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Afternoon Pool Party
by Keesha

My wife and I were invited to a summer afternoon housewarming pool party by one of her best friends who just remarried and moved 70 miles away. We booked a motel room located a couple miles down the highway from where they lived in the rural countryside because we knew we'd be too tired to make the trip home later in the evening.

When we arrived, there were about three dozen people in attendance, mostly couples of all ages. Most of them we didn't know but they were all very pleasant and well mannered people as you would expect of my wife's friends.

We met up with the hostess and chatted briefly with her new husband, and then went below deck to a changing room to don our bathing suits, returned to the pool and had a quick swim and went our separate ways as we mingled with the group.

After about half an hour I became weary of standing and talking to people who I mostly didn't even know. I sat down in a lounge chaise near the edge of the pool, then a minute or two later another fellow about my age sat down in a lounger a few feet to my left. He introduced himself as Dean. We briefly chatted, then suddenly he blurted in a muffled fashion while pointing to the other side of the pool, "Look at that", and we both saw the backside of a woman hoisting herself up over the edge of the pool about fifty feet from where we were lounging.

The blue bathing suit looked from the backside like the one I saw my 41 year old 5'-8" slim built ample breasted wife put on, but with the wet hair hair I didn't immediately recognize who the woman was. What Dean noticed was that the backside of her fullbody swim suit slipped to one side exposing her labia as she hoisted herself out of the pool, when she turned around and sat on the edge of the pool the crotch of the suit had already repositioned itself and nothing was exposed and I recognized my wife. Dean really got all exited as she turned to sit on the edge of the pool and mentioned to me what a babe she was with that kind of figure, I gave him a dull dry ho hum and did not mention she was my wife Pat.

Pat slipped back into the pool after a couple minutes and swam underwater across the width of the pool and again hoisted herself up over the edge of the pool, and as she stretched forth her left leg to hoist it over the edge of the pool, sure enough I watched to see if Dean was looking for a repeat of the last time she did this, well sure enough it happened and her ample labia was fully exposed but as she moved to pull her legs back together the crotch of her suit automatically repostioned itself, so she didn't know what was happening . This time Dean leaned over to me and asked me: "How would you like to get that in your mouth and then fuck it?", "Nice" I said, then I left after seeing someone I knew some distance away from the pool, but Dean stayed right there, his eyes glued on my wife Pat as she once again slipped into the water and swam from from one side to the other and got out with same results, but this time I could see their eyes met as she hoisted herself onto the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water.

Dean was a medium built good looking guy a little younger than my wife and I at ages 41, outgoing personality type. After I noticed that my wife may have noticed Dean staring at her from across the pool, a minute later she slipped back into the water and swam on the water surface instead, turned around almost right at Dean's feet, hesitated for a brief instant and returned to the other side and you could see the excitement on Dean's face as she got out.

By this time I returned to my chaise lounger next to Dean. He told me all about what a good time he as a single guy was having at this house warming party his cousin was putting on and how even the married women were gorgeous babes, then he turned the conversation to the views he'd been having of the woman he didn't know was my wife. He asked me about my wife, I told him she couldn't make to the party, I didn't want to spoil the fun he was having getting so hot over watching my wife. He asked me if I knew her, I told him I think her name is Pat and I think she came alone, and that did it with him.

Pat seeing me back at the edge of the pool slipped into the water and wam over and back underwater, got out and what a view Dean about lost it as you could see his swimming shorts tent right up as my wife much more slowly hoisted herself out of the pool than in times previous. I made a comment to Dean that it almost seemed like she was trying to show off something, and Dean responded back with a "Yeah, it's got me wondering too". This time instead of Pat sitting on the edge of the pool she went immediately below deck where the changing rooms were, Dean looked at me and said "I'm following her to see what she does, and maybe find out more about her". I listened for the closing of a door but didn't hear anything til Dean went below deck and I heard a closing of a door.

With Dean gone and no one to talk to I left the pool area to find others to talk to. Half an hour later I spotted Dean again sitting at the edge of the pool, but my wife wasn't in sight. I sauntered over to where Dean was at our old sitting positions, I asked him:"What's new?"

He responded with: "A gorgeous pussy in my face".

I responded with: "In your face. What happened when you left a while ago? Did you trip and fall and there was pussy right where you fell flat on your face?"

"No, not exactly", he said, "That gal I followed to the dressing room was changing and I saw her through a six inch crack of the unclosed door, she gazed right back into my eyes as she saw me standing there, she stopped everything she was doing and stood straight up stark nude. I opened the door further and I asked her if I could come in, she motioned to me, so I walked in and locked the door. She then sat down on a small sofa and motioned me over to it and told me to get on my knees while introducing herself as Pat."

"What a pussy staring me right in the face as she pushed my head between her open legs, I thought I was in heaven while slurping on that ample soaking wet labia that I had been watching from the pool. Then she said that she wanted to see what I had after she orgasmed. She made a comment that it's not quite like my husband, but you're younger than he is and I'll just bet you can make up for it by putting a lot more cum inside me than he does. Well I told her that it just so happens when I cum it's a flood, and she told me to prove it, so I did and it was everywhere", gald her husband wasn't around because there were no showers in there to get cleaned off with, just our towels to wipe down with, you should have seen it oozing out of that gorgeous pussy and then down her legs, I never came with so much cum in all my life. We arranged to meet again later at a motel down the highway just a couple miles from here where I already have a room".

"well", I responded to Dean, "Good luck with your new date. What are you doing till then", I asked

"I need to go to the nearest town and pick up shaving supplies, she told me she thought my face was a little rough and she wanted it smooth as a baby's behind tonite."

And just at this moment both of us spotted Pat about two hundred feet away all dressed up in a loose flowery and flowing dress as a gentle breeze lifted and tossed it about as she was coming up the stairs from the dressing room. She walked over and sat down at a table by herself. Dean excused himself from me to go over sit down with her for just half a minute, with one hand under the table and at least halfway or more up her leg he excused himself from her, so I knew he hadn't been feeding me a line about having made it with my wife.

Dean took off in his car, I went over and asked my wife how she'd been doing, and that I liked her new bathing suit and now this new dress. She smiled softly and said she wanted to go back to our motel room. As I held the door open for her to get into the car, a stiff breeze came up and blew her dress all the way up to her bare bottom, with completely matted down pubic hair that looked soaking wet. So that's what Dean was probably feeling under the table with his hand under her dress just before he left.

The party had gone on for about four hours, and everybody was leaving. We went back to our motel room. When we got settled in I asked her where she got that new bathing suit, she told me and asked if I liked it it, I told I was not the only one who liked it but so did a couple of other guys. I then showed her how really narrow the crotch was and how it rides to one side when she stretches and hoists her legs over the edge of the swimming pool, and she acted surprised: "Really", she said, "What do you see? " , she asked, I said "Just about everything with the amply endowed labia you have". "yeah", she said I thought a couple of times it felt kind of funny when I was getting out of the pool but was normal looking as I sat down, so I thought it was just my imagination and no one would notice it anyway if it wasn't fitting quite right at awkward moments".

So then I asked her to take off her dress and model the bathing suit for me. She didn't want to, she wanted to take a shower first. I put my arms around her and gently lifted her dress up and over her head and there she stood stark nude. She had a hickey on one breast and I felt her pussy with my hand still dripping wet and not with water. I told her with as turned on as she already is that I wanted to fuck her, reluctantly she she "If that is all you want to do, then OK, but no oral stuff".

After we were done, I told her that Dean saw her in the swimming pool with her labia hanging out when hoisting herself over the edge of the pool. She tried to act surprised about Dean, stating she had briefly noticed him around but paid no particular attention to him. I then told her about the conversation Dean and I had at the pool and that I didn't hear the changing room door close when you went below deck to change, but that I did hear it close after Dean followed you below. She then knew she'd been caught and quickly reminded me of times in the past that I'd told her sometimes in bed when she was asleep right next to me that I would masturbate to fantasies of her having sex with other men, and then letting me fuck her while their cum still filled the inside of her pussy. With that she let me know that there were times she would pretend to be sleeping and she would watch me wondering if I was fantasizing about her having sex with other men, I admitted to her then and there that's all I fantasize about when I masturbate.

She then admitted she and Dean had sex in the changing room and that wet pussy that I had just fucked was due mostly to his voluminous amount of cum he put inside her a couple of hours ago, she told me how she loved the gushing hot flow fill up and warm her up inside like she never feels with me, but that she missed my size compared to his. She admitted she has wanted other men, but that she thought I was just kidding about what I fantasize when I masturbate. "So now I know you like this, and yes, the reasn I wouldn't let you go down on me a few minutes ago is because I didn't want you to smell another man's cum all over me, but now that I know you really don't mind, I just want you to Know Dean and I are planning to get together again tonite but he thinks I'm alone and we want our privacy together.

They met in the motel dining room a couple hours later. She told me she was going straight to his room but I had a hunch and followed her. I sat across the room watching Dean sitting near her at a darkened corner table and noticed a couple of times as he would subtlely cup one of her breasts with a hand as she would lean them on the table and his hand would follow to that spot. My wife didn't know I was watching from far across the dining room, when they got up to leave the table I noticed his hand under her dress.

She came back to our room a couple hours later. Her pussy flowing with his very fresh cum, and now with me getting my turn to give her my ten inches but a lot less cum.

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