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An Encounter at Work
by bobdacroc

It was the end of another long day at the office as Rachel slowly tidied up her desk and rearranged the papers in her small office at the accounting firm she worked at. It was an okay job, with good benefits, but Rachel was lacking excitement most of all. Life at work had once been interesting but now it was 3 years, and she'd settled into her routine, made a few friends, and developed more habits than she'd care to remember. On top of it, Rachel was horny, she hadn't had sex in a while and masturbating just didn't hold its same thrill as before. She needed a change, something different. She looked around her room, 'why not here?' she asked herself pensively. It would definitely be exciting. Most people had left for home, but there were a few people still milling around, which increased the excitement even more.
Rachel cautiously looked around to make sure no one was around. Satisfied that she was alone, she slipped one hand under her skirt and pulled aside her panties. A smile came to her lips as she slipped one finger, then two into her moist pussy. God that felt good! She found her now swollen clit, her thumb gently pressed on it causing a trickle of sex juices to run down her leg. Her two fingers furiously pumped in and out of her pussy. With her other hand she unbuttoned her blouse and located her aching, erect nipple, rolling it between her thumb and index finger She felt so incredibly dirty and was loving every second of it; she moaned softly and closed her eyes allowing the sensations to creep over her.
'Can I help?'
Rachel was startled out of her reverie, and looked up to see her colleague Kim standing in the corner staring at her. Rachel didn't know how long she's been watching, but from the look in her eyes she could tell that the girl was very aroused.
Kim was a petite, hazel eyed beauty with dark brown hair that fell past her shoulders. She was a real head turner, and always had some guy trying to get inside her pants. She deserved it, though; she was a complete flirt and never knew when to stop.
Rachel cracked a smile and held out her hand welcomingly 'Come over here and eat my pussy.'
Kim was more than happy to oblige, she knelt down and pulled Rachel's skirt up. Rachel removed her fingers from her own pussy and put them to her lips, sucking them clean. Kim slid Rachel's now sopping wet panties down her legs and got to work.
Her tongue expertly licked around Rachel's pussy, and then it moved inside, thrusting in and out like a mini cock. Her hand found Rachel's clit and softly massaged it. The other hand slipped around behind her and fingered her ass. Rachel was in heaven; she hadn't felt this good for a long time and knew that things would only get better.
'Fuck me harder!' Kim responded by thrusting her finger deeper in her ass and tongue-fucking her pussy even harder. Rachel was no longer in control of her movements and began wildly bucking Kim's face, smearing it with pussy juices and causing her to gasp for breath. Rachel's breaths were short and shallow, and Kim knew that she was almost there.
'Oh god, I'm cuming' Rachel fairly screamed, and as the orgasm rolled in like waves of an ocean, each one crashing more furiously than the last. A small whimper escaped from her lips before she collapsed onto the chair. Kim, however continued to lick and suck Rachel's pussy, determined to not miss a drop of her wonderful nectar.
When all was gone, Kim stood up and went over to where Rachel was sitting. She bent over and planted a soft kiss on the girl's puckered lips. Rachel stuck out her tongue and playfully licked her cum of Kim's face. The girls kissed again, this time their tongues met and circled each other in a playful fashion. Rachel loved her taste in Kim's mouth and was determined to return the favor. 'My turn' she said as she struggled to get up from the chair, her legs still wobbly from the ordeal. Kim obligingly sat down spread her legs invitingly. Rachel undid Kim's pants and threw them on the floor; then she removed her thongs and quietly slipped them into her desk drawer.
Rachel leaned in and kissed her inner thighs, slowly moving closer to Kim's honey pot. Kim took hold of Rachel's head and guided it to her aroused pussy. 'Eat me, baby' she commanded. Rachel dutifully obeyed, and ran her tongue along the opening of Kim's cunt before moving up to her clit. She flicked the button with her tongue and slipped one finger into Kim's ready pussy. It slid in easily so she stuck another in, but there was still room for more so she pushed a third finger into the slit and started pumping in and out, all the while continuing to lick her clit.
Kim drew in a sharp breath as Rachel's three fingers fucked her pussy, it felt so stuffed, so full and she knew that any moment she would cum. She tore off her shirt and bra and caressed her breasts and swollen nipples.
Just about then Bob walked in, he had no idea what was going on and though he was slightly embarrassed to have walked in on this Sapphic encounter, he was quite pleased at what he saw. He was about to go when Kim called out. 'Where do you think going you're, handsome? Come over here and show me what you've got.' Bob seized the opportunity and walked over to where Kim was reclining. Kim unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants; the bulge in his boxers was unmistakable. She pulled them down and his member shot out like a rocket from a launching pad. Kim took hold of his penis and slid her fingers up and down his rugged shaft; she then guided it to her lips and softly sucked him into her mouth. Her tongue flicked back and forth on his head as her hand continued it's playful grinding of his shaft.
Meanwhile, Rachel had gotten quite a rhythm going in Kim's pussy and was thrusting in deeper than she thought possible. Her hands were quite soaked with Kim's juices and could feel her pussy muscles contracting. Her tongue dove into Kim's clit pushing her over the edge. She removed her hand from the girl's pussy and positioned her tongue to catch the stream of nectar as it flowed out of her honey pot.
Rachel then stood up and walked over to Bob, and stuck her dripping fingers into his mouth. He sucked on them and wrapped his tongue around her fingers; she removed them and replaced it with her mouth. Her tongue brushed against his and she guided his hands to her bare breasts. He pinched and squeezed them. She bit down on his lip and he lessened his grasp. She then knelt down and took hold of his balls. She cupped the sac in her hand as her tongue ran along it drawing playful circles around them. Bob growled, she had him right where she wanted him.
Kim on the other hand was thrusting his cock as far into her mouth as she could, she was gagging but loved it - she could feel the cum starting to slip down her throat so she pulled him out as fast as she could and finished him off with her hand. The first load of cum splattered across her face as she continued to rub his red hot shaft. The next bit was directed at Rachel's breasts and managed to coat them in its wet stickiness.
Rachel turned and began licking the cum off of Kim's face, before long it was clean. She gave Kim a long deep kiss on the lips.
Kim, however had other plans for Rachel's breasts, she turned to Bob and commanded him to lick them clean. Bob looked at her questioningly but proceeded to lick her clean. Rachel gave Kim another kiss and looked deep into her eyes. She knew that there would be many more adventures ahead of them.

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