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Am Dram
by Dave the cuckold

I'm Indian, my wife a lovely English brunette. We met in unusual circumstances, at a party, where there was a dishy blond guy. Well, I always knew I was bi, and somehow both me, and my-wife-to-be were drawn to this guy Stuart. Unfortunately, neither of us 'scored', as he was chatted up by a gorgeous blonde! But this little competitive behaviour meant we started chatting. We discovered that Anne and I had a few things in common, the main being involvement in Amateur Dramatics (Am Dram), plus related things, like theatre, music etc. Well, we sort of 'got together', but right from the start it was explicit that both of us found blond blue eyed men more attractive than any other. We got wed, but for obvious reasons then our sex life was not that great, but then I suppose we were more 'mates' than lovers; and to pursue our interests, also became members of the same Am Dram group.
A year or so later, this new guy joined our group, a blond guy called Martin. Immediately, both Anne and I realised that he was near enough our 'ideal' type. Am Dram attracts outgoing types, and Martin was no exception; I suppose neither were Anne nor I! At a session, we got chatting. There was a custom, that provided a new member was presentable enough, he'd play a lead role in any new production (incidentally all profits made by the group went to charity). Martin was MORE than presentable, AND a good actor (he'd relocated because of work, and was into Am Dram previously), and got the lead role. Now in this play there was a 'kissing scene'; unfortunately for Anne, she was not the lead lady! Martin, who was single, lived near us, and one time after rehearsal we invited him over for coffee. At home, my wife, I'm sure deliberately and smilingly said to him, "Lucky Julie, playing lead opposite you!". The kissing scene was discussed, and Martin stated that it had to be done properly, with open mouths and tongues, otherwise there was a credibility problem. Again Anne said, "Lucky Julie", to which Martin said, "Of course, there's no reason why I can't practise with you---now!". This was music to Anne's ears; I was no puritan either, and encouraged Martin to 'practise'! It were delightful, as I watched my wife in the arms of this blond man, there mouths locked together in a nice slow long french kiss. I stood a couple of feet beside them, whispering, "You look sooo lovely together; God I'm all hard watching this", and which only encouraged them to go on and on and on, mouth to mouth, tongues in deep love-duels. When finally they broke, we sat down for coffee, and inevitably Martin asked us where we'd met. I suppose being a multi racial couple, more than anything else, this question we found very common. So when we told Martin, the cards were on the table. He then mentioned that he HAD seen me looking at him very often in an 'I am interested in you' kind of look, and to which my wife said openly, "Yes, be both find blond men very sexy!".
Martin, like magic said, "Well, let's have a threesome then", and to which my wife saying to Martin, "But with YOU being the 'centre of attention'!". This was music to our ears.
We all undressed, Anne keeping her high heels on. Martin had a lovely erection, certainly fatter than mine, maybe even an inch longer. I watched in awe as my wife once more went into his arms. This time they french kissed naked. Their bodies gently swaying, his cock between her thighs, with the bulbous knob protruding under her shapely arse. I had to admit, her brown hair against his pale blond hair, with their mouths deeply together, looked so so striking. Then when they broke, my wife gently kissed his neck, down his chest, down his strong body, until she was knelt before him, holding his erection. Looking at me, she took the cock knob into her lip glossed mouth. Her middle finger of her right hand went between her thighs, as she started doing what I TOO was doing, gently the 2 of us. "Go on", urged the blond stud, "Join your missus on your knees before me". Not sure if Anne was disappointed, but there I was, on my knees, with my wife, in almost 'worshipful mode'. Sportingly, my wife offered his cock to me, as I gratefully took his cock in my mouth, and began sucking, my wife looking into my eyes, with a smile on her face. I reckon she was LOVING watching me giving head. Yes, I'd sucked cock before, but no one as blond as Martin. This was the best by far. We kept swapping that cock between our hungry mouths. I couldn't believe it when Anne asked me, no almost ORDERED me, "Go on, lick blondy's arse-hole!". I suspect that she wanted that blond cock ALL to herself! I crept behind the stud, parted his arse cheeks with my hands, and fairly plunged my tongue DEEP into it. It smelt lovely, the smell 'au naturalle', neither clean nor dirty; it tasted even better. Pure delight, as quite rightly this married couple (Anne and I), pleasured this god! I reckon I'd licked his shitter for maybe 10 minutes? I suppose Anne, still slowly gobbling away, complained when she said she was so so wet, to which the gallant knight suggested we retire to the couch. Reluctantly, I had to disengage. On the couch, my wife opened her legs for her lover. He, smiling at me, the way a stud would at a cuckold, entered her so so easily. "Yes", said he, "You ARE wet, aren't you?". They were soon having it off, heaving and moving in delight. Her high heeled legs came around his strong back, their mouths met yet again."LOVE french kissing you!" said my wife! I took my opportunity. I carried on from where I'd left off. His lovely arse hole was exposed, as his heaving bottom moved up and down, his erection DEEP in my wife's vagina. I once more knelt behind. I was addicted to his arse hole, it would seem, as once more I gave him a deep and loving arse lick,as he was ravishing my wife. This couldn't last. Anne was moaning with pleasure, building up to a wonderful climax, as she came on his cock, not once, but atleast 3 times. Finally, and of course he couldn't hold back, he came off DEEP inside her. It should be added that as Anne and I never had sex, no protection was needed---it were too late---'lust overcame everything'---what if this blond guy had impregnated my wife? I could bet that Anne would have LOVED it! When he withdrew, both of them totally fulfilled, his cock stll large, and all wet and shiny. Looking at me, he ordered, "Lick me clean!" I moved over to him, and once more took his now receding cock in my mouth. It took maybe 3 minutes of sucking and licking to lick him clean. It tasted so so good with my wife's love-juices on it! I was not just a cuckold, but also a practising 'bi'!
We all laughed and swore silence and secrecy. "Many more of these sessions", promised this handsome hunk!
That was the first time. Since then there have been others, and maybe in future I'll keep you guys informed!

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Dave the cuckold

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