Bi-Sexual stories

Anne Martin & Stuart are at it all the time!
by Dave the cuckold

My young white wife Anne, & her 2 blond n blue eyed lovers Stuart & Martin are now well & truly \'close\', & into so so many sex acts that can only be described as kinky. Me? As a bi sexual cuckold I naturally take great pleasure in masturbating my Indian cock whilst not just watching my wife committing adultery, but by also pleasing her 2 lovers whenever called upon to do so!
When Anne sucks Martin off, with his \'love\' in her mouth, she slowly & lovingly locks her mouth to Stusrt\'s mouth, & transfers Martin\'s love-cream from her mouth into Stuart\'s mouth. Stuart LOVES tasting Martin\'s spunk thus! And of course, the compliment is repaid when Anne\'s hot mouth is used in letting Martin swallow Stuart\'s come in similiar style!
I love peanut butter, & Anne loves marmalade! So the best way for me to eat peeanut butter is for Martin to dip his blond cock into a jar of peanut butter, & then with all the stuff on his manhood, for me to kneel before him, & to slowly lick his cock clean, so that I get to taste the peanut butter from off his cock. Is it \'cock-flavoured peanut butter\', or is it \'peanut flavoured cock\'? AND the same goes for Anne & Stuart; only this time with Stuart dipping his cock in a jar of orange marmalade, & for my loving wife to kneel before him, & to likewise slowly & lovingly, with lips & tongue, to lick his monster clean, LOVING the taste of \'marmalade flavoured cock\'! AND it doesn\'t end there either. Often have I taken peanut butter in my hands, & applied it ALL over Stuart\'s arse-hole; MASSES of it. And then? Yes, you\'ve guessed it---a nice slow arse licking session, as I taste his shitter thus! Believe me, peanut butter tastes so so much better like that! My wife, not to be outdone does the same, applying marmalade on Martin\'s sweet arse hole, before kneeling behind him, & giving his fart-hole a long & lovely lick clean. Between mouthfuls, she often remarks aloud, \'LOVE eating marmalade like this!\'
May seem tame to some, but french kissing means a lot to my wife & her lovers, so it\'s not uncommon for Martin, this strong & muscular blond stud, to pick Anne up in his strong arms, & for them, both fully naked (except Anne ALWAYS wears her 7 inch heels!) to french kiss nice & long & slow! Me? Like the cuckold I am, I kneel before Martin\'s magnificent erection, & as my wife & he french snog, I give this blond stud a nice long slow cock-suck whilst on ny knees before him! PURE delight!
Anne, Martin & Stuart LOVE wine; people say the best way to drink red wine is at room temperature. Wrong! The ONLY way to drink red wine is when Anne takes a mouthful, & then slowly locks her mouth onto Stuart\'s mouth, & transfers the wine from her sweet mouth into his sweet mouth. Then Martin repays the compliment by taking a mouthful, & then by locking mouths with my wife, transfers the wine from his mouth into my wife\'s hot open mouth. Being bi, the 2 blond studs also naturally like to drink wine thus, alternating---first Martin taking a mouthful, & then slowly mouthing it into Stuart\'s mouth, with Stuart naturally repaying the favour a few seconds later!
Double-headed cock sucking is another favourite, as my wife & Stuart jointly give Martin a cock gobble; then I & Martin give Stuart a similiar double-suck! \'Double the mouths, double the thrill\' is an old Danish saying, & never is it truer when my wife is with her 2 blond stud-friends!
And then it\'s what Anne calls the \'auto-fuck\'! Stuart is sat on a chair, with Martin & I on either side of it. Anne lowers herself onto Stuart\'s cock, but with Martin & I, on each side of Anne, holding the under side of her thighs, thus picking her up, & then lowering her onto Stuart\'s erection---up & down, up & down, in auto-mode, as my wife & her lover are into \'lazy fuck mode\'; they have their fuck done for them, NO energy wasted. Anne orgasms & orgams so so beautifully. Of course she turns her head towards Martin, so as she is fucked by blond Stuart, she & Martin enjoy a series of deep hot french kisses! When Stuart has orgasmd into my wife\'s vagina, he withdraws, & again, Anne takes a free-ride, this time on Martin\'s cock, with Stuart & I doing all the hard work for them. After such a session, we reckon my wife has maybe had 10 orgasms on those 2 hot cocks! Lovely!
The only complaint we have about this service is that it seems to take a long long time for letters to be published; but that won\'t stop my wife & her 2 lovers from enjoying each others\' bodies, & for me to masturbate my Indian cock as I view this \'white on white\' cuckoldry!
But now, Anne, Martin & I are planning pregnancy for Anne---Martin\'s parents, young though they are are LONGING for a grandchild, & my wife is happy for Martin to impregnate her! A cuckold pregnancy they say is the ULTIMATE in cuckoldry! And I\'d like to think I\'m a 100% cuckold!
I\'ll let you know how my wife is impregnated by her lover, the blond Martin!

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Dave the cuckold

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