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agartala sexcapade
by diganta

Lets go to the sleepy city of agartala year 2011 month december temperature 14 degrees brrrr . i am jayanta business executive travelling ne regularly .
I had the privilege of visiting my friend rohit who was working in the agri deptt . by the time i reached his place it was 6 pm we had tea and snacks . next day my friend was supposed to be on tour to udaipur . he asked jayanta would you like to go i said no as i had to visit few clients . I had already checked in at a 3 star hotel .

As i was leaving my friends place his wife came in traditional attire , wow what a beauty she was voluptus breasts , i should say ripe melons tight ass what not typical bengali beauty . As we were talking we found rohit not there i guessed maybe he had gone to the nearby bazar . his wife padma guessed it right and said to me dada wait let me make tea for you to which i said ok .

After a bit of gossiping i found that she was a bit off beta i asked her what was the problem she said she had a problem that her hubby had low sperm count and erection was a problem .
That was it the cat was out of the bag !!

I asked her to be patient . She started crying and fell over my shoulder , i had a tough time controlling myself . Soon she started caressing me i said dont lets meet tomorrow in my hotel room she said ok

The next day around 8 pm she came to my room and started holding me as if we will not be meeting each other for a long time ..

i RIPPED APART HER PANTIES AND LAID HER ON THE BED ,she started moaning blurted out in bengali , bara dhukia dao thukao amake . tumi amar sirodin .
I pulled out my cock and placed in her cunnie hole she was gasping aah koto boro tumaaaaaaaaar bara ta aao dhukao .

I could not stop i started pressing her boobs ,melons like a rapist she seemed to like it and was moaning aar jure aajure koro na

I switched on the ac and the tv and made completely naked . i went to switch of the lights she said no let it be on .

She was in heat . I started licking her boobs then took out my 9 incher and placed it in her cunnie and gave a hard thrust she cried out ooooi maa more jabo beyer koro aar parchi na

I showed no mercy and started stroking her cunnt . we continued for 5 minute

she was groaning aah aah uf uf uf aar jur aar jure

after some time she said aaaaaaaaaahhh tumi aamar swami thukao aamake

she was acting like a bitch in heat

i was still stroking her madly , the i changed postion took her in doggie and found out she wanted more

in between i inserted my 9 incher in her mouth and then again in her ass

at last i could not hold out and came in spurts in her cunt .


Whenever we meet we do sex rigourously .


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