Erotic Couples stories

Angel's Education
by George Tyerbyter

Angel Tucker screamed again.

Her girlish facial expression contorted into a very adult-looking
grimace of unbridled sexual ecstasy. Angel's almond eyes were
squeezed shut with her brows pulled inward and turned up, as her
head turned sharply from side to side. The violent movement
whipped her straight shoulder-length blonde hair, fanning it out
in all directions. Angel's full, well-proportioned body writhed,
as well. Once again wracked with pleasure, her curvaceous form
shook and twisted through yet another consuming climax. There
seemed to be no limit to the girl's capacity to cum. However, the
intensity of this current seizure outpaced all of the others she
had experienced in the past hour.

An orgasm can do extraordinary things to a young girl's
appearance. It is capable of wiping an everyday, reserved, or
otherwise modest and shy demeanor away, allowing within the
vestiges, something primal, and something wild to surface. If
experienced intensely enough, it can rip the mask of innocence
from her visage within an instant, revealing a stressed, almost
painfully-felt eroticism, licentious in expression. It has been
noted that there exists a fine dividing line between the
sensations of extreme pleasure and pain. This was, in fact, what
Angel Tucker's face and body were communicating at that moment.

That's not all an orgasm can do to a girl's appearance. If aided
by an over-aroused accomplice during an illicit sexual encounter,
it could further transform her look in the most astonishingly
erotic ways. Thanks to the induced orgasms shot forth from her
delirious, frenetic male partner, Angel's teenage face projected
the very image of lewd, salacious sex. Set in an anguished frown
carved by the ongoing climax she was now experiencing, her
features--painted and glazed as they were with multiple loads of
sperm--positively glowed under the office lights.

As the high school senior's supple body quivered uncontrollably
through this latest lustful convulsion, the wet offerings from
her vice-principal's numerous ejaculations--clumped,
multi-layered splotches and elongated streaks thickly coating the
girl's porcelain skin--were in motion on her upturned face.
Gravity had begun to force some of the more voluminous dollops of
the man's semen to stream down in glistening rivulets.
Periodically, globs of the immorally applied fluid would slip off
her nose, lips and cheeks, plopping down onto her
partially-opened white blouse, further soiling the fabric. Some
of it dangled in pearl-like strands from one of Angel's hoop
earrings. As she shook her head in ecstasy, the strands swayed
obscenely. They dangling from the jewelry, and were becoming
elongated, eventually stretching down onto her shoulder. Several
streams ran down her tapered neck. While other elastic drips
snapped free from her chin, the drops falling upon the folds of
her hurriedly yanked up skirt.

The older man responsible for Angel's present condition--St.
Catherine's High School vice-principal, Mr. H. T. Hogarth--knelt
on the floor between her legs, mashing his face into her exposed
vagina. The normally collected school administrator seemed
crazed, and was indeed being driven mad with aphrodisia for this
buxom blonde tart. His face rubbed back and forth against her
sex, his tongue furrowing deep within the opened folds; the
sand-rough stubble on his cheeks and chin scraped repeatedly
across the girl's wet flesh.

Angel's pelvis gyrated wildly on Hogarth's office chair in heated
response to the sensation, while her hands gripped the arms of
the chair tightly for support. Mr. Hogarth's knees moved outward
on the floor, pressing against her feet in an effort to get Angel
to spread her legs even farther apart. In her delirium, the
quivering girl accommodated him, widening the distance between
her knees. She opened her legs even more, sliding her tender body
forward. As she did so, her shoulders and head slipped down on
the back of the seat, while she also impatiently shoved her wet
sex back against his advancing face.

The black and white saddle shoes Angel wore scuffed noisily on
the tile floor when she moved her full buttocks forward on the
seat. Her proper uniform skirt bunched higher up around her waist
during the adjustment. Angel's pale blue panties were heaped down
at the base of her right leg and were now draped haphazardly
around the shoe. Removed in a hurry by the over-excited Mr.
Hogarth, the student had only managed to pull her left foot free
from the dainty garment before he forced her legs apart and
rammed his tongue into her hole.

Angel's firm, large breasts heaved desperately against the
restraining uniform blouse she wore. During the vice-principal's
impetuous attack on her exposed flesh, the cotton material was
being pulled taut across her chest, as the remaining closed
buttons on the half-open garment struggled to hold fast against
the thrust of Angel's protruding orbs. This was made worse when
Mr. Hogarth began rapidly flicking the tip of his stiffened
tongue against the girl's swollen clitoris. It caused the buxom,
blonde eighteen year-old student to gasp in sharper breaths, and
made her cry out in shameless pleasure during the exhales, as she
squirmed violently on his office chair.

Throughout this entire episode of immoral debauchery, Angel's
moans, squeals, and screams of sexual release had been almost
constant. They filled the stuffy educator's modest office with
sounds unlike anything ever heard in that space. He hadn't been
silent either, growling and grunting loudly during several
body-wrenching ejaculations--ejaculations being coaxed out of his
cock by this beguiling, seductive creature in front of him. He
had been concerned about the decibel levels of their combined
lust-choked screams five minutes before. A pang of worry went
through his thoughts while he was obliging the enticing student's
begging request for him to shoot his second load of sperm all
over her screaming face.

Continuing to pleasure the girl orally, the administrator's mind
began to wander. He started to question the sound-proofing
capabilities of the windows, the walls and especially the thick
wooden door to his office.

[Can this be heard in the hall, or outside in the park?] he
thought, a shiver of fear running through him.

After all, it was practically the middle of the school day. There
had been plenty of activity taking place in the corridors and
outside in the park below his office. A lot of people were busily
scurrying from here to there.

[At least we're still dressed,] he schemed. [Aside from my cum
being smeared all over her face, we could jump up and adjust
ourselves the second we heard the door, and everything would look
normal...well, somewhat normal, I guess?]

It was true; both of them were indeed, still fully dressed. Sure,
Angel's thin skirt was pulled up and bunched around her waist.
Her white cotton blouse was partially unbuttoned, and her panties
were half off, pulled down and draped around her shoe. However,
aside from appearing a bit disheveled from the sex, to Hogarth
she looked close enough to being "pulled together." She still
wore all the peripheral items of her school uniform. Yes, it was
also true her hair was a bit mussed, and of course, her face was
thickly coated with his semen. Nevertheless, he reckoned, all of
that could easily be rectified posthaste if they were focused and
clever enough. Her face could be wiped, and her appearance
smoothed in no time.

He too was also fully clothed. He still had on his white shirt.
It was buttoned properly and his red tie still hung neatly from
the clean knot between his collars. His trousers were still
fastened under his belt. Of course, the fly was wide open, and
his wet eight-inch erection was sticking straight out from the
opening. But he thought he would be able to stow it away pretty
quickly if someone knocked. Yes, in his reasoning, all of this
could be set right fairly quickly.

[Besides,] he thought, [the door is locked securely. I'd have to
open it to let anyone in. That would give us ample time to
collect ourselves.]

Unfortunately, Vice-Principal Hogarth had completely overlooked
one important thing. He had forgotten about the rather large
stain on his pants at the crotch, a stain caused by the teasing
manipulations of the young student's hand at the beginning of
this promiscuous episode. It never entered into his planning. The
unsightly dark stain was a tell-tale forgotten `loose end' which
would be his failing the very minute he opened the door to let
anyone into the office. But mindless of this fact, he continued
the logical progression within his fevered brain, mapping out
more possible strategies.

However, his thoughts kept returning to the noise. There still
was the racket coming from inside the office.

[People might be able to hear this outside, and begin to suspect
what I'm doing in here,] he continued. [Then where would I be?]

Yes, in the vice-principal's mind, being caught would result in a
scandal of immense proportions, recovery from which would not be
possible. A forced resignation would surely ensue; a long, steady
career would almost instantly go down in flames. Shame and
ridicule would be at his doorstep. His reputation in the
community would be blown to bits. His marriage would lay in
ruins, with his family despising him. This would dog him for the
rest of his nature life, making it impossible to return to any
semblance of normalcy.

[Dashed hopes and good intentions...Good, better, best...bested,]
he thought, a line from Edward Albee's "Who's Afraid of Virginia
Woolf" popping into his mind at that point for some reason.

[Who's afraid?] Hogarth questioned. [I am! I am, George!] he

Still, even through his concern and despite all of the possible
horrific consequences, Mr. Hogarth couldn't stop himself. He had
given in to the temptation forty-five minutes before; diving head
first into the lust, as a matter of fact. And now there seemed to
be no way of stopping.

He continued eating Angel, blubbering and moaning his passion
into her sex. His long cock--its length steadily growing as it
stiffened up again--stuck obscenely out from the opened zipper of
his trouser, the head still dripping the remnants of his last
ejaculation. It formed a wet spot on the floor between the sexy
student's spread feet. And Angel's wet seepage added to the
indecent puddle's size. Her pussy had been squirting against
Hogarth's face, with the spray also drenching the inside of her
thighs. The fluid now dripped to the floor in strands from the
edge of the leather seat, as the tip of the vice-principal's red
tie dipped repeatedly into the growing puddle of mixed

No. There was no way of stopping. The vice-principal was too far
gone. However, once again, his thoughts returned to the sounds of
sex filling his office. Hogarth had noticed the school bell
ringing once, and tried to remember if their earlier mutual
screams and bellows of ecstasy came before or after the bell had
sounded. Either way would be bad, Hogarth surmised, if the door
and the thick block walls weren't strong sound insulators.

So, when Angel started to cum again, building toward another
inevitable piercing cry, the vice-principal shuddered. Motivated
by his mounting concern over being caught, Hogarth reached up and
clamped his left hand over Angel's sticky lips. Some of the
educator's previously spent loads streamed down off of Angel's
nose and cheeks and ran onto his clamped hand. With her screams
momentarily stifled--rendering them partially muffled, along with
her breathless open-mouthed panting--she closed her eyes tight,
and began to snort passionately through her nose, surrendering
completely to the bliss provided by Mr. Hogarth's tongue and

In time, Angel's contractions started to subside, and a steadier
breathing pattern fell into place. With her half-closed eyes
softening, she looked down upon the vice-principal with a sedate
smile spreading on her lips under his clamped hand. Mr. Hogarth,
still lovingly running his tongue along the folds of her vulva,
kissing it tenderly on occasion, looked up into her eyes.
Thoroughly drenched in her sweet secretions, Hogarth's face shone
brightly in the office light. With Angel momentarily quiet, the
vice-principal took his hand, now wet from his own sperm, off her
face, and brought it down to rest on her pussy. His fingers
spread her labium, and he began to stimulate her toward another

During this lull, while her last orgasm diminished, Angel's head
cleared enough for her to collect her thoughts. It was then she
decided that the time had come to take this situation to another
extreme. It was time to light a fire.


Angel wasn't always this promiscuous. Her personality for the
most part, had been reflective of an unassuming, somewhat
mild-mannered schoolgirl in possession of a keen intelligence and
a sharp wit. Sure, she had always been a precocious young girl,
as well--devilishly clever and forever inventive in her methods
to get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. But she never
pushed the limit, and seldom was confrontational.

Yes, there was a tendency toward obsessive behavior in Angel's
history. For instance, she did smoke cigarettes and thoroughly
enjoyed the habit, and she also dabbled in recreational drugs now
and again. But she had always managed those penchants with ease
and moderation. Of course, willfulness was also a strong trait in
her character, and one might guess that this trait may have been
a dominant factor leading to her recent metamorphosis. But, if
the truth were know, it was more of a combination of her strong
will, coupled with her horny nature, as of late, which probably
set the change in motion.

And of course, there was the video. Ah yes, the video. But, let's
save that part of the story for later.

Speaking of her horny nature; up until recently, her sexual
drive--and the tastes and urges which go along with it--was, by
and large, confined to activities that most would considered to
be "normal" for young women her age. Yes, there were elements of
obsession present at times. But again, Angel managed it fairly
easily. She never let it get the best of her. However, in the
wake of recent developments in that area--developments which will
be described with more clarity as you read further--Angel's
tastes had taken on a decidedly more bold and kinky nature.

How so, you ask?

Well, just two weeks before this episode with Vice-principal
Hogarth, she had seduced her step-brother.


Steven, the son of her new step-mom, Kathy Bronson, happens to be
the same age as Angel. Both children had gotten along swimmingly
ever since they first met, back when Angel's father started
dating Kathy nine years before. They were young children at that
time of the marriage. And as young children are apt to do when
placed in new situations, they adapted quickly. In time, and with
relative ease, they fell into their new roles as brother and

Kathy and the Reverend had dated over the course of a year and a
half before finally marrying. Because their respective children
were still very young, the long courtship helped aid in bringing
about a smoother transition and a fluid adjustment for both
families. It went far in solidifying Angel's and Steven's
friendship and their future step-relationship because, during
that time frame, the two soon-to-be-wed parents purposefully
sought and orchestrated outings for both families. They
coordinated school activities, and found mutually-enjoyed
recreational activities for Steven and Angel, such as bowling,
picnicking and camping. Also, the Reverend's church had various
activities. The children were encouraged to participate together
in those functions, as well.

So, thanks to their parent's conscious efforts, in short order
Angel and Steven got to know and like each other. It all went
smoothly during their parent's courtship, and continued in that
manner into the years following the marriage. Despite normal,
sporadic bouts of sibling rivalry, Angel and Steven learned to
love each other, as well. To the uninformed observer, they
appeared in every way to be normal, blood-relation sister and

Then suddenly, with very little effort on Angel's or Steven's
part, that norm was drastically altered. Things turned much more
intimate that morning, to say the least. Through her cunning,
calculating behavior, Angel successfully teased Steven into her
trap of desires and wants, convincing him in the long run that it
was all his idea. It was easy, really. Well, at least to Angel it
was easy.

You see, Angel had known for the longest time that Steven was
secretly attracted to her. Recognition of her step-brother's
infatuation didn't come from any obvious or direct occurrence.
This knowledge would never have come to her through any sudden
outright advances. Direct passes or even mildly discernible
sexual advances wouldn't be possible, considering their
upbringing and their home environment. The head of their home,
the Reverend William Tucker, would not tolerate such goings-on,
if per chance he gained knowledge of them.

Reverend Tucker was a dominating figure in the household. Besides
being a strict father, he was also a devout man of the cloth.
Like most religious fundamentalists, fanaticism was very much a
part of his make up. And also like most fundamentalists, he did
not react well to any perceived challenges to his static belief
system or his world view. The good Reverend was thin skinned
while also possessing an ego as big as Mount Everest. All of
these character traits contributed to the Reverend's short fuse,
where his anger was concerned. And present-day sexual promiscuity
was a major sore point for him.

Reverend Tucker pontificated on the subject recurrently, and
frequently used it as a thematic device in his oft-political,
fire-and-brimstone sermons. He had been obsessively preoccupied
with the subject all through Angel's young life. Whenever the
opportunity presented itself, he would lecture to her regularly
on the finer points of his fears and insecurities concerning this
sore point.

Knowing all about Reverend Tucker's tyrannical, manipulative
nature leads to a better understanding of Angel's character and
personality development over the years. To an extent, it also
helps explain her seemingly sudden recent change. Conformity and
child-like acceptance had given way to rebellion in small doses,
at first. Then as Angel reached her late teens, and with the help
of her less-restricted friends, the proverbial dam started to

No. Steven's, or for that matter Angel's biologically-sound
sexual urges would not be permissible topics for discussion under
their parent's roof. To be honest, as parents, neither Kathy, nor
especially Reverend Tucker, were by any means prepared to deal
with such things.

And again; Steven making noticeable passes at his step-sister
would never happen. It would be stupid and risky, insofar as he
was concerned. He knew that there would be hell to pay if he were
caught. Any indication of such a thing happening in Reverend
Tucker's home would surely bring severe disciplinary proceedings
into play and swift punishment for both Steven and Angel.

So, Steven kept the lust for his sister to himself, and he was
painfully discreet about his actions. At least, Steven thought he
was discreet. Likewise, Angel never let on that she knew. But she
would use this knowledge to her advantage, expertly playing
Steven like a Stradivarius at opportune moments to get what she
wanted. And those events always ended in much the same manner.
Angel would get her way, and Steven would go off somewhere to
masturbate his frustrations away.

But retrospectively speaking, Angel's awareness of Steven's
horniness for her filtered in gradually over their developmental
years through her observance of subtle behavioral patterns on his

For example, Steven always seemed to be seeking opportunities to
get as close to Angel as possible, as of late. Likewise, he
sought any excuse to hug her, to crush her body to his. This
behavior seemed to evolve quickly, and became habitual during the
period of her breast development.

On that subject, Angel also noticed Steven sneaking peeks at the
very prominent bulge of her breasts. Angel, to say the least, is
well endowed and full figured. Not overweight or obese, not
"chunky," but proportionally curvy and full. Angel tended to wear
short, tight, bare midriff hemmed tee-shirts, or low neck
sweaters. Even while she wore one of her proper school uniform
blouses Steven would sneak peeks at her tits. He never stared,
mind you, but would look at them on the sly; stealing fleeting
glances whenever he though she wasn't looking. But Angel knew.

A few times, she had noticed him glancing down at her cleavage
when he struggled to light her cigarette. That was another thing;
Steven always seemed to be playing "Mr. Chivalrous," tripping
over himself to light her cigarette whenever the opportunity
arose. On the occasions when she would sneak out of the house to
have one in the yard next to the garage, Steven always seemed to
find an excuse to be there with her. No matter when she'd decide
to go out, Angel could expect to see Steven there, his lighter in

Angel would continue nonchalantly smoking her cigarette during
those times, completely unaware of the fact that Steven was also
intensely obsessing on her full red lips--watching them purse and
pucker as she dragged on the cigarette and exhaled. Unbeknownst
to Angel, it was a fact that Steven had a very strong attraction
to women who smoke. Furthermore, it was also a fact that he
frequented the very same strange website which Angel and her
friend Jill had stumbled--

--Well, that part of the story will also have to wait until

So, when the brief-but-steamy sexual encounter between the
step-siblings finally happened that warm, late spring morning,
Angel never put two and two together. She never realized that
Steven had a strong so-called "smoking fetish," even during the
encounter, although a cigarette was between her fingers when it
happened. The full brunt of that realization would come to her
later, entirely by happenstance, the very night before her
seduction of Mr. Hogarth.


The step-sibling's parents were out of town for a few days,
attending one of Reverend Tucker's frequent clergy conventions.
As usual, this situation left Angel and Steven alone to make
their own way. Both are responsible, working high school seniors
and are perfectly capable of getting their own meals together,
along with getting themselves off to school and to work on time.
So, both parents felt confident with leaving them alone.

Everything went normally for the first day; both step sister and
brother busied themselves with the tasks and duties at hand. It
was on the morning of the second day the proverbial worm turned.

It was early morning. Angel awoke at her regular time to the
harsh tone of her alarm clock. She was always the first to get up
in their home. Dressed in her sleep attire, a tight white
tee-shirt and pink panties, she clocked down the stairs of the
quiet two-story house, her hand grasping the banister as a guide
during her sleepy descent. Entering the kitchen, Angel went about
the business of brewing a pot of coffee for herself and Steven.
After pouring a cup, she made her way back up the stairs to begin
getting ready for school. Angel had planned to wake Steven after
she used the bathroom. That way, plenty of hot water for a long
shower was hers' for the taking.

She had just reached the top of the stairs when she though she
heard a sound coming from the direction of Steven's room. It
sounded like a moan, but she wasn't sure.

Angel's and Steven's bedrooms were adjoined, connected by a
shared bathroom. Her bedroom was the first room at the top of the
stairs, with Steven's arranged next, and the master bedroom
situated at the end of the long carpeted hall. Being as quiet as
possible, she walked down to Steven's room to see if she could
identify the source of the sound. As she approached, this time
Angel clearly heard the sound of her step-brother moaning.

His door was slightly ajar and Angel peeked inside. The head of
his bed is positioned up against the other side of the hallway
wall next to the door. So, when Angel peered in through the
crack, she first saw Steven's bare feet at the far end of the
bed. As she positioned herself at the right angle to see the rest
of him, the sight that greeted her eyes made her heart instantly
start pounding, and almost caused her to drop the full coffee

Steven was lying on his back, his long tall frame stretched out
on top of the sheets. He wore only his white and black boxer
shorts. Towering from the wide opened flap of the boxers was the
longest, stiffest penis Angel had ever seen in-the-flesh, so to
speak, at that point in her life. Her boyfriend Sergio had a big
one, but Steven's beat his by figurative mile! The sight of the
tall hard cock sticking straight up from his opened boxers, made
Angel's heart pound even harder. She could feel the pulse beating
in her ears as she looked on.

Speaking of `beating,' that's just what Steven was doing at that
moment! His left hand formed a fist around the ten-inch erection,
and he was moving it slowly from the base to the massive weeping
tip. Angel gasped quietly and felt her pussy juice inside the

Steven had his laptop opened next to him, and it was positioned
on the other side of his body on the bed. The laptop screen faced
the door. It flickered for a second, taking Angel's attention
away from her step-brother's cock. She noticed that his head was
turn toward the screen, and what she saw him watching made her
gasp quietly again, once she was able to focus.

On the screen was a website video player showing an AVI of a
shapely brunette and well built man. The two characters were
standing face to face and they were both fully clothed. The girl
had on a school uniform, much like the uniform Angel was required
to wear. The man wore a dress suit and tie. However, this man had
an obvious erection. Its length pushed his pants out into an
obscenely prominent tent shape.

Angel did not notice that the sexy brunette had a cigarette
between the fingers of one of her hands. To tell the truth, even
if she had noticed the actress was smoking, Angel would never
have put it together in her mind. The concept of a sexual
obsession like that existing would have been foreign to her, with
no discernible reference, at this point in time. But
nevertheless, that was a major plot point in the movie. It was
also the main element fueling Steven's lust while he beat off.

What Angel did notice about the action on the screen made her
heart beat quicken. It was what the girl was doing with her other
hand. The actress was jerking vigorously on the man's clothed
erection as they stood looking into each other's eyes. Her
obvious intent was to make this poor man cum in his pants, and
she seemed well on the way to accomplishing her goal. Angel
watched the action for a few more moments, and then turned her
attention back to Steven's masturbation. Angel noticed that his
hand movements were speeding up over his own cock, almost as if
he were trying to match the tempo of the actress's hand yanking
on the man's hidden dick.

Although enthralled and excited over witnessing all of this,
Angel began to feel self-conscious. The uncomfortable feeling
grew. She felt she was invading her step brother's privacy, with
no right to be there. The feeling of embarrassment grew by the
second, until she finally decided to leave him alone, and go
about the business of getting ready for school.

A bit shaken, and still quite aroused, Angel back tracked up the
hall to her bedroom entrance. Once inside, she closed the door
behind her. Leaning against the door, she took a deep breath, as
she tried to collect her thoughts to begin the morning routine.
But, the image of Steven jacking that stiff dick of his flashed
endlessly in front of her eyes. Still, she made an effort to wipe
it from her thoughts as she walked over to the dresser in the
corner of the room.

After grabbing the half-full pack of Benson and Hedges Deluxe
Ultra Light Menthol and the lighter from her book bag, with
coffee in hand, Angel headed through the bathroom door. She
placed the cup of coffee, the cigarettes and the lighter on the
sink counter, pulled her panties to her knees and sat down on the
toilet seat. She grabbed the cigarettes and lighter, flipped the
top to the pack and pulled out an all white. Angel normally
reveled in the knowledge that she could smoke without worry in
the house during her parent's absences. But on this particular
morning that seemed insignificant. All she could think about was
Steven's big dick, and the way his hand jerked up and down. She
cursed herself for not sticking around long enough to see Steven
writhing on the bed, and to witness the inevitable sperm
fireworks. Angel sat there for a moment imagining his hand moving
rapidly over the stiff length while his cock spit cum straight up
into the air. The mind movie made her shiver and her pussy itch
as she began to pee. But then she cursed herself again, and
brought the cigarette to her lips, figuring she needed it, if not
for anything but to calm herself down.

She was just about to light the cigarette when, from her
peripheral vision, she caught sight of the door on Steven's side
just to her right opening ever-so slightly. This startled her
into motionlessness for a split second, causing her urine stream
to stop in mid splash. But she never turned her head in the
direction of the door. She guessed at two possible explanations
in that moment. Either the door was never shut properly in the
first place, and a draft had caused it to jar open, or her
step-brother had purposely opened it. If the second possibility
were true, then that would mean Steven would now be standing on
the other side of that door looking at her while she sat on the
toilet. The latter explanation made her pulse race again,
considering the fact that only a minute before; she had been
watching him jerk that delicious looking cock in his room. The
fact is, at that point she was still very horny from witnessing
Steven's masturbation. A heart-pounding curiosity overtook her as
she allowed herself to finish peeing. Angel wanted to see just
how far this situation could go.

Seamlessly, trying her best to appear completely unaware of
Steven's presence, she flicked the lighter and finally lit her
cigarette, pulling in the first drag. By the time she started to
exhale, her urine eased to periodic squirts into the bowl. The
echoing sound dwindled within the tiled bathroom as she blew the
smoke out in a stream through the provocative open slit of her
puckered lips. Her pulse rate surged again when she caught the
door move slightly a second time. There were no doubts in her
mind, now. She couldn't see her step-brother, but she knew Steven
was definitely positioned on the other side. He was looking at
her, and in all likelihood, he was also jacking off behind that
door! The revelation made her body tingle and her pussy moisten.
She started to imagine that this was what it must feel like to be
the main attraction in a live peep show. That thought stimulated
her even more, and she brought the cigarette to her lips once

With her body succumbing to the building excitement, Angel
decided to take this a step farther. Her mind reeled with
thoughts of possible outcomes resulting from this indecent
situation. The imagery only succeeded in heightening her
excitement, and she felt her body quake as she blew another thin
stream of smoke into the air. She felt deliciously nasty sitting
there on the toilet--cigarette in hand, her panties pulled down
and stretched between her wide spread knees--knowing her
step-brother was probably on the other side of that door, tugging
on his long boner, while he ogled her.

She moved her left hand down, the one not holding the cigarette,
placing it between her legs and cupped her vagina. With her spine
arched and her head thrown back, she plunged the two middle
fingers into the depths of her wet hole. A silent `ah' formed her
lips as she began fucking the fingers arduously into the gripping
tunnel. All of this became too much for Angel. She started to
cum, climaxing very quickly, due to the combined stimuli of her
self abuse, and imagining Steven beating off while he watched her
fingering herself. Her back ached even more with the initial
rush. And with her tits straining forward against the tight, thin
tee-shirt--the hard pebble-like nipples pushing the material out
farther from in front of her hidden areolas--Angel cried out,
surrendering to the waves of pleasure washing over her body. She
didn't care about being too loud at this point. She knew Steven
was watching anyway.

Sometime during the onset of her orgasm, the door to her right,
Steven's door, swung open. Still screaming out in pleasure, Angel
turned her head to see him standing there. He looked exactly as
he did a minute or two before, when he laid in his bed
masturbating to the video of the school girl jacking that man off
through his trousers. Steven's dick, still sticking straight out
from the wide open slit in his boxers, seem to be even
angrier-looking, as he stood in the door frame.

"Sis!" he lamented, crossing the narrow room length-wise, walking
briskly over to Angel.

"St-Steven? Oh GOD! Steven!" she cried, still within the grip of
her orgasm, her fingers continuing to plunge into her cunt.
"Wh-what are you DOING?"

"Fucking HELL, Angel!" Steven groaned. He stood right next to her
now on her right side, looking down into her face, his breathing

"What do you mean, `what am I doing?!'"

Her aroused step-brother's cock stuck straight out from his
underwear on Angel's head level. It was pointing stiffly toward
her, bobbing just an inch away from her face. Angel was
overwhelmed by its size and beauty, seeing it up close for the
first time. She took note that Steven's massive hard-on was
already wet and gooey looking. This was probably due to the fact
that he still had been masturbating on his bed to the video. Then
when he heard Angel come into the bathroom, he got up and
continued beating off while watching her from the other side of
his door.

"Y-you have-ta jerk me off, Sis!" Steven groaned. "I'm sorry,
but, you just gotta do it NOW!"

That said, he reached down with one hand, placing it on her right
breast and squeezed it through the tee-shirt. Steven's other hand
roughly grabbed his step-sister's right hand--the hand with the
cigarette gripped between the index and middle fingers--and
brought it up to his erection. Angel was given no time to put her
cigarette down into the ashtray on the sink counter. She was
unaware of the fact that Steven actually wanted her to be holding
it while he made her jack his cock. She was going to stop and put
the burning cigarette down, but Angel went with this in the heat
of the moment without question or protest.

Angel immediately wrapped her hand around the bloated girth of
Steven's erection. She began masturbating him without any further
prompting. As her fist pumped, the cigarette filter scraped along
the blood-engorged, vein-covered surface. It also was scraping
over the sensitive head on the up stroke. Sticky seepage leaking
steadily through Steven's urethra began to coat the end of
Angel's cigarette as it scraped over the hole. He cried out in
pain and pleasure every time her hand and the cigarette filter
passed over the sensitive tip.

"Oh CHRIST, Sis! Jack it! Fuck it hard with your hand!" he

Obliging Steven's fervent insistence, the tempo of Angel's hand
sped up. Steven's responses were reduced to a series of guttural
noises, helped along with the increased squeezing pressure she
was applying. Angel gripped and pumped Steven's shaft as if she
were polishing one of the balusters on a mahogany banister.

As both step-siblings quickly approached mutual orgasms, due to
Angel's manipulations, their voices took on a softer, more
serious tone. Building excitement choked their utterances. The
once louder, heated verbal exchanges became more like tortured
breathy whispers.

"Jerk my dick off, Sis," Steven rasped. "Jerk it off and make it

"No Steven," she panting, both of her hands in motion, pleasuring
the two of them at the same time. "Pl-Please don't cum!"

Angel's cock wrenching hand was a blur of movement at this point.
Ashes braking free from the blurred cigarette fell in grey
cinders, scattering haphazardly across her moving fingers, and
onto his wet erection. Her gripping hand squeezed on its journey
up and down, working the ashes into the sticky cum coating the
surface of his stiff dick.

"Please don't cum, Ste-Steven," she continued to plead in a
hushed tone.

Within the midst of this indecent encounter, even through the
preliminary rumblings of a second maddening orgasm, the teasing
step-sister had the presence of mind to apply a little
tried-and-true sibling strategy. Really, where Angel was
concerned, this trick was nothing new. She had been playing this
game with Steven for years of saying or demanding the opposite of
what she actually wanted in order to get the very thing she
wanted. During conflicts, while they were growing up together,
Steven tended to do things just to spite his sister. In time, as
this tendency repeated itself, Angel learned to turn it around in
her favor. In this case, Angel knew it would probably serve to
confuse Steven in his present state of mind, while it fueled his
lust and drove him wild.

"Please, Steven," she pleaded again in a whisper, while jerking
his boner all the harder. "Please don't make me do this!
Pl-please don't cum!"

Pleading with him not to do the very thing she was precipitating
by jacking him off all the harder certainly fueled his lust
alright! It was working. Looking up at Steven, Angel could see
his expression change from the innocent apologetic out-of-control
look, to that of impassioned anger. With his eyes glowing hot,
his brows knitted and he began to breathe through gritted teeth.

Aggressively, he grabbed her wrist, gripping it tightly. The
pressure caused Angel to wince, but the pain she felt succeeded
in stoking her own passion. The smoke from her cigarette rose in
front of Steven's face, as he started to guide her movements,
using her wrist as he would a pump handle. Now, a new dynamic was
put into motion. Her arm was being forced to move vertically, so
that her hand not only jacked from front to back, but also was
lifting his cock up and down in an alternate pattern during the
heated strokes.

"Shut up, Angel, and do what you're told!" Steven barked, his
testes just seconds away from eruption.

"No! We can't do this, Steven! It's wrong!" she replied in a
well-faked petulance. Angel suddenly let go of his dick, and
yanked her arm from his grasp. She stopped fingering herself, and
looked away from Steven's bouncing erection.

"Now, get out of here and leave me alone!" Angel spouted, while
sitting upright on the toilet seat, and tossing her
shoulder-length, blonde hair.

"I've got to finish getting ready for school," she continued, now
looking angrily up at his face. "And you haven't even started.
So, go get your coffee and then get a move on!"

Trying to think two moves ahead, Angel continued with her plan to
encourage a spiteful reaction from Steven.

"Go!" she reiterated, and then turned her head away from him
again, looking straight at the towel rack on the wall opposite
from her.

Her step-brother still stood next to her on her right as she sat
there on the toilet seat. From her peripheral vision, she could
see his huge erection bouncing in the air just above her
shoulder. It was so close she could feel the heat from its
presence right against her cheek.

Acting as if she were in a huff, Angel brought the cigarette up
to her lips for a drag. Her intentions were to appear aloof, or
irritated and standoffish. For a fleeting moment, she was
considering standing up after her drag, pulling her panties back
up, and then like a defiant brat, blowing her smoke right into
Steven's face. Angel thought that she would then start walking
away, playing the ultimate "dick tease."

In turn, she had expected Steven to do one of two things. Either
he would just stand there looking silly with his dick still
hanging out, an expression of stunned rejection settling on his
face while he watched her walk away. Or, he would become even
more frustrated, and in response, he would stop her in her
tracks, grab her hand and force her to resume the hand-job.
Either way amounted to fun for Angel. Of course, blowing smoke in
Steven's face would have started something Angel would not have
bargained for. In hindsight, the idea of standing up would have
been a smart move on Angel's part, because then she'd receive the
result of Steven's lust on her belly and legs. In the long run
though, she stayed put on the toilet, figuring it would be more
spiteful to remain seated as Steven just stood there dumbfounded.

However, she was oblivious to a couple of factors. First of all,
Angel did not know Steven was already on the verge of ejaculating
when she let go of his cock. Secondly, she was still ignorant of
her step-brother's erotic fixation on women who smoke. So, little
did Angel know, she only exacerbated matters by bringing the
cigarette to her lips and using it as a prop in her little act of
petulance. Angel was unprepared, and completely caught off guard
by the result of her actions. The sight of his sexy step-sister
taking a drag from her cigarette pushed Steven over the edge.

It happened very quickly. In the moments during her drag, Angel
felt the throbbing head of her step-brother's dick pressing
directly against her right cheek bone near her eye. It quickly
slid down her face, its path greased by an initial glut of
leaking semen. This left a streak in its wake on her alabaster
skin. Steven's cock head finally came to rest, plugged into the
hollow created by her drag right next to her mouth. While Angel's
lips pulled on the cigarette, she felt something else in that
very moment, as well. The tip of his dick expanded with the onset
of another pulse of sperm. It shot that pulse out with
considerable force against her face, filling the concave
depression instantly. Because his cock head was pressed right up
against her skin, it forced a star-shaped splatter out in several
directions. One off-shoot draped over the cigarette filter as she
pulled it from her mouth.

Angel's lips sprang open with a pop as she pulled the ball of
smoke into her lungs, sounding an accentuated, surprised gasp in
doing so. Within that second, Steven pulled back from her face,
and before he could grab hold of his erection, it shot off again.

"Angel!" he groaned, while this spurt sailed perfectly through
the empty space left between her open lips during her
smoke-filled gasp without so much as touching them. The sperm
ribbon crossed in front of her face the rest of the way at high
velocity, landing with a splat against the tiled wall on her left
side. Steven grabbed his dick and began pumping madly. Finally
reacting, Angel turned her head in surprise toward Steven's

His dick surged again, this time sending another spurt from an
inch distance, directly into Angel's sweet face. With the speed
of a knife slash, it instantly cut a jagged line of sperm across
her features, starting from her left eye, moving down her face,
and crossing over her mouth as she began to blow out the smoke.
The line of cum didn't break as it crossed her mouth. Instead it
formed a string bridge, connecting her parted lips. The forced
stream of smoke and air issuing from her lips rushed past the
string, bending its shape outward at the source, while the front
of the cloud blew continuously over her step-brother's erupting
cock. Angel finished her exhale and looked up at Steven with a
tormented grimace.

"Oh no, Steven!" Angel cried. "Please don't cum! Please don't
c--" Her protest was cut off when Steven suddenly shot another
sizable squirt. It landed in a diagonal pattern, back up and over
her lips again, across her nose and onto her right cheek.

"Shit Steven! No! No! No!" Angel sobbed, the warm spurts coming
with more rapidity, striking her face as she shook her head back
and forth, while her step-brother just stood there beating off.

By the time it ended, Steven had completely drenched his
step-sister's face with his massive discharge. From her straight
blonde bangs down to her tee-shirt clad tits, Angel wore the wet
product of her step-brother's excitement.

Although she was still unaware at this point of the role her
cigarette smoking had played in bringing out Steven's frustrated
lust, this encounter further heightened, and changed Angel's
libido. Like the affects of a highly addictive drug, the incident
fueled her need for more illicit sexual experiences. It also
intensified her newly acquired desire to see stiff erections
uncontrollably shooting sperm. And all brought on, through
Angel's perception, by her looks and her behavior. She derived
immeasurable satisfaction out of driving men wild, and from
knowing that she is both the cause and cure to their temporary

In truth, her desires were really much kinkier than previously
described. Now, within her recently-developed promiscuous
tendencies, Angel not only loved to see a man's seed erupting
from his hard penis; she also loved the taste, and especially
craved the feeling of it shooting on her skin. She reveled in her
new-found power, and in her ability to easily cause men to sprout
erections. It was quickly becoming a honed science.


Take now, for instance.

Within a relatively short span of time, through her stealth,
instigative teasing, Angel succeeded in driving a normally
collected, in-control and feared vice-principal wild enough to do
the unthinkable. She purposefully incited him to seduce her, in
order to get out of trouble.

Vice-Principal Hogarth had called Angel into his office to
finally reprimand her for being tardy much too often. The meeting
had started normal enough, but somehow--and he couldn't quite
remember how--it took a sexual turn. Sure, he thought Angel
Tucker was an attractive young woman, but his behavior had turned
radical so very quickly. He couldn't understand why and how this
situation came to be. One thing had led to another in such rapid
succession, the details began to blur together in Hogarth's mind.
He tried to think back.

One minute they were standing in the middle of his office, just
talking. He held her record sheet in his hand, sternly pointing
out her frequent tardiness. He was also strongly reprimanding
her, while she looked on shyly. In retrospect, it seemed to
Hogarth that within the very next minute, everything changed
drastically. The record sheet had been dropped to the floor, and
suddenly, they were clutching one another in a heated embrace,
and kissing passionately. He remembered noticing the faint aroma
of cigarette smoke delicately suffused with her perfume. The
heady fragrant mixture permeated his senses. That scent, combined
with the taste of her lips, and the feel of her breasts crushing
against his chest, made his penis begin to grow.

From there, the situation seemed to rapidly spiral downward into
ever-deepening depravity. As they stood there kissing fervidly,
the girl had grabbed his stiff cock through the thin, baggy
fabric of his dress pants. He remembered that it startled him,
but the feeling almost made him faint. The blood rushed from his
head quickly, and in almost an instant, his penis became fully
engorged, pushing his trousers out into a tent. Before he knew
it, he found himself thrusting his stiffened length of cock into
her fist. With his encouragement, Angel began jacking him off
right through his pants. He yanked up Angel's skirt and drew her
panties to the side. After roughly plunging two fingers into her
moist hole, he started finger-banging her vagina to the same
rhythm she was beating out on his cloth-covered erection.

So, within the course of an hour, right there in his office,
Angel first made the vice-principal blow an initial load of sperm
inside his trousers, as she also strongly climaxed around his
prodding fingers. At the tip of his erupting cock, semen was
being pushed out through the fabric. The slime oozed into her
squeezing fist, further lubricating her palm. Sticky squelching
sounds began to fill the office; a byproduct of their combined
orgasms. They were still standing there, kissing feverishly when
all of this was happening. He bellowed into her mouth during his
release, and Angel moaned around his invading tongue while
savagely tugging his clothed erection through the ejaculation. As
the spurts of his pants-drenching semen began to subsided, he
broke the long kiss. He yanked Angel's hand off the cloth tent in
his trousers, and abruptly pushed her down into his office chair.
Standing next to her, and wasting no time, he frantically pulled
down the zipper of his pants and stuck his hand inside. Hogarth
hurriedly pulled his sperm-soaked cock through the opening, and
began masturbating right against her cheek.

Angel pulled the material of her panties to one side, and began
to stimulating her clitoris, while she rubbed her face against
the tip of Hogarth's erection. He stood there for a time using
and abusing her face, bumping the head of his dick into Angel's
cheek and wiping it around her ear as he jerked off. Occasionally
he'd saw its stiffened length back and forth across her begging,
open lips. At one point, out of his mind with lust, he tried to
shove the long shaft through the hoop earring hanging from her
left earlobe. Being a wide hoop, he managed to plug the head of
his cock all the way through. The feeling of the silver metal
surrounding the crown was delicious to him. He immediately began
to shoot off against her cheek that way, pointing his dick in an
upward direction while the spurting head remained stuck through
the hoop. He pulled out and shot more sperm onto the earring and
into her ear, as well. He then pulled back even more and
ejaculated across the rest of her face, sending jagged lines and
streaks over her cheeks and her nose.

Angel fingered her clitoris through the entire affair. Screaming
incoherently, she had brought herself to a maddening peak at the
precise moment her face was being drenched. The secretions from
her orgasm poured forth, as well. They ran down her hand and down
the insides of her thighs, where the liquid eventually forming a
small puddle on the leather seat. Angel continued pleasuring her
pussy--plunging two middle fingers of her hand into her vaginal
passage--well after that explosion diminished, determined to
bring herself off again.

Apparently, for Hogarth, that last orgasm he experienced wasn't
enough either. With his breathing labored, and his face flush, he
kept masturbating up against her soiled face in a controlled
frenzy. The head of his cock prodded and poked into the mess left
on her cheek from his last ejaculation. Long sticky strings
connected the tip of his cock to her face. They'd stretch and
droop like pulled taffy with the forward and back motion of his

All in all, Hogarth had climaxed all over her face and her
blouse, not once, but twice that morning. She kept encouraging
him the whole time, wickedly begged him for his sperm, while she
fingered herself through several more orgasms.

Right after the last spurts from that second cum shower struck
her face, Mr. Hogarth dropped to his knees at her feet.

Now, he was performing cunnilingus on her quaking pussy, as she
sat on his office chair.

[I STILL can't understand how it came to this in the first
place?] The educator wondered, his mind reeling as the cock
sticking out from his opened trousers steadily stiffened back up
to its full length once more.

[How in hell did I allow this to happen? Have I suddenly gone
mad? I should be horse-whipped for taking advantage of this poor
girl, and for doing all of these immoral things to her!]

There was no doubt, though. Contrary to what the vice-principal
believed, Angel had orchestrated this whole episode. She wanted
this to happen. She instigated all of the tension-filled, pent-up
releases right out of his balls, from the one she made him do in
his pants, to the couple right against her face. Now she wanted
to see if she were capable and wicked enough to be able to coax
another ejaculation from the educator's over-worked testicles.
She so desired to have her face coated with yet another warm,
immoral wet blast from his enormous dick. Only this time she
wanted to further inflame his already angered passion. She wanted
to incite him to do it again by being as naughty as she possibly

Angel looked over at her book bag sitting next to her on the
administrator's desk. The catalyst to inspire her third indecent
facial cum shower was held within that bag. Unbeknownst to the
preoccupied vice-principal, she reached into the bag's side
pocket and pulled out her cigarettes and lighter, while Hogarth
continued to service her pussy.

[Yes!] she thought. [I'll be his perfect `bad girl'...Just like
in the video...a girl who needs to be disciplined... with his

To fully grasp what had happened, and what was about to happen,
certain things need to be brought into the light.


About a week before this encounter with Mr. Hogarth, and only
days after the incident with Steven, Angel had witnessed a
strange sequence of events transpiring in front of her high
school. It puzzled her at the time. But the meaning became
apparent soon after. By sheer chance, enlightenment came to Angel
through a series of flashes. These sudden acknowledgements
instantly led to startling revelations not only concerning her
school vice-principal's sexual secrets, but also went far in
explaining Steven's reactions during the encounter in their
shared bathroom, while also providing an explanation for his
behavior leading up to that sexually-charged morning.
Psychologically speaking, in truth, these revelations also
affected Angel's id, forever changing her sexual appetites.

The sun shone bright in the early afternoon sky during another in
a long string of abnormally hot spring days. Intermittent balmy
gusts of wind lifted Angel's fine blonde hair back from her face
as she sat on one of the benches under the roof of the pavilion
located in the park adjacent to St. Catherine's High. This was
Angel's last study hall break of the day. She sat comfortably,
smoking a cigarette while going over the notes for a test slated
to happen in the next period. Angel wasn't concerned about being
seen smoking there because the roof of the pavilion, along with
the trees surrounding the structure, provided a good shield
around her. It was the ideal place where all of the students who
smoked came to have a cigarette in relative safety. Angel could
see the front of the school through the foliage, and she knew no
one behind the classroom windows would be able to see inside the

At one point, she looked up from her notebook and noticed two
other female students standing together chatting in the sunlight,
just a few yards from her, closer to the school. These students
were girls with whom Angel did not associate. She did know that
one of the girls was a senior named Joan. After a minute or so,
the girl whose name Angel could not recall said goodbye to Joan
and trotted off toward the front doors of the school.

Meanwhile, Joan remained outside. She stood there for a few
moments, just looking around at the landscape, her long, brown
hair fluttering in the warm breeze. Joan then pulled out a pack
of cigarettes and a lighter from her book bag. She shook a
tapered 100 from the pack into her hand, placed its filter
between her lips and lit the cigarette, taking her first drag.
Not knowing Joan personally, Angel tried to guess whether the
girl was stupid, brave, unaware, or just plain crazy, smoking in
plain view, right in front

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