and rubbing my vag thinking about that warm feeling. In college, I was able to explore my sexuality. I had a crush on a 60 year old professor. I was a great student and she liked me. She had a husband but they seemed distant. I\'d go to her office hours, and we\'d have lunch together. We started meeting at her house for my independent study. One day, we looked at eachother lovingly after a heart to heart, and started kissing and making out! I took off her shirt, and rubbed her back and boobs, I kissed down her chest to her pants softly. I sucked her nipples. We were moving our hips up and down grinding our pussies into one another. I peed a little and she put her hand in my tight pants kissed my softly and held my crotch. I lifted her long skirt and put my hand on her silky wet panties I felt her cumming so I got down and licked her panties and her pussy. We rubbed out underwear together. She sucked my boobs.
I stripped off her panties, she stripped mine and scissored, I squealed and she grunted!! We continued our sexual relationship for 3 years, sometimes even office sex, until she had to move away. Sometimes, I\'d even piss my tight jeans in front of her in her office which got her excited. I miss her every day. I love older women and hope to find one again soon.

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Panty pee-we

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