Bi-Sexual stories

all it takes is a smile !!
by goldenguy

oh yes I recommend smiling lol ,I was out shopping and popped into a local charity shop for £6 !! bargain would look great in bathroom I thought , a very nice young assistant smiled at me so i smiled back, I explained I lived only round the corner and I would nip back after taking the measurement's to see if it would fit were I was hoping it would go ..

he said no probs then see you shortly , well went back paid for it and he asked if id like him to give me a hand to carry it home it was 4pm he said we close at 5 pm so if I called back then he would help me ... result lol

5pm we carried it back with some banter being like laurel and hardy moving it and arrived at mine , he helped me put it in place in the bathroom , now I never thought anymore of it ,nor did I think about the erotic art picture's I have in the bathroom , I offered him a drink which he excepted , whilst pouring them he said that artwork in bathroom is really horny .I told him I had a collection in my bedroom but I didnt think he would be interested as they were all male nudes. oh no I don't have a problem id love to see them ....... so off we trotted to bedroom . his eyes lit up when he saw the dozen or so of erotic male nudes framed pictures

wow they look great he said , he then noticed one that was of me that a friend had drawn , hey is that you then laughing , I replied yes , he said fucking hell that cock looks huge , thank you I replied.

he continued to look at the pics then he pointed to one of a guy wearing a suit jacket with his cut cock hanging down and said that's what mine looks like !

really I said he said yes ... well I have only your word for it then smiling and laughing I replied

hey I am happy to prove it and with that he began to unzip his jeans and they dropped round his knees , he was wearing great pair of white boxers and you could clearly see the outline of a very hard cock inside them , and he soon pulled them round his knees and his cock came into view

really swollen and very thick this 6/7 inch cock with its big purple bell end was swaying in front of me told you so he said

could not argue with him it did look similar to the one in the pic !

he stood there his hand gripped round this throbbing hard cock and stood there slowly wanking it.

my cock was rampant in my pants when he said well come on then show me that yours is like your picture then ..

my pants and boxers were soon round my knees now and as they dropped he lurched forward and grabbed it and said mmmm very nice and started to wank me off

well it did not take us long to shed all our clothes and we were soon on my silk sheets sucking each other like mad

we had a great session and he came loads as well as myself he could not get enough of my hot cum he drank it all and licked it all up.

since last Saturday he has been round now twice for two more horny sessions , just as got to be the best charity shop buy of the year ! lol

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