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An Illicit Affair
by Mrs. SD-Belgium

This is a true story. This is the story of my first & only stray in my life (that too provoked by my husband!). This will tell you how I became a cheating wife, as you may call it.

I'm a 28 year old married woman from India. I'm married for last 7 years & I have a 6 year old son too. I'm quite fare, beautiful, attractive and I look much younger than my actual age. I think I'm a bit voluptuous. But, my husband says there is more of me to love. And I know boys love everything about me. I have 36DD huge tits, 30" waist & 38" jumbo buttocks. I have large, dark brown, magnetic nipples. I have sexy hazel eyes and beautiful dense, curly shining hair like a fairy queen. People always told me that I have a very hot, seductive body & an angel-like innocent face. I know why all men considered me as treat for their eyes, ever since I became 15-16. And I always cherished & relished being watched & longed by these lusty eyes. But, I have been a good girl throughout 

When I got married I assumed that for the rest of life I would be with only one man - my husband. For many years it was this way and we enjoyed a wild and passionate sex life. We explored sexual acts that many deem as taboo and we enjoyed just about everything we did. We had flirted with the idea of bringing in a third person to spice up our sex a bit and explore swinging, but it never really amounted to anything.

During 2003 April, when we were in Belgium something incredible happened, which changed my life for ever. After about 6 years of blissful marriage, my husband decided that we should bring in some other people to take our sexual exploration to the next level. I was nervous about bringing in another woman because I was not sure how I would feel seeing my husband buried deep inside another woman. I expressed this to him and he seemed frustrated. He wondered how after 6 years of marriage why I was unable to trust him in knowing that although he might enjoy the physical pleasure of another woman, that I was the only one for him. He brooded over this for about a week and then came to me one night with an idea that he said would solve the problem of another woman. My husband suggested bringing home another man! I had never even thought of this as an option figuring that my husband would be equally as uncomfortable seeing another man fuck me as I was seeing him fuck another woman. I was totally surprised by this suggestion and was not very comfortable with the idea of sharing my body with someone else. We talked about it for a while and I told him I wanted to think about it. After a few days I was warming up to the idea but eventually decided that I would sacrifice my body to another man to please my husband. I told we could do it and that if he could find a willing suitor I would allow myself to be taken.

Due to his professional needs, we were staying in Antwerp, Belgium at that time (now we are in Brussels). That was the very first time in my life that I went outside India. We had no friends over there. There was only one more Indian guy from the same company working at onsite with my husband. His name was Nilanjan. He was around 27-28 year old & unmarried. He didn't have a girl friend either. My husband knew him quite well as he stayed with him in the same apartment for 4 months before I joined him in Belgium. They were quite friendly to each other. However, I didn't know this guy so well.

After one month of my stay there, one day my husband called from work and told me that Nilanjan is interested in joining us for an evening. Nilanjan had seen me couple of times earlier and also heard a lot about me from my husband. They were buddies and they used to share drinks together when they were staying together before I joined my husband. Nilanjan had mentioned to my husband before how lucky he was to have such a sexy and seductive wife. So, we knew that he was interested in me. So, I agreed to the date and we decided that next Saturday evening (April 19th, 2003) would be the D-day of our life.

Initially, I was very nervous about the date and did not know how it would all go down. I had agreed to open my body and legs to another man and my husband was going to watch and participate in double teaming his own wife. As I thought a bit more about the night and how it all might happen I started to get excited about having a big fat cock instead of my husband's 5" little one. It is not as if I had never thought about it- I had fantasized about it numerous times - but it was always just a fantasy and now it was going to be a reality. I started to wonder too about Nilanjan and how he would be in bed - did he have a big cock, would he fuck me hard, would I let him cum inside of me, would I let him fuck me in the ass…. All of these questions flooded my mind and I could feel my pussy getting wet just from contemplating these issues. For next few days I was just thinking about Nilanjan day in & day out.

Saturday night came and I was very apprehensive. Even though I had fantasized about this, I was still 100% dedicated to my loving husband and I only agreed to give up my body as a favor to him. Nilanjan came over around 8:00 PM and we sat down to have drinks in the living room. He was much better looking & handsome than my husband. He was like a movie star and I was flattered by the fact that he could not keep his eyes off my well-endowed body. I felt violated on one hand, but thrilled on the other. We talked for a while and had 4-5 drinks together. That was just the build up for the big match to start. Then, suddenly he came over to me and asked if I would join him on the couch. I was startled that this was happening so fast and that it was even happening to begin with. I looked over at my husband and he just smiled and told me it was going to be fun.

I walked over to the couch with Nilanjan and he instantly started kissing me. The lips of a stranger felt well pressed against my own and the sensation of a strange tongue in my mouth made my stomach flip. Nilanjan was grabbing my waist and rubbing all over my warm body. Then he stood up & approached me from behind and slowly started to lift my skirt. I could feel his hand on my thighs and slowly working their way up in between my legs. I had decided not to wear any panties that night as I figured they would be on for very little time anyway. Soon enough Nilanjan's hands found my pussy and his fingers started to explore my shaved lips. My husband told me earlier that Nilanjan wanted me to shave my entire pussy for him - the wetness and smoothness could drive him crazy and I would like the feeling too. Nilanjan started pushing his fingers inside of me and I realized how wet I already was. Nilanjan had already undone my blouse & bra too and I was standing stark naked in front of him after stripping off the last piece of cloth from my body. Nilanjan exclaimed in despair "Oh Sree, you are awesome… such a sexy figure you have got! I love you baby." and, he started sucking on my lovely hard nipples. Ummmmm… I was so overwhelmed by this strong man exploring my heavy breasts and wet love-hole that I didn't even notice that my hubby has already left the room shutting the door closed behind him. I was transfixed by the manliness of Nilanjan & mesmerized by his love making skills. Nilanjan was by then standing in front of me still staring at my breasts and I can see he had a huge erection… I thought it would be almost 9-10 inches. This was by far the biggest cock I could ever dream of. It was twice as big & thick as my husband's. Again, as these thoughts raced through my mind I realized I was getting excited.

Nilanjan then began to fondle my whole body. As I struggled to manage his monster cock, he forced me go down on my knees to take his manhood deep into my mouth. I had never even thought of swallowing any man other than my hubby before and now I had this 10" throbbing cock waiting for me. I quickly grabbed on to it and tried my best to cope up with the super hot cock being shoved in my face. As much as I liked all these I was still very uneasy about this whole scenario. Did I really want to allow my body to be violated all night by this total stranger?

As I sucked on his cock, Nilanjan laid down on the ground below me in the classic 69 pose and started sucking on my clit and pushing his tongue as deep in my pussy as he could. As I was riding his face and having his cock shoved down my throat, it continued for 10-15 minutes. Then I stood up and walked over to the couch and positioned myself so that my ass was at the end of the couch and that Nilanjan would have good access to my pussy. I pulled my legs up towards my chest. Before I could even get myself ready, Nilanjan shoved his gigantic cock deep inside my pussy. Uuhhhh… Ah! For the first time in my life, I had a new cock inside of me. It felt wrong as he started to pump away at my bald pussy, but I was having the best time of my life, so I continued. Nilanjan was standing between my legs pumping as deep as he could into my pussy. It was such a wild sensation to have a rock solid huge cock pumping inside of me so vigorously. It actually felt like being in heaven & I wanted have more of it. Nilanjan gradually rammed his cock right into me like I was a piece of butter and started feverously pumping inside of me. His cock was getting bigger & bigger inside me. I could feel it was painfully stretching me, but it felt so incredible. I was having real fun of my life with him. You know, first time in my life I started feeling like a complete woman.

So, there I was, 5'5", 64 kilo of me being fucked hard by a handsome hunk with a huge cock when my husband was not around. Honestly I felt like a whore. How had I agreed to do this, what did this make me, would my husband ever love me again or respect me? Then I just told me - be hell with the future… just enjoy the present.

That way, it continued for another 30-40 minutes. Let me tell you here, in my entire life I never had sex with my husband for more than half an hour. And, now Nilanjan is satisfying my needs for more than an hour!!! By the way, we were not using any contraceptive/condom as my husband insisted that Nilanjan is from a good family and he is completely free from drugs & diseases. He is a decent clean guy. And, I wanted to have an unadulterated experience. Anyway, still standing between my legs Nilanjan was the first to cum. He was pounding my pussy very hard and I could tell he was about to cum. I decided that if I was going to do this I was going to have the full experience and let this guy not only do whatever he wanted with me, but that I would let him cum wherever he wanted. Just then I felt his sperm explode against the walls of my pussy and the sensation of his hot cum made me instantly cum too. I could fell my pussy contract around his cock and I let out a small scream as I felt the juices flowing from my pussy. Nilanjan actually jerked off 5-6 times more in next 2 minutes. I was feeling so satisfied & complete that I closed my eyes and enjoyed every bit of it. I did like it and I did not want this to stop for anything. I wished if Nilanjan was my husband for rest of my life. And, I continued resting on my back for 10 more minutes.

Suddenly I came back to my sense and the wife inside me woke up. I realized then that I have lost my chastity. I am not a faithful wife any more. It's a sin in our culture. Oh god, what have I done? I felt like crying and then I told myself that I'm doing all these for my loving husband only and it'll spice up our sex life like anything. If something is done for everyone's benefit, how can it be a sin? I'm happy, my husband is happy and so is Nilanjan. Then where was the problem? So, I resigned to my fate. I felt the happiness & pleasure of finding the woman inside me running all over my body & mind. Then I came back to reality and accepted whatever has happened to me as god's wish only.

After sleeping silently on top of me for sometime, Nilanjan pulled his cock from my pussy, and I decided to change positions. I got up on all fours on the couch and started sucking the cock once more. It got hard in no time. For the first time in my life I was going to have sex more than once in one night. Honestly, my husband can hardly have sex 3-4 times in a month. He is always so tired & tenses with his work. At times I felt so horny & dejected. Nilanjan made me feel like a queen that night, to say the least.

Then I felt the head of his cock being placed between my legs. As he pushed his cock inside of me, I could feel some of the cum dripped out of my pussy lips. I reached between my legs and caught his cock on my hands and brought it up to my mouth. I took the cock from my mouth and showed him that I was willing to do anything and that I would swallow his cum too. The show of absolute desperation threw Nilanjan over the edge and as he started pumping down my throat again he came right away. His hot cum, spraying down my throat, surprised me because it tasted very different from my husband's. I thought all cum tasted & smelt that rotten, but this was much thicker and sweeter than anything I had tasted in a long time. People say that men's cum having all live sperms tastes & smells great. Then I knew how true people were. I also understood that my husband tastes so insipid & smelly because most of the sperms in him are not live!

Meanwhile Nilanjan got another erection. He gleefully went behind me and started thrusting his entire cock slowly inside of me. He did have a thick cock and it was long enough to tear my pussy apart. I have a tight pussy like a virgin even after so many years of my marriage. Thanks to the small, thin cock my husband uses to bang me and the scarcity of intercourses in my life. Anyway, I could fell it pushing against my unexplored inner walls when he was all the way in. He would pull his cock entirely out and then shove it back in. My husband had never done this and I actually liked the popping sensation of him going in and out of my hole. He stated doing it harder and faster until I could feel he was going to cum from the intensity of his thrusts. I turned around and started jerking his long cock in front of my face. Within seconds he was spraying his load on my face and down my throat. He came 5-6 times like a free flowing fountain. I tried to catch every drop and I was amazed again at how different his cum tasted. I always hated giving my husband an oral job because of the shitty taste of his semen, but that day I came to know how tasty a true man's cum is. Anyway, after swallowing all that I could I took a look at the clock and realized that at this pace it was going to take me all night to finish off with this sex starved super-hero. He has already fucked me 3 times in last 2 hours or so and there is no sign of him getting tired. So I decided that I had to sacrifice the most holy of acts just to get him unloaded as many times as possible.

So I straddled his cock once again. It became hard & huge once again in a minute or two. I was completely stretched to the max as I tried to fit his thick cock in my tight pussy. For me, he had the biggest cock in the universe and I was really pushing my pussy to handle him. I had him about half way in when I turned around and told slowly to take the empty hole above my pussy. Quickly he positioned himself behind me and slowly began pushing his cock into my ass hole. I had always longed about having anal sex but my husband was not too crazy about so we did never do it. Now having Nilanjan's cock slowly pushing inside my tight ass reminded me why I always wanted to have my ass fucked. He was fingering my pussy simultaneously to keep me more excited. What really got me was the sensation of having my pussy constantly lubricated from the front and my ass being fucked from the back. Nilanjan held my jumbo buttocks tightly in his hands and was then taking long hard thrusts deep into my bowels. I just sat there with my mouth open gasping for some air. I thought about what I was doing and what a slut I had become, but what was most surprising to me was how much I loved it. I loved being used. I loved being fucked. I loved swallowing cum. I loved being stretched. And most of all I loved helping my husband to fulfill his long-time dream of his sweet wife getting abused by some other man with a big adorable cock.

With his long hard pecker inside my ass, Nilanjan was fucking with perfect rhythm and it was such an amazing sensation to have my insides so filled. Then he suddenly pulled out and again rammed in. I was just a fuck-toy to this extraordinary man and he was trying to satisfy me in every possible way. Oh my God, he is the kind of man every girl would like to sleep with at least once in her life.

It was really really hard to keep it going, but for more than 5 hours he was going on & on & on….. I was covered in cum, I had swallowed 3 loads, had at least 4 pumped into my ass and who knows how many into my thirsty pussy…. Towards the end of the show, I was leaking cum everywhere and by the end of the night, my pussy and ass were incredibly sore. I could barely take the last ass fucking but I knew I had to finish him off and make sure both Nilanjan and my husband was happy. At the end Nilanjan actually laid me down on the end of the couch and pushed my legs all the up to my ears. My ass and pussy were totally exposed and waiting. He stood over me with his huge cock and started pumping in and out of my pussy and ass one after the other. It hurt but I loved watching him switch between my holes and to watch him fuck me while I was so exposed. He finally came in my ass and let my legs down. My ass was on fire and was leaking with cum. Will you believe that I squirted 10-12 times that night!!! Every woman desires to have that big orgasm at least once in their life. I got that twice or thrice in one night. I was made complete woman by a man called Nilanjan.

Finally we were lying next to each other. Nilanjan had just spent the over 5 hours using my body. It was past 1 o'clock in the night when Nilanjan stopped. By then I had transformed from a decent innocent wife to a cum-sucking nasty slut. That was a disturbing thought indeed. But, what was wild was that I actually loved it. My husband had arranged all of this against my better judgment, but obviously he knew me better then I knew myself. He knew I had an insatiable appetite for cock, and he knew that I needed more, as I never got satisfied by my husband.

In fact Nilanjan stayed in Belgium for another 5 months and during that time he fucked me at least 500 times (I didn't have sex with my husband so many times in whole 6 years of our married life!). He was like a god gifted fuck-machine. Then he went back to India and eventually got married. I really envy his wife. Can she give him as much pleasure as I could? I'm sure, she can't. If Nilanjan is the king of fucking & I'm the goddess of fucking too. Together we did the magic. I still miss Nilanjan so badly, every time I go to have sex with my husband. I love you Nilanjan and I need you in my pussy hole once more… please give it to me again. I'm still waiting for you…

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Mrs. SD-Belgium

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