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anita the sex queen
by beach waves

Anita is the true sex queen, queen of hearts and the deck of card of fantasys , she know how to please a man and when to leave her men full of excitement and desire . She is the true queen of the deck of cards the ace of spaids cant outwit her ,like creamy raspberry tarts she has it down pat. Creamy gooey so smooth such a silk taste of whip cream touching her sensual body .
She loves to eat the cream of tarts raspberry touching her sensual lips she gets naked strip poker of fantasy where the men play for her affection she is the queen all the time , for men fight for affection .Anita wears nothing but a small pear of silk satin pantys and lays on silky satin sheets eating her strawberry tarts. That ozz down the side of her face and lips her face .So messy as she laps the cream of her lips with her tongue and licks her fingers like a pussy cat lapping her milk and licking her fur.
A guy comes in he puts a collar on her like a pet animal like a pussy cat . He puts cards on the table of the bed . As he gets his whisky out they play a game of cards like slap jack or old maid some raunchy game every time she losees she has to suck his big fat cock and then drink some whisky.
Another loss again scrunch down in front of my cock he says he whips the cock out you loose again you nasty filthy slut suck my cock bitch he says she opens her mouth and he slides it in and out he is a pussy don't bite done he says she bites it a bit ouch your done he says bend over and give it to me on the bed she bends over the bed and gets it in her ass and pussy she puts her finger a tiny bit in her ass ass he is fucking her in the pussy.
She has her collar on as a pet he yanks her hair as he is fucking her from behind . Keep going she says i love sex i love it dirty and ruff after that she cant do no more she and him have an orgasm at the same time o yea was it good for you like it was for me baby o yes she says they lay on the bed together drinking some whisky from the bottle and smoking some cigs she gets naked and throws the pile of cards on her body.

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beach waves

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