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A Visit From Vince
by The Watcher

Library (PART II)
My encounter with Vince at the library may have been brief, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. The way he looked at me made my body tingle and the condescending way he spoke resounded in my head. It was an affair I would not quickly forget. No sooner had I parked my car in the drive way and let myself in the house, my cell phone rang.

'Hello,' I greeted.

'Hey Colleen, it's Vince. Remember me from the library?'

'How could I forget? I was just thinking about you,' I said. 'I'm glad you called, but I didn't think I'd hear from you so soon.'

'We promised we was gonna get together again,' Vince reminded. 'Wanna have lunch today?'

'Sure,' I agreed. 'Where do you want to meet?'

The door-bell rang. 'I'll meet ya outside,' Vince said.

I opened the door and there he stood, wearing dark shades and his shirt was off. As I said before, Vince was about 5'7" and had a medium build, but his bare chest made him appear more masculine than I'd remembered. With a dark patch of hair in the middle, and a goodie-line growing from his belly button, down below his belt.

'Oh my god, hi ya' I exclaimed into the phone. 'You're here.'

'How you doin',' he said. 'You can hang up now.'

'Oh yeah. So how'd you find me?'

'I followed ya from the library. I just wanted to see if you was gonna make good on your promise,' he said. 'Well, ya gonna ask me in, or what?'

'Sure come on in,' I opened the screen door. 'You want some iced tea?'

'Got beer?'

'It's not even 11 am,' I told him. I gave him a beer and poured myself some iced tea.

I was getting nervous all over again, thinking about what had already transpired and what was most likely going to happen again. I showed Vince around a little and introduced him to my kid's pictures.

'Is this your husband?' Vince questioned.

'Oh hell no. We're still happy,' I joked. 'That's my boyfriend, Mark. I wish you could meet him.'

'Does he know you cheat?'

'I never cheat; only experiment. Besides,' I said holding my body close to his and sighing,

'Aaah, you're my first lover.'

Vince's eyes looked right through me and I felt a little leery about sharing information about my personal life with my guest. I wondered if I could ever tell Mark about my affair with Vince.

'What d'ya think he'd do if he found out about us?'

'He'd want to watch and hopefully join in,' I said. 'Then he'd probably kick your ass.'

'I think not,' Vince chuckled sarcastically. 'Why would I want to meet him anyway?'

I reached deep into my purse and pulled out a few pieces of computer print-out paper that were stapled together. 'Mark writes kinky stories,' I said. 'Ours would probably inspire him. Here's one of my favorites.'

Vince looked a little disinterested as he took the pages from me and began to read. I sat in front of him, as he did to me before and slid my hand up his baggy shorts. His cock grew in my grip and before long, it was me this time under the table. I lowered Vince's shorts around his ankles and fondled his penis. Discovering my new found toy for the first time eye to eye. His prick didn't look extraordinary. In fact, Vince didn't have anything I hadn't seen before. He was average size and his balls hung low, most likely due to the humidity. It was caramelized with sweat as well as cum; both his and mine. He looked good enough to eat and I had a longing desire to taste his bitter flavor. De-glazing Vince's prick excited me. It had a sticky film and a spicy wang to it.

'You're Italian, aren't you?' I contemplated aloud.

Without hesitation, I devoured Vince's tool while he was reading. His breathing became heavy as I picked up the pace. My tongue wrapped around his cock and my lips kissed and sucked him. I un-tied the knot in the back of my head and let my long hair fall in Vince's lap. I was blowing him in an exaggerated, circular motion and my hands cuddled his hips and thighs.

Finally, Vince laid the pages down and began to speak, 'This is you in this story, aint it,' he asked.

'Mmm huh,' I slurped.

'He likes the smell of your cunt when ya get fucked? And he likes to kiss ya after ya give head?'

'You like that part?' I asked, pausing to stroke him as we conversed. 'You want to cum, don't you?'

'Yeah!' Vince admitted. 'I want ya to swallow my cum and make him lick it off ya.'

Taking Vince's instructions, I went down and opened my throat around his meaty shaft. I cupped his balls in my left hand and raised them to my chin. Then I slid my other hand under and tenderly tickled his ass. With a few short pushes, my finger was engulfed by his sphincter. When I felt his balls shrink and shrivel in my grasp, his cock twitched once or twice. My finger made one last push. Then, I twisted it once, and yanked it out. Works every time. Vince came like a champ and I swallowed it greedily.

'I was hoping we could have fucked,' I complained. 'I wanted you to make me cum again.'

'Ya got anymore stories about yourself?'

'Well, Let's see,' I began, 'I met this guy at the library today and he fucked me senseless......'

Dissatisfied, Vince ordered, 'Take me upstairs, I wanna fuck ya in Mark's bed.'

I led him upstairs and freshened up in the bathroom sink. Once in bed, Vince sprawled out and made a gesture for me to go down on him again.

'I really like you, Colleen,' he admitted. 'You got really fat lips and ya give awesome head. I could see how easy it would be to fall in love with you.'

Finally, Vince revealed his softer side; he was blunt and crude, but I knew he meant well.

My main objective was to make him hard. Again, he became erect in my lips and twisted my long, light-brown hair in his fingers.

'Ya want me to make ya cum again, Colleen?'

'Oh yeah!,' I moaned.

Taking me from behind, Vince's rigid cock explored my dripping wet pussy. As before, I came at his first full stroke and continued to orgasm like never before. This time was even better, because we were in no hurry. We could take it nice and slow. That didn't stop us though. Vince had me convulsing in a matter of minutes. He laid me on my back and hopped on top of me, poking and sticking his spike into me. Vince was getting very hot and sweat streamed from his forehead. His cock seemed to be getting harder and he showed no signs of spilling himself again. He had already cum twice. Vince's libido was running rampant. We both needed a break, but neither of us would surrender. We tumbled again and I perched myself on Vince's hard cock.

'You can really fuck, Colleen,' Vince smacked my bare ass. 'Ya still wanna get it on?'

I was beginning to suffer from muscle failure, so I just remained in that one position. 'I'm not giving up yet. Are you?'

'No. It feels too good.'

Although Vince was a take charge kind of lover, he also knew how to lie back and follow my lead. I raised myself to my feet and crouched over his rod. As I lowered, he hoisted. Digging himself and penetrating my vagina with his prick faster and harder. We continued to abuse one another to the point we were both wounded. I leapt up as Vince finally came and I swallowed his seed again. His dick was salty and creamy. I nursed the last drops from his crown and licked my lips enjoying the flavor of his cock.

When I awoke on Vince's chest, cradled in his arms, I whispered to him, 'It's after 3 o'clock. You'd better leave.'

'O.K. but you ain't heard the last of me Colleen.'

Vince insisted that we keep in contact. Contact indeed. Well said.

Reality slowly began to set in as I contemplated the endless possibilities of my relationship with Vince. Then I thought of Mark. It was apparent that I'd been unfaithful to him. I became melancholy at the thought of the consequences for my actions. I wasn't willing to lose Mark, but I wasn't ready to give up Vince yet. Could I sacrifice happiness with the man I truly love for the pleasure of a stranger who brought me so much satisfaction? I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. This is a dark, dirty secret. My cross to bear.

It was time for me to wait for Mark to come home. Could I tell him what had happened today? Could I ever face Mark again? Would he guess from just looking at me? Should I take shower and wash off the evidence? I guess I'll find out when he gets home.

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